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"I have sen your future, one of your sons shall betray you and claim your castle of his own and then everything will start over"
— Emilo

Emilo Deaman (エミロ・デイマン, Emiro Deiman) is a character in the Soul series and made his debut in Soulcalibur IV and retuned in Soulcalibur V. He reappears in Soulcalibur VI with a slightly different appearance.

In SCIV and SCV, he is corrupted Seinaren which is a race of spirits who have both human and spirit form. In SCVI however he is no longer a Seinaren.

His primary weapon is a zweihänder called Diabolus. In SCIV He uses the same moveset as Nightmare in SCV he uses the same moveset as Algol and in SCVI he uses the moveset as Azwel

Physical Appearance

Emilo resembles a skinny old 50 year old man. He is tall with red eyes, long Black hair and beard and a pale skin tone. 17 years after SCIV he gains more wrinkles and his hair turns grey

After absorbing The Angelus and The Angelus, he regains his height and his physique, thick eyebrows and long, red hair tied together in a set of accented braids each ending in a sharp black hair piece. Ancient tattoos also adorned on his torso. His hands constantly emit a red and blue aura, right and left, respectively, due to the power of The Diabolus and The Angelus coursing through his veins. However due to his corrupted blood, he also gains glowering yellow eyes, long finger and toe nails and a large scar on the left side of his face.



Soulcalibur IV: He wears pearl-black armor with consist of a demonic kabuto helmet that shows a lot of red horns with red trim, breastplate with red trim, spiked pauldrons, full arm armor with angel wing like spikes on the forearms with red parts on the elbows, wrist and knuckles, a pair of layered tassets with a demonic motif in the middle and red trim, leg armor with sharp spikes on the calves with red parts on the thighs, kneecaps and ankles, a red torn cape, a dark red shirt and pants and a black chain mail.

Soulcalibur V: He wears a black chest piece with red trim, black armguards with red trim, the same fauld from SCIV and black greaves with red trim.

Soulcalibur VI:


SCIV: He wears a dark purple shirt, black gauntlets with red trim over black gloves, white pants with a red sash, black belt and black buckle and black greaves with red trim

SCV: He wears a white upper body of a chiton with a light blue gem, a pair of white hardened leather forearm covers with small light blue golden plating, a cloth wrap with a light blue studded light grey leather belt tied to the waist and a pair of light blue armored sandals with white tucked cloths on the ankles.



Emilo is serious, ruthless and merciless individual. He sees people as beneath him and views them as tools or slaves. He has no love for his family, even his children as he used them for his own goals and was willingly to kill them if they got in his way. He is also a bit of a sadist as he enjoys people who lives in misery or in pain. He also hates John and his entire family due to their interfering with his plans.


Despite his physical appearance Emilo possess high strength and sword fighting skills, as shown by him wielding and effectively utilizing his The Edge. Being the creator of The Edge and The Calibur, he is immune to Soul Calibur and Soul Edge's possession. After absorbing The Edge and The Calibur, his entire body became a weapon, with him being able to generate numerous powerful weapons from his frame. He is also capable of levitation and flight. Whilst inside Astral Chaos and absorbing the flowing energy within, Emilo came to be in possession of supreme reality warping abilities, shown by how he created his own tower. As a Seinaren, he posses great regeneration factor, high endurance and immortality. He can also create beings such as Inferno or Night Raven. His blood can be used as a repair substance or as armor when it hardens.



Forged by Emilo, Diabolus is a living sword who granted selfish wishes, but after being granting selfish wishes for countless of times, the sword turned into a demonic weapon and created a soul called Inferno who Emilo discovered, forced it out and dropped it at the earth. Those who grasp its hilt are unable to escape its curse, as its spirit invades the mind like a parasite and drives its wielder insane. As its blade is soaked in blood it grows in power, yet it manages to shine a polished red. Diabolus is distinguished by the animate eye. The Seinaren founded it and destroyed it. Emilo was sealed in a tomb for eternity, never to be release however fragments from the Edge have spread around the world. one of these fragments was in Inferno who changed in an ordinary sword but after being bathed in blood and hatred countless times, that sword turned into Soul Edge. After Emilo broke free from his prison, he quickly killed all the Seinaren before finding the fragments he could find and forged Diabolus back again but now weaker then before. As Soul Edge was referred as the "evil sword" nobody now that Diabolus was the real treat and Emilo was the real enemy. After Siegfried released the Evil Seed from its prison Emilo took a huge potion of the Evil seed and created the Dark Seed which was a more powerful version of it and in liquid form. those who drink will change there appearance into a more demonic, corrupted and must drink again after a short time to be kept alive.


The first spirit sword created by the Seinaren, which 1/5th of the power is sealed within Anima which only Johnathan and John could released it. The Angelus can grant wishes but only unselfish ones. The Angelus split into fragments around the world which would be searched for by John.


A zweihänder own by a former king. It has a red gem near the cross-guard and a crescent moon shape near the tip.


Ascuridat Castle - Tower (SCIV)

"The tower of evil, fills the world with fear and despair."
— Unknown

It's very high, and it reaches even beyond the clouds. Another set of clouds can also be seen above the stage. around the tower are blue and red colored crystal the blue side which may refer to the Angelus and the red side which may refer to the Diabolus.

Emperor's Tower: Final confrontation (SCV)

"His power fully unleashed, the world shall be his forever."
— Unknown

This stage is set somewhere in Astral Chaos. It consists of an octagonal platform with eight walls at each angle and eight sides for ring-outs.

Created by Emilo, the arena overflows with both good and evil energy. Statues surround the arena, representing eight heroes who are associated with the Angelus and the Diabolus. The essences of both swords can be seen on the floor, entwined in silent conflict.

Deaman's Mansion: Research Lab (SCVI) (Main)

Astral Plane: Chaos of Ruin (SCVI) (Secondary)


  • The Supreme Sword (SCIV)
  • Antares (SCV)



  • Emilo is referred as ``The Emperor´´ which he was known as before revealing himself.
  • Emilo can use Soul Edge without being affected by its malice although this is due him being the creator of The Diabolus.

Soulcalibur IV

  • Emilo was originally gonna have Algol Fighting Style in SCIV.

Soulcalibur V


  • Father of Emil and Emila Deaman.
  • Creator of The Diabolus and The Angelus.
  • Accidently created Inferno.
  • Fought against Edge Master & won but was spared in order to get stronger.
  • Wishing to absorb the power of Night Terror.
  • Corrupted Strife Astlar with "Voices" & gave him a Diabolus fragment.
  • Created Night Raven with the blood of John.
  • Defeated by John near the end of Soulcalibur IV.
  • Defeated and killed by Kein near the end of Soulcalibur V.
  • Killed Johan Dürer during the events of Soulcalibur IV and later resurrected him.

Series Appearances

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