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"So long as my king lives, my duty shall never end"
— Hanson

Hanson(ハンソン, Hanson) is character in the Soul series and made his debut in Soulcalibur IV and retuned in Soulcalibur V

He uses the same moveset as Hilde.

What lies in his soul is Honor

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material is referred as The Lance of Almarian

Physical Appearance

Soulcalibur IV: Hanson is an elderly man with a light skin tone, grey hair, a moustache and dark green eyes.

Soulcalibur V: Hanson as the same appearance as in SCIV but gains more wrinkles and his hair turns light grey.



Soulcalibur IV: He wears pearl-silver paladin armor with consist of a bird-like helmet with blue trim, breastplate with blue trim, a pair of shoulder-guards plated with three layers of armor and rimmed with fur at the bottom, full arm armor with angel wing like spikes on the forearms with blue parts on the elbows, wrist and knuckles, a green loincloth held together by a armored belt with a ying & yang symbol, leg armor with sharp spikes on the calves with blue parts on the thighs, kneecaps and ankles, a gold embroidered blue cape, a white shirt, dark teal pants and a black chain mail.

Soulcalibur V: He wears silver armor which consist of a bird-like helmet with light blue trim, breastplate with light blue trim, pauldrons with light blue trim, full arm armor with light blue trim, a large green cloth wrapped with a light blue bird symbol in a blue circle around the waist and tied in a knot, leg armor with light blue trim, a white leather vest over a black shirt and dark teal pants


SCIV: He wears a white short sleeved shirt, A big waist belt tied with two layers of sashes, dark teal pants and a pair of brown boots with white cuffs.

SCV: He wears a white shirt, a grey scaled fauld held by a black belt, dark teal pants and green shoes.



Soulcalibur IV

The personal bodyguard of John, Hanson guarded him 24/7 but one day John left the kingdom and Hanson became in charge of the kingdom until he returned.

Hanson did his best to rule but he knew that this was not for him but it would get worse as ground began shaking and a huge tower rose from the earth. Hanson felt that the tower was a threat to the kingdom and quickly donned his gear and weapons. Before he left Hanson told the residents of the kingdom about his departure and the kingdom would be left without a ruler.

Hanson soon left and began his journey towards the tower.

Soulcalibur V

Hanson has served the kingdom all his life, beginning with Rick Johnathan and will end with his son John. Hanson in his old age saw that he had done all that he can to protect the kingdom and its rulers but now his end was near and soon his son would take his place.

However Hanson heard about Emilo's return and that a new war as started, Hanson knew that this would be the final battle but whatever he would survive or not he does not known.

Hanson grabbed his gear and weapons and prepared himself for the final war and his final battle.


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

Fighting style

Hanson's fighting style is the same as Hilde. See her page for more information

Critical Moves

Critical Edge

Bodyguard's honor: Hanson stabs his opponent four times before finishing with a powerful final stab.

Critical Finish

Spear of Almarian: He says "Now watch!" and stabs the opponent with his spear, sheathes his sword to free his other hand, then stabs the opponent again with both hands, this time impaling them. He then launches the opponent upwards using his spear and then throws it into the opponent, blowing them out of the arena.




  • Reign of Doom (SCIV)
  • Sword of Resolution (SCV)


  • Husband of Hinda
  • Father of an unnamed son
  • Personal bodyguard of John


Soulcalibur IV

  • Here I come - Character selection 1p
  • Kneel - Character selection 2p
  • If you won't leave, you leave me no choice
  • Very well then, I shall fight you
  • Put your weapon down, if you wish to live
  • Let's see how well you fight
  • It seems we're both destined for hell
  • Your wasting time with your rhetoric
  • Here
  • Perish
  • Disappear
  • Don't resist
  • Take this
  • Give up
  • I'll destroy you
  • Stop right there
  • Are you afraid? - Taunt
  • I hesitated too much - After losing by time's up
  • Now watch! - After initiating Critical Finish.
  • I shall take in your resentment - After winning with low hp
  • I guessed I could have eased of a little - After winning with a Perfect
  • Accept your fate - After winning with a Critical
  • An empty victory
  • Sorry but I don't have time for this
  • The difference in our goals was the deciding factor

Soulcalibur V

  • Why do you choose to fight?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • Submit
  • Begin
  • Watch
  • Eternal sleep
  • Feel fear
  • Give in
  • Feel despair
  • This is it
  • your no threat
  • Kneel before me
  • Don't make me laugh
  • How can this be - On ring out 1st
  • you foiled me again - On ring out 2th
  • Lowly dog - Spoken after Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge
  • Ridiculous - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • What is this? - Spoken when it by tremor
  • Your death will be painless - Taunt
  • What's this? - On guard break
  • So this is my end - Spoken after losing by a time out
  • So ends my reign - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • Taste power...Now begone - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • My power knows no bounds
  • You are a worthy opponent indeed
  • You are powerless before me
  • There is no hope for you
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