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"Freedom can only be archived by those who fights for it."
— John

John Richard Johnathan (ジョン・リチャード・ジョナサン, Jon Richādo Jonasen) is a character in the Soul series and appears in Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur V. He also appears in Soulcalibur: Quest of The King as the main protagonist and Soulcalibur: Son of a Spirit as the deuteragonist. He is a Seinaren which is a race of spirits who have both human and spirit forms.

His primary weapon is a Zweihänder sword called Anima better known as the king Sword although he's often seen wielding Fera and the Edgbur as well. In IV he uses the same weapons and moveset as Siegfried. In SCV he uses the same moveset as Siegfried in his 1p costume and Edge Master in his 2p costume.

What lies in his soul is Freedom

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred as The King of Purity.

Physical Appearance

John is somewhat tall with light blue eyes, long Blonde hair and a normal toned skin. He gains a huge scar over his right eye at the end of Soulcalibur IV. 17 years after SCIV he gains wrinkles and his hair as turned grey.



Soulcalibur IV: He wears pearl-silver paladin armor with consist of a bird-like helmet with blue trim, breastplate with blue trim, spiked pauldrons, full arm armor with angel wing like spikes on the forearms with blue parts on the elbows, wrist and knuckles, a fauld with a red cloth in the front, leg armor with sharp spikes on the calves with blue parts on the thighs, kneecaps and ankles, a gold embroidered blue cape, a red shirt, yellow pants and a black chain mail.

Soulcalibur V: He wears silver armor which consist of a helmet with light blue trim and white bird wings in each side, breastplate with light blue trim, pauldrons with light blue gems and trim, full arm armor with light blue trim, a fauld with a blue cloth with a light blue bird symbol in the front, leg armor with light blue trim, a blue cape with light blue embroidered bird symbol and a full white body suit.


SCIV: He wears the same shirt and pants underneath his old armor he wore in the Red War which consist of a Silver chestplate, a blue cape with white trim, silver gauntlets with blue gloves and silver greaves.

SCV: He wears a dark blue coat with light blue fur over a grey shirt, white pants, grey gloves, light blue boots and a silver necklace with a blue jewel.


SCIV: John is a calm, caring person. His quotes seems to suggest that he doesn't enjoy or want to fight but will do it if there is no other choice. He takes it easy with opponents that are no match for him, including taking a break with them if need be. He also knocks out opponents that are good and not truly evil.

SCV: His personality has changed a bit since SCIV while still calm and caring, he acts more of a teacher/mentor now. He uses threats and insults in his quotes in order to draw forth his opponent's inner strength but still warns them of danger if need be.


In the year 1546 a warrior named Rick Johnathan met and fell in love with a woman named Catrina they both got married, become the king and queen of Almarian kingdom and 9 months later Catrina gave birth to three children. they were named John, Linda and Marco however the were born without a father as Rick died by the hands of the Wizard. 10 years later Linda was send to the flamear kingdom and Marko send to the solar kingdom John however was left at the Almarian castle.

Catrina trained John how to use a zweihänder at age of 14. During John's 15th birthday the wizard the ruler of Ascuridat kingdom suddenly attacked the kingdom before even Catrina had a chance to react The Wizard killed her in front of John's eyes. the wizard attacked John but barely missed as John terrified to get out of there, jumped out of a window and landed in the river below it. the wizard thought that John was dead or just wounded as he left the castle. John laid down on a beach near the river as John woke up he noted that he was in the Grandall Empire area. John joined the Grandall empire and stay there as he become a general and until The Red War. At the age 22 John met and fell in love with a women called Lorana during the war however she already had a fiancé they became friends. After the war they both went separated ways. John went to the Almarian Kingdom, his home, he was greeted by many soldiers, servants and civilians alike and was crowned king becoming the youngest too, 21 years later John heard about The Wizard was alive and now John's quest starts.

Soulcalibur IV

5 months have passed since John defeated The Wizard however John's quest was not over yet. He heard that Emilo Deaman the current ruler of Ascuridat and the wielder of the Edge is treating the world, John must stop him of any means.

Arrived at Ascuridat John found Emilo and fought him in battle but lost Emilo warned him to not interfere with his plan before kicking John out of a window. John now must find the remaining Calibur fragments in order to defeat Emilo. Emilo who had the blood of John on the Edge created a man who looked like John which Emilo called Night Raven and order him to kill John but first get more souls to him and his sword, Soul Edge Fused. Night Raven did want he was told and went out to gather the souls and kill John.

How would John save the world no one knows, will he find the remaining Calibur fragments and defeated Night Raven and Emilo is unknown. Will he save everything from destruction is unclear but John's destiny have begun.

Soulcalibur V

After John killed Emilo Deaman, John lived with his family, his wife Ivy gave birth to three children who they named Jack, Eve and Minda and a year later she gave birth to their fourth child named Richard. John Watched his children grow up with Ivy. year 1607 John at age of 59 and their children: Jack, Eve and Minda at age of 16 and Richard at age of 15. John who was feeling that his rule as king has come to an end but now he must choose who will take his place. John have planned it will be one of his children but who, John watched his children for a year and finally found the one who will take over the kingdom was none, as none of them was ready. When John said that John that none of them was ready to take over the kingdom, Jack became enraged by it and stormed out. Jack then in secret planned how exactly he would gain control of the kingdom and that was with the legendary sword, Edgbur. John not only had problem with Jack got a new problem Kein, his son with Lorana who have been looking for his real father in order to know the truth.

How will the future look for John and his children he's unsure but one thing is sure it will be very difficult.


Soulcalibur IV

John was floating in air, holding the Angelus up in the air while Emilo was on ground. Suddenly a beam of light hit John and transformed him to his spirit. Emilo yelled that it was impossible, that John didn't have the power. John flew towards Emilo as he attacked. John impaled Emilo as smoke came, Emilo who had only scared John on his right eye and face. when the smoke cleared John was standing while Emilo still had the Angelus in his chest barely could stand up.

"17 years from now one of your sons shall betray you, claim your castle of his own and take over the land in evil" told Emilo with his last words to John as he felt to the floor death.

John grabbed the Angelus and the Diabolus and merged them into the Edgbur who john sheathed on his back. However even if John won the battle and saved the world he lost his wife Jen who he then carried to the castle and buried her in the graveyard. John sat on the throne and had a vision. the vision showed him many people including new ones and the Angelus and the Diabolus. "This is not the end" thought John before he went to bed.

"Darkness will always be around the world but if there is hope of light the darkness will disappear and freedom will return to world."
— John

Soulcalibur V

With Emilo's death, The world was saved once again from his twisted ideals and rule. John left, returning home one last time.

John spend his days as ruler of his kingdom, one day however at the age 70 he stepped down has king and made Minda, his daughter queen. She hesitated at first but eventually excepted. John watched her in his remaining days including her wedding, however a year later, John laid on his bed extremely weak, his end was near.

There his family gathered around him, his wife Ivy, their sons and daughters Jack, Richard, Minda and Eve, his son Kein, his twin brother and sister Marco and Linda. With all of them together, John said with his remaining strength that even in times of sorrow so long as they live, there will be hope and that he will always watch over them, even their descendants.

As his speech ended, John took one last breath and passed away. His family buried him in the Almarian graveyard, emotion filled the others, tears run from their eyes, anger in a few Eventually they all left, returning to their homes and continued their lives even though some still grieved in their own time. The years passed and in time Marco and Linda passed away including their spouses. Despite all this one thing was certain, a new era was born and the fate of it was up to their descendants and those who live in it.

"Even in the hardest times, there is always hope, so long you have it in your heart, you shall always succeed no mater what or who is in your way."
— John

Fighting style

John's fighting style is the same as Siegfried's & Edge Master. See their pages for more information

Critical Moves

Critical Edge

Sancti Spero: John raises his sword above his head while saying "Watch closely" and stabs it into the ground while saying "My Specialty". This causes a trail of crystal spikes to appear in the direction of his opponent.

Critical Finish

Sancti iustitia: John uses his sword to knock the opponent in the air and brings them down. raising his sword to the air as his ancestors send there powers to his sword Alma. As the opponent stands up, he slashes his blade through them vertically, sending crystals everywhere as the opponent drops dead, consumed by blue flames.

Unused Critical Finish

Sancti Ira: John swings Anima thrice before hitting his opponent head with Anima's hilt. John then activate his spirit form and flies up to the air. John raises Anima up to the air and gets it by a light which transforms Anima into the Calibur. John dives towards his opponent with his sword in the front and impales him/her in the heart killing them. John pulls out Anima from the body and sighs. He uses this at the end of Soulcalibur: Quest of The King to defeat Emilo Deaman.


  • Anima (SCIV) (Main)
  • Fera (SCIV) (Secondary)
  • Sancti (SCV) (Main)
  • Omnis (SCV) (Secondary)
  • Angelus
  • Dialus



  • Reign of Doom (SCIV)
  • Virtuous Heart (SCV)


  • Killed the Wizard after The Crimson War to avenge his father
  • Fought Emilo Deaman and defeated him at the end of Soulcalibur IV.
  • Trained Siegfried how to use ice attacks without Soul Calibur Before the events of SCV
  • Joined Draco's rebellion during the events of the Mantis War.
  • Friend and ally to Draco and Tira.
  • Son of Rick and Catrina.
  • Blood sample of Night Raven and defeated him in SCIV
  • Twin brother of Marco & Linda
  • Lover and husband of Ivy.
  • Fought with Lorana whom became pregnant during the Crimson War.
  • Father of Kein, Jack, Eve, Minda & Richard
  • Trained Jack in the way heavy Swordstyle who later on mixed it with his on style and Minda in the way of sword and shield style.
  • Personally bodyguarded by Hanson.

Series Appearances


Soulcalibur IV

  • Silence
  • There
  • Ready
  • Useless
  • Enough
  • Unimpressive
  • Watch this
  • Try harder
  • Nearly done
  • Give up
  • To Soft
  • No excuses - Character Selection Player 1
  • Get ready - Character Selection Player 2
  • Accept defeat
  • Stay down
  • How's this
  • Sorry about this
  • Here I come
  • This is it!
  • This will hurt
  • I'll finish this
  • Is that all?
  • It was an honorable battle
  • Do you need a break? - Taunt
  • If I must win to survive
  • I apologize, please don't be upset
  • No there must be some mistake - After losing by time's up
  • Don't worry I'll go easy on you
  • I'll stop this with my own power
  • I would gladly accept your challenge anytime
  • let's end this charade - After initiating Critical Finish.
  • Such strength, I wasn't expecting it - After winning with low hp
  • Strength is not the only path to victory - After winning with a Perfect
  • The reason behind the fight it what's imported - After winning with a Critical Finish
  • It appears that words will not be enough
  • Must we fight until one of us fall?
  • Darkness will always be around the world but if there is hope of light the darkness will disappear and freedom will return to world.

Soulcalibur V

  • I can see the fear in your eyes
  • So you desire to fight
  • No! - Spoken during guard break.
  • Ready
  • Huh? - When opponent resist throw
  • Was
  • How?
  • Impossible
  • Stop this
  • feeble
  • Your Mine
  • Perish
  • Forfeit
  • Repent
  • Take this
  • Not over
  • No chance
  • Scared now
  • Wrong move
  • Real power
  • Not yet - Spoken after Yoshimitsu's critical edge
  • You dare
  • Brace yourself
  • Your finished
  • Die here
  • Your to weak
  • Have a taste
  • I won't die - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • Prepare to die
  • Fate has spoken - Spoken after time out
  • You lack resolve
  • You are worthless
  • Your wide open
  • Giving up yet
  • Curse your weakness
  • Your no match
  • You are hopeless
  • The curtain closes - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • I can't loose! - Spoken after ring out 1st time
  • It's still to soon! - Spoken after ring out 2th time
  • This will end it
  • Give up and die
  • Watch closely, my specialty - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • It ends now
  • Death is your only release - Taunt
  • Give it your all or don't bother showing up
  • Try again tomorrow I'll gladly take you on
  • Your conviction holds much promise
  • You're a disappointment
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