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"If I must defeat my own brother to save this castle and its people even if it means killing him then i must"
— Kein

Kein Vater(キーイン・ファーター, Kīin Fātā) a character in the Soul series and made his debut in Soulcalibur V. Like his father he is a Seinaren.

His primary weapon is a Short Sword & Shield called Sieger & Pugnator, he later on wields Ictus & Murum. He uses the same weapons and moveset Patroklos

What lies in his soul is Love.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred as One who seeks true Love

Physical appearance

Kein resembles mostly his father during his early years. He is if average height with light blue eyes, short Blonde hair and a normal skin tone.



He wears his Grandall outfit which consist of a helmet with white feather on the right side, red trim and gold studs, a roman inspired breastplate over a red sleeveless shirt, spaulders with red tassels, gauntlets with red trim, a red cape with a gold embroidered symbol of Grandall, greaves with red trim, a purple undershirt and black pants.


He wears silver armor which consist of a breastplate, pauldrons, full arms armor, a fauld with a red cloth in the front, leg armor with light blue trim, a blue cape with light blue embroidered bird symbol, a purple shirt and black pants.


In the year of 1586, a war between the Grandall Empire with the aid of the Almarian Kingdom and the Ascuridat Kingdom, a war know as "the Red War". The Almarian king by the name of John Richard Johnathan met a woman named Lorana Vater who he became in love with but she already had a fiancé at home they became friends and after the war they both went separated ways. However unknowably to both of them, Lorana was pregnant with John's child. Due to this, Lorana and her now husband decided to keep this from the child until a certain age. She eventually gave birth in 1587, a boy who the named Kein however the boy grown up without his supposed father as he died in a war. Despise having no father, Kein had a normal childhood, Lorana told him about his "Father", how the meet in the war and his accomplishments. Lorana later thought Kein at the age of 18 how to use a sword and shield as she has planned to tell him about his real father. However in the year of 1608, Lorana was struck by a deadly disease and only had a few hours remaining to live, on her deathbed she told Kein the truth and gave him a note with name of his real father and the kingdom he rules over. Kein in a mix of anger and shock asked why she didn't told him after all these years however Lorana only smiled before giving a last breath. Kein busted in tears while holding her hand and eventually buried her. At home he noticed the note and he suddenly donned his armor and weapon, grabbed the note and put it in his pocket and went out. Kein now had a mission, a mission to find his father and learn the truth.

Soulcalibur V

"John Richard Johnathan" and "Almarian Kingdom"

These were the names of his true father and kingdom he rules over written on the note that he received from his dying mother. These names were etched into his mind and was the only thing he could focus on. He travelled around the world in search for this kingdom, it was until recently he learned that the kingdom was located in the British Empire, several days away from were he was but no matter what was in his way he would find the kingdom and his father. Arriving in the Empire, he noticed a ruined castle and investigated it. There he saw a bunch of large armored individuals wielding huge axes together with two people, teenager by the looks of it. They appeared to be looking for something or someone however Kein didn't care as this was just a distraction from his mission and quickly left the area. He eventually arrived at the Almarian Kingdom, Kein could believe that after all these days, he could finally confront his so called real father and give him the truth.

However fate had its own plan for him and it would change him, for better or worse that would be seen.


With Emilo's death and the remaining malfested. Kein quickly ran to Pyrrha who had still her demonic arm. John and Ivy came to Kein together with Marco, Linda, Jack, Minda, Eve, Draco, Tira & Patroklos who went to Pyrrha.

"My son you did it" John said with tired voice as he fell down

"Father!" Kein yelled as he ran towards his father side

"Its ok, my son my time has come" John said has he looked up to the sky.

"Father you can't die, not now" Kein said as he cried and so did the others. suddenly a light began to show in front of them. As the light faded away three figures showed up.

"Who are you?" Marco asked as he looked at them confused.

"We are the ancestor of John and his siblings and children" one of the figures said.

"Father, is that you?" John asked as he looked at them

"Yes my son it is I" said Rick as he showed himself and so did the other Seinaru. Rick looked as John but shorter and longer hair. The second figure was extremely old as he have wrinkles everywhere and have vary long hair and beard and was wearing an old robe covering most of his body except the feet and right arm. The third was younger than the other two as he shorter hair and no beard.

"Wait you are?" Linda asked as she looked at the other two Seinaru.

"Yes I am Johnathan the First" said the old one

"And I am Johnathan the Fourth" said the young one

"Why are you here?" Marco asked

"We are here to give Kein wishes" said Johnathan the First.

"Really?" Kein asked shocked as the others was also shocked.

"Yes so what do you wish for?" asked Johnathan the Fourth.

"I wished that every Seinaru became immortal, they could make their true love into a Seinaru and every Seinaru that was over 60 became young again in their 40s or 30s" Kein said.

"As you wish" sad Rick as John, Marco, Linda change their appearance to their 40s

"My son, why" John asked

"Father, I can't see you die" Kein said.

"Well then I want you to have this" John said as he gave Kein an item that a Dragon with words written in Seinaru covering a blue gem.

"What is this father?" Kein asked

"Aaaah the dragon seal" said Johnathan the First

The what?" Draco & Tira said

"The dragon seal, a sealing item that seals the dragon spirit and who ever opens it shall have the dragons spirit" said Johnathan the First. Kein looked it before gave it to John.

"My son" John said as he accepted the seal.

"If someone should have the power of a dragon it is you father" Kein said

"Very well son I shall take it" John said as he opened it and suddenly a dragon appeared from it and went inside John.

"That was something" Draco said as he was still shocked of what just happened.

"My love are you alright" Ivy said as she helped John up.

"Yes my love" John said as he kissed Ivy

"Well we have done what we come for, lets go" said Rick as the they rose to the sky.

"Wait" Kein said as they looked down at him

"Can you fix Pyrrha's arm?" Kein said as he showed them Pyrrha's arm.

"Very well" said Rick and snapped his fingers and suddenly Pyrrha's arm went to normal. then they went to the sky, to the realm of spirits.

"well son what will you do now?" John asked.

"I will live with Pyrrha" Kein said. "and you father you shall continue to rule Almarian"

"Very well son if that's what you wish for" John said "but now its time to celebrate" Everyone was heading towards the Almarian castle to celebrate the victory and the marriage of Johan & Pyrrha. At Almarian Kein was wearing now white clothes with blue trim, white gloves, a blue belt and white shoes and Pyrrha was wearing the same clothes as she wore before becoming a malfested but now brighter white colors and blue trim. Jack however was standing on a hill looking at the world beyond it. Kein walk towards him.

"Jack what's wrong" Kein asked.

"My place is not here" Jack said "I will become a mercenary to find my place"

"Really, Jack is that what you want?" Kein asked

"yes that is what I want....bye brother" Jack said as he walked away from Almarian.

"Jack, my brother.....wait" Kein said before John came.

"Let him go son" John said "he need to find his own path as you did and your sisters will too"

"I know father but I will miss him" Kein said

"I know you will but you will meet him again someday I promise" John said

"I hope your right father" Kein said "but lets continue the celebration"

"yes son" John said as they both walked to the celebration. After the celebration everybody was walking home however Kein walked with Pyrrha to Athens to live with her there. John continued to rule Almarian as he did his best. How will the future tell about Kein and Pyrrha. We have to wait and see but that will be another story for now

"Hope will continued to exist as long there are people who will fight for it"
— Kein


Johan is considered good due to his talking. He is a veteran of war and show some mercy to opponents. He values all life, but will not hesitate to kill when protecting the innocent or his loved ones. Although he as elements of a good character, he as shown cruel at times such as he kills opponents who insults his father. Overall he is a neutrally-aligned character.

Fighting style

Kein's fighting style is the same as Patroklos.

Critical Edge

Art of Grandall: Kein's sheathes his sword into his shield, and fiercely punches his opponent into the air. He then draws his blade and throws it into his opponent's chest then jumps to recover his sword, puncturing the enemy while doing so.


Sieger & Pugnator

A sword and shield created by Kein's mother Lorana. The shield also act as the sword's scabbard. The shield has an unique looking tear drop shaped that has an red colored with a gold colored trim and handle on the sword.

Ictus & Murum

A sword and shield created by Kein's father John. The shield also act as the sword's scabbard. This weapon set has a black Roman look on the shield with a light blue trim. The sword as a red handle and a light blue guard.


Almarian Kingdom: Old District (SCV)

"The fires of persecution draw out humanity's true self."
— Narrator

The stage is set outside of a partially destroyed building with glass windows, possibly a church. Located some distance away from the city center, fires are set ablaze from those engaged in the "Malfested Hunt". The Old Quarter had served as a refuge for the poor and homeless coming from other nations. The refugees had been able to develop the Old Quarter as an ideal hiding place, at the cost of making it effective for emergency evacuations.


Soulcalibur V

  • Sword of resolution


Soulcalibur V

  • I won't hold back
  • Am I good enough
  • No! - On ring out 1st
  • I almost had it - On ring out 2th
  • What - Spoken after opponet resist throw
  • Impossible - Spoken after Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge.
  • No - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • You
  • All right
  • You´ll pay
  • What the? - Spoken when it by tremor.
  • Shall we
  • How's that
  • Not yet
  • Got it
  • Your finished
  • Not over yet
  • This will hurt
  • Is that all? - Taunt.
  • I'm no match - On guard break.
  • I...I was so close - Spoken after losing by a time out.
  • I was to weak - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon.
  • On my honor...Begone - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • Am I good enough?
  • I should double my training
  • Until our next battle
  • I admit. you almost had me
  • We're done already?


  • Kein is sometimes referred to as ``warmhearted knight´´
  • Kein's fist sword's Sieger mean victor in German and the shield Pugnator means fighter in Latin
  • Kein's later sword's Ictus means Stroke in Italian and the shield Murum means Wall in Latin
  • Kein can be created in SCIII-SCIV
  • Share the same stage as Pyrrha


  • Older brother & rival of Jack.
  • Son of John & Lorana.
  • Nephew of Marco & Linda.
  • Enemy of Emil and Emila.
  • Defeated Emilo Deaman and the end of Soulcalibur V.
  • Lover of Pyrrha.

Series Appearances

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