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"I will not take pleasure in this fight"
— Linda

Linda Johnathan (リンダ・ジョナサン, Rinda Jonasen) is character in the Soul series and made her debut in Soulcalibur VI, She is a Seinaren which is a race of spirits who have both human and spirit forms

She uses the same moveset as Xianghua.

Her nickname is Princess of Fire (火 の 王女, Hi no ōjo)

Physical Appearance






10 years ago the ruler of the Almarian Kingdom Rick Johnathan fought in a war against The Wizard, ruler of Ascuridat Kingdom and defeated him. He spent the remaining days as king before his death in 1573 by old age. However 11 years he and his wife Catrina sent two of their children far from the kingdom, to distant lands while the third stayed.

One of these children was Linda Johnathan, raised in France, she lived with one of the most richest family, even went out on expensive vacations and even hired a trainer for her. However in the year 1683 a huge light rose up and lit up the sky. This light made people in the city insane as the slaughter each other including Linda's foster family. Linda left France, taking only her armor and sword, wandered for days before she heard a rumor about a kingdom called Almarian ruled by Catrina Johnathan, she remembered that her foster parents told her that Catrina, queen of the Almarian was her mother. She decided to find her and kingdom and as she did she learned about her father and Marco, her brother. She also meet her other brother John who told her about the light in the sky. After getting the info she wanted, she left the kingdom in search.

Soulcalibur VI

Learning about the Evil Seed from her brother, she decided to find out how it came to existence, to find exactly what created it. Her travels brought her far but she eventually found out that a knight named Siegfried Schtauffen picked up a weapon called Soul Edge and unleashed the Evil Seed, she made up her mind to find Siegfried however whatever she will kill him or not is unclear.


Fighting style

Linda's fighting style is the same as Xianghua's. See her page for more information

Critical Edge

Art of Flamear: Slashes her opponent into the air and delivers combos until they are left standing where a burst knocks them to the ground.


  • Hibana



  • Under A Pledge


  • Son of Rick and Catrina
  • Twin sister of John & Marco

Series Appearances


  • Come, lets be off - Selection Screen 1
  • No one can best me - Selection Screen 2
  • You wish to fight me?
  • Fine, I'll pray with you
  • Strike
  • Sorry
  • Predicable
  • Lets go
  • Get ready
  • This'll hurt
  • Though enough
  • Not bad
  • Your finished
  • Your awful
  • I knew it
  • Not good enough
  • Just to be sure
  • Can you dodge this
  • What - Spoken when hit by a tremor
  • I'm going all out - Spoken when activating Soul Charge
  • Wide open - Spoken when starting a Reversal Edge
  • Now - Spoken when starting Reversal a Edge
  • Won't lose - Spoken when struck by a Reversal Edge
  • How careless - Spoken when successfully dodging a Reversal Edge
  • Slash - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Destroy - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Your finished - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • This ends now - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Miss me - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge by blocking
  • I'm losing ground — Spoken when struck by Guard Crush
  • You can't win like that - Taunt
  • Understand now - Taunt after winning
  • Oh Nooo - Ring Out
  • Watch this - Spoken when activating Critical Edge
  • I give my all - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • Is that all - Spoken at end of Critical Edge
  • This might be bad - Spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance 1st
  • At this rate - Spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance 2nd
  • Oh well - Spoken when losing by Time out
  • I didn't plan for this - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • That was kind of fun
  • Another pest exterminated
  • See how pointless that was
  • An obvious out come
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