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"To understand someone, You need to known them first."
— Marco

Marco Johnathan (マルコ・ジョナサン, Maruko Jonasen) is a character in the Soul series and made his debut in Soulcalibur IV and retuned in Soulcalibur V. He reappears in Soulcalibur VI with a younger appearance. He is a Seinaren which is a race of spirits who have both human and spirit forms

His primary weapon is a katana sword called Aurum. He uses the same moveset as Yoshimitsu.

What lies in his soul is Honor

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred as The Golden Samurai.

Physical Appearance

Marco resembles his brother but is slightly thinner. He also changes his eye and hair color to a gold color when he dons his armor.

Soulcalibur IV: He is somewhat tall with light blue eyes, brown medium long hair and a normal toned skin.

Soulcalibur V: He lost his right arm after fighting against Night Raven and replaced with a mechanical one underneath fake skin, a huge scar next to his right shoulder. He gain gains wrinkles and grey hair.

Soulcalibur VI: Marco is a light skinned young man with a thin but well built physique, brown hair and light blue eyes, he lost his lower right arm leaving only the bicep and shoulder left, the lower half was replaced with a mechanical one.



Soulcalibur IV: He wears golden samurai like armor which consists of a tengu kabuto with two heads and has a very unique shoulder armor with black trim, a breastplate with white garb along with armlets, black trim and rags, a pair of gauntlets with black trim that are covered with multiple bracelets and a small flame embroided design, a tunic like layered tassets with gold elegant Japanese embroided design, a pair of long shaped shin guards with black trim that has two anklets in the back and straw sandals and a black bodysuit

Soulcalibur V: He wears golden samurai like armor which consists of a chinese helmet with a black cloth inside the helmet and gold trim, a gold hannya mask with black horns and teeth, a pair of small samurai pads with black trim and rings, a scaly cuirass over a black short sleeved long coat with yellow trim and the Solar kingdom symbol on the back, a pair of armguards with black trim, black leather underneath and held together with a white cloth, a pair of armored shin guards with black straw sandals that have a black cloth in the back and a white bodysuit.

Soulcalibur VI: He wears a black hannya mask with gold horns and teeth, a pair of small gold spaulders with black leather underneath both and spikes and a black gold trim cloth on the left spaulder, a white one sleeved shirt underneath a gold chestplate with black trim, a single gold gauntlet on his arm left with black trim, a black tattered cloth with gold trim flowing from his yellow belt, white pants, a pair of gold armored shin guards with black straw sandals that have a black cloth in the back, white socks and several white bandages around his body.


SCIV: He wears a white shirt, a black loincloth with white fur, a light gold armored belt with a yin & yang symbol, red cloves with light gold embroidered and a red gem, black pants and red long boots with light gold armor.

SCV: He wears a white haori with yellow trim, a black sleeveless shirt underneath, black gloves with light gold embroidered and a red gem, white pants and black long boots with light golden greaves.

SCVI: He wears a white haori with red trim, a black sleeveless shirt underneath, white pants, black long boots with yellow cuffs and several white bandages around his body.


SCIV: Marco is a cocky, arrogant, fun and energetic person. his quotes seems to suggest he is having fun as he battles but he also doesn't like when someone holds back on him, he enjoys to win a battle showing his cockiness. He seems to be prideful of himself although he cares about his opponents as he ask them that they better be ready.

SCV: His personality has changed a bit since SCIV as he is no longer as cocky or fun as before but still retains some of it. some of his quotes seems to suggest some sort of a teacher which could be cause he has now children and the daughter who he trains with. He still seems to have fun as he battles as he laughs in some of his moves.

However, this is just a fake persona that he uses when he fight opponents that are no real threat to him or his kingdom. His real personality, he is very similar to his brother, John but more collected and serious especially to those that are threatening his family or kingdom.


Marco possess high agility and sword fighting skills, as shown by him wielding and effectively utilizing his katanas. As a Seinaren, he posses great regeneration factor, high endurance and long life span but gains immortality at the end of SCV with the remaining Seinaren. His blood can be used as a repair substance or as armor when it hardens.



Marco's beloved self-named katana, forged by Marco himself after the training by the king of Solar. It first looks like a regular katana with a golden hilt and handle. After Marco was trained by Yoshimitsu, Marco reforges it to a Sri Lankan curved sword. It is intricately decorated and at first glance looks like it is a ceremonial sword, but it is in fact a sturdy weapon. He reforges again after SCIV to a straight sword with a light gold cross-guard and lion pommel, a black grip decorated with red and gold embroider.


A Wakizashi forged by Marco himself. It was forged by Marco after his training with Yoshimitsu. It has a round light gold cross-guard and a black grip. It has the same looks as Aurum 17 years later.


Solar Kingdom - Sun's Mansion (SCIV)

"A mansion dedicated to the sun, gives the owner strength."
— Unknown

This mansion stands as a symbol of Toyotomi's power, yet it will face destruction within a mere ten years. The cherry trees, perhaps foreseeing its fate, perhaps not, continue to silently shed their petals into the wind...

Solar Castle: Temple of Meditation (SCV)

"Sun shall shine on this temple, filled with the wills of rulers of old."
— Unknown

This stage is set in an exquisitely decorated temple, which leaves a single ring-out opportunity at one side of the room. Also, there is a gigantic mechanical spider in the background. As the battle progresses, the floor slowly slides towards the golden statue and gradually reduces the ring's size.


  • Innocent vision (SCIV)
  • Tread Ye The Path of Bravery (SCV)



  • Marco is referred as ``The Golden Yoshimitsu´´
  • Like Yoshimitsu, Marco wears a mask that covers his entire face.

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