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"The rule of others shall end and the rules of the people shall thrive"
— Vert

Vert Krushen (ヴル・クルシェン, Vuru Kurushen) is a character in the Soul series. He is set to appear in the upcoming game Soulcalibur VI.

He uses the same moveset as Groh

His nickname is Scarred leader (傷ついたリーダー, Kizutsuita Rīdā)

Physical Appearance






Soulcalibur VI

Raised in the mysterious Aval Organization, Vert remembers little of his early childhood, what he can remember however is that he was born somewhere in the New World. The organization trained Vert at a young age and Vert showed highly skills, becoming one of few special agents in the organization. Reaching adulthood, Vert was sent to the Almarian kingdom to infiltrate the castle and find information about the cursed sword and The Outsiders. Vert heard that many people in the kingdom didn't want Catrina, the queen and current ruler of Almarian as their ruler, instead wanted to rule themselves. Vert decided to make a rebellion after hearing this and started to throw a speech at the center of town. The speech drew many to him and in time the rebellion grew but as it did Vert knew he had to hid it from Catrina and decided to make the Libertas rebellion base deep in the forest.

Being the leader of the rebellion, Vert's true mission became mixed with his fake one, eventually the two fused into one. However one day a glowing light pierced the sky, the energy from this somehow entered Vert's body becoming part of him and passed out from the pain.


Fighting style

Vert's fighting style is the same as Groh's. See his pages for more information.

Critical Edge

Twisted Aval Saber: Vert performs a unveil move on his left eye, and does a overhead slash. He then throws his saber at the opponent, teleports on him, slashes the target with double sabers, exclaiming "It ends here!". Uniting the sabers and charging with his malfested power, stabs the opponent and do a upward slash.


Ytasa Aten

Retorcido Vastu



  • The Lionhearted



  • Ready when you are - Selection Screen 1
  • This'll be a pleasure - Selection Screen 2
  • This should be a good fight
  • You won't get any pity from me
  • Die
  • Ready
  • Eat this
  • You're open
  • Got you
  • Saw that
  • Enough playing
  • Damn you
  • Too slow
  • You aren't ready
  • This is power
  • You'll never defeat me
  • Don't waste my time - Spoken when activating Soul Charge
  • Too good - Spoken when starting a Reversal Edge
  • Try this - Spoken when starting Reversal a Edge
  • Try again - Spoken when successfully dodging a Reversal Edge
  • Too easy - Spoken when successfully dodging a Reversal Edge
  • Easy - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Take this - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • It ends here - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Say your prayers - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • No way - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge by blocking
  • What - Spoken when Guard Crushed 1st
  • You monster - Spoken when Guard crushed 2nd
  • Show me what you got - Taunt
  • Really, it was too easy - Taunt after winning
  • Nooo! - Ring Out 1st
  • How could I - Ring Out 2nd
  • You'll pay - Spoken when activating Critical Edge
  • Perish - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • Come at me - Spoken at end of Critical Edge
  • I was too rash - Spoken when losing by Time out
  • Can't die like this - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • Only the strong survive
  • You should've known better
  • That wasn't hard as I thought
  • Could have done it with my eyes closed


  • His weapons name is reversed for asaty neta and translated from Hindi, it means false leader, a hint towards his true purpose.

Series Appearances

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