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"It appears that this world too must be saved"
— Vetus

Vetus Aetatis is a character in the Soul series and make his debut in Soulcalibur VI.

He uses the same moveset as Geralt of Rivia.

His nickname is Elven Knight (エルフェン騎士, Erufen Kishi)

Physical Appearance

Vetus is a tall elf with a well built physique, pale golden hue skin tone, light blonde shaded hair, beard and golden eyes. He has a scar across his right eye.







Fighting style

Vetus uses the same fighting style is as Geralt of Rivia See his pages for more information.

Critical Edge

Legacy of The Aetatis: Vetus does a flourish with his steel sword before doing a downward strike which knocks the opponent to the ground. He then uses an illusion spell to make the opponent stand up before launching them and following up with a horizontal spray of flame from his destruction spell. He finishes with a large flourish and downward strike to knock the opponent back down a fair distance from Vetus.


  • Steel Sword & Silver Sword



  • Hunt or Be Hunted (The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt)



  • Allow me to teach you - Selection Screen 1
  • You have sealed your fate - Selection Screen 2
  • I can see the fear in your eyes
  • So you desire to fight
  • Yes
  • Forfeit
  • Ready
  • Foolish
  • Repent
  • You dare
  • Brace yourself
  • Your worthless
  • Scared now
  • Prepare to die
  • Your no match
  • Not over - Spoken when activating Soul Charge with low hp
  • Real power! - Spoken when starting a Reversal Edge
  • Have a taste! - Spoken when starting Reversal a Edge
  • You're mine - Spoken when struck by a Reversal Edge
  • Wrong move - Spoken when successfully dodging a Reversal Edge
  • Take this - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Your finished - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • It ends now - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • Giving up yet - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge
  • No chance - Spoken when winning a Reversal Edge by blocking
  • No - Spoken when Guard Crushed 1st
  • How did?! - Spoken when Guard crushed 2nd
  • Death is your only release - Taunt
  • You're wide open - Taunt after winning
  • I can't lose - Ring Out 1st
  • Its still too soon - Ring Out 2nd
  • Watch closely - Spoken when activating Critical Edge
  • My speciality - Spoken during Critical Edge
  • Feeble - Spoken at end of Critical Edge
  • I won't die - Spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance 1st
  • Not yet - Spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance 2nd
  • Fate has spoken - Spoken when losing by Time out
  • The curtain closes - Spoken after being defeated by Yoshimitsu's Soul Siphon
  • You're a disappointment
  • Your conviction holds much promise
  • Try again tomorrow, I gladly take you on
  • Give it your all or don't bother showing up
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