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Rage is one of the main antagonists that appear in Soul Calibur Rebirth

His moveset uses a zweihander and is very similar to Nightmare and the barbarian character class from Soul Calibur III except, he has faster attacks and they're less powerful. Like the Star Wars guest characters from Soul Calibur IV, Rage has a meter for some of his special attacks and if the meter is depleted, he will be vulnerable to Critical Finishers until it is recharging.

What lies in his soul is Rage


Rage was born from a shard of Soul Edge that was actually broken off of Soul Edge long before it was wielded by Cervantes and was still a part of the original Inferno. The day that Rage was born was exactly one year after the day Siegfried had frozen Nightmare in ice with the power of Soul Calibur. On the day Rage was born, a woman by the name of Sorrow had also been born and he had sensed something strange coming from far away knowing it was her. Rage followed the sense he had felt and had an insane urge to destroy it. He had no name, but knowing that he had came from Soul Edge, he was filled with hatred against everything that defied it, and thus, he had named himself "Rage" for it was what he was born of.

The day Rage awoken was also the day of the Soul Swords' resurrection and Zasalamel's reawakening dark side; Abyss. Knowing that Nightmare had been reborn as 2 souls; Siegfried Schtauffen's darkness and Alan Freebourne's corruption, he had searched all over the land to find them and take their powers for Soul Edge. Being the loyal servant of Soul Edge he is, all he wanted was for Soul Edge's complete revival and for him to become a part of it, not caring about anything but rage, destruction, and chaos. While being on his search for the swords, he had become as big a problem as Nightmare used to be, except that he had caused more destruction of cities and kingdoms all over the land.

On his search, Rage had soon finally met Sorrow and imidietly attacks her without warning. Sorrow had been lucky enough to block his attack and was forced to fight him. During the fight, a huge light to the sky had appeared and they had both disappeared faraway from each other. Rage was filled with so much more rage that he had forgotten about the sacrifices and only wanted to destroy Sorrow along with Soul Calibur, and nothing else.


Rage is a berserk man that wants to crush everything he sees but he is often calmed down by Soul Edge for it is annoyed by Rage's constant outbursts of anger.


Rage defeats Sorrow and stomps her stomach and laughs as she's on the ground, making her suffer a lot pain. As Rage is stomping on Sorrow, he starts to stop because he had gotten bored of making her suffer and starts talking about her without her response for she was too injured and exhausted. When he had finished talking, he stomps on her sword and shatters it then he stabs Sorrow with his sword and kills her, leaving a corpse. After Sorrow dies, Rage starts laughing to the sky and the cathedral starts to catch on fire coming from his sword.

Critical Finish

Beserk Fireworks: Rage slashes the opponent then he starts to beat up the opponent with his left hand and then throws him/her into the sky and then finishes by making an energy orb and shoots at the opponent making an explosion, then he says "Nice fireworks..."

Burning Berserker: Against Siegfried, Nightmare, Neo-Nightmare, Sorrow, and Zasalamel; Rage's body starts burning making him look like Inferno, then he raises his sword and slashes the opponent straight down the middle, then he starts laughing with a voice that sounds like Night Terror.


Soul Edge (Shard)

Iron Sword

Avion Blade

Soul Edge

Dinosaur Bone


Lost Cathedral - Despair


  • "I will destroy you!"
  • "Enough talk!"
  • "Time to destroy!"
  • "You're dead!!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "I don't have time for you!"
"Funny, I have don't either"
- Mitsurugi response
  • "Weaklings die!"
"G..Go..Good.. t.. thing.. I'm st..strong..!"
- Dampierre response
  • "Daughter of Soul Calibur! Die!"
"There's no escaping fate..."
- Sorrow response
  • "You are weak!"
  • "I am the strongest of all!"
  • "Is this all your power!?"
  • "Pathetic soul!"
  • "Chaos... MORE CHAOS!!"
  • "Hey... do you feel pain? Despair? Regret? If not, I'll gladly give it to you, I was getting bored anyway"
*Stabs Sorrow*
*Stage starts to burn*
- Final lines from ending
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