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Sorrow is one of the main protagonists that appears in Soul Calibur Rebirth

Her move set is similar to Mitsurugi and Setsuka with an addition of a longer weapon range and long-range energy attacks. Like The Apprentice, Yoda, and Darth Vader, she has a meter to limit the use of her energy attacks, when the meter is depleted the energy attacks can no longer be used until it is charged and she will be vulnerable to Critical Finishers if an energy attack is used before recharge

What lies in her soul is Sorrow


Sorrow was born from a shard of Soul Calibur when it was dropped into a lake by a crow. After she awaken from underwater, it was believed that the lake was sacred and a church was built next to it the next day making her the model for the statue, but she later vanished when the church was almost done building. When the shard had touched to bottom of the lake, Sorrow had been born as an adult with the same goal of her mother, Soul Calibur. On the day of her disappearance, she had begun her journey to find and destroy Soul Edge. Her name had came from the sadness of Soul Calibur and her sword was formed by the shard in the shape of a katana.

Sorrow had traveled the world in search of Soul Edge and had no luck. When she had entered the Kunpaetku Shrine she had found clues to find Soul Edge but had to fight a lot of Lizardmen to get out alive and was almost killed. After she had escaped the Kunpaetku Shrine, she meets a man named Rage and finds out he is a part of Soul Edge while fighting, like her being a part of Soul Calibur. During the fight with Rage, a light had appeared as if it was the light of heaven and they both were teleported far away from each other, Sorrow had landed in Japan.

After Sorrow landed in Japan she met the ronin samurai Mitsurugi and gets challenged to a fight after he sees her sword. After the fight Sorrow had vanished again and after a year she finally manages to find the location of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and also finds out that the man named Rage also knew the locations, their meeting and duel was a battle decided by destiny. The next time Sorrow and Rage meets, one of them will have to disappear for eternity.


She tends to react the same way to everyone, Sorrow is an emotionless girl that often wonders about the existence of the Soul Swords and humans. Sorrow is usually quiet and has a habit of ignoring people around her, except for the people she's fighting. When people talks to her, she usually ignores them out of habit or talks to them with only a few words.

Sorrow is a quiet and peaceful girl who often looks sad and tries to avoid most battles that doesn't involve the Soul Swords, but she will attack anyone who kills or hurt innocent people


Sorrow kills Rage and tries to destroy Soul Edge, but as she tries to, Nightmare appears behind her injured and sucking the last evil energy coming from Rage and then goes to attack Sorrow. When Nightmare attacked Sorrow and throws her out of the way, Siegfried appears and stabs Nightmare in the stomach from behind right before he grabs Soul Edge. As Sorrow starts to fade away, Siegfried holds her and she asks him a question, when he answered the question, Sorrow dies smiling and crying and then turns into skyblue light floating into the sky.

Critical Finish

Eternal Sadness: Sorrow sheathes in her sword, then a skyblue light goes straight through the opponent and then she suddenly reappears behind the opponent with her sword out and then she puts her sword back as the opponent falls down to his/her knees, then she says "Sadness only awaits on the other side"

Unending Despair: Against Nightmare, Rage, and Cervantes; Sorrow disappears and a black screen comes up, then a skyblue light makes 7 quick slashes on the screen, then the screen shatters then shows Sorrow behind her enemy standing with her sword in her sheathe and then slashes the opponent one more time making the opponent burn in a blue flame and falling to the ground covered with ice


Soul Calibur (Shard)



Soul Calibur

Long Folding Fan


Lost Cathedral - Hope


  • "..."
  • "Do you really wish for this?"
  • "Get out of my way..."
  • "What is your hope?"
  • "Your reason, what is it?"
  • "Do you wish for a fight?"
  • "Evil or not... I shall take your life"
  • "A demon? Or just a little girl wishing for freedom?" - To Amy
  • "Despair only awaits you"
  • "The only thing keeping you alive is your pride"
"So what of it? I only wish for a fight!"
- Mitsurugi response
  • "Why must you wish for more?" - To Raphael
  • "I shall stop this curse for you"
"HA! The only curse here is you!"
- Cervantes response
  • "Wielder of Soul Calibur, show me that you're worthy" - To Siegfried
  • "Wielder of Soul Edge, your life ends now" - To Nightmare & Cervantes
  • "Destiny has decided that I must continue"
  • "Fate has lead me to victory"
  • "This is a sad victory"
  • "If you wish to continue, then stand"
  • "Even the unbeatable can be beaten"
  • "Such a sad girl" - Victory, to Amy, Seong Mi-na, & Talim
  • "An unfortunate event"
  • "From despair, rises hope, from hope, rises despair"
  • "Tell me... am I human?"
"Humans smile, cry, laugh, and feel anger, it is okay to not feel these emotions but, it is not okay to fight without a reason'"
"So I am not human... I had no reason to fight... I was born to destroy a cursed sword, I have no emotions"
"No... you are human, you felt sadness, you felt sympathy, now you can smile for you are free, no one can tell you what you are or are not..."
"I... see... thank you... Azure Knight"
- Final lines from ending, Sorrow talking to Siegfried
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