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"I fight... for the future of this world!"
— Zeal

Calis Jameson "Zeal" Drakes (ジール・ドレイクス Jīru Doreikusu) is a Soul Series fan character created by Justice0. He is a young warrior who is in search of a way to save his lover, Eliza, from becoming a malfested human. His primary weapon is a Soul Calibur as a sword and shield.

He is referred to as Youth of Virtue.




  • Soul Calibur
  • Silver Sword & Defender's Shield
  • Talwar & Buckler
  • Souls of Light and Dark
  • Knight's Guard
  • Bamboo & Straw Hat
  • Short Sword & Shield
  • The Master

Critical Edge

Angel's Regret - Zeal fiercely punches his opponent to the air as he says "This shall be...". He then runs to make an uppercut using his sword to slash the opponent and finishes his quote by saying "...your redemption!". As Zeal lands, white feathers come out from the ground.


  • Celestial Castle of Gods (SC5)

Theme Music

  • "Walk Among the Righteous"


Zeal's name means "Great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective". His name was actually based on the characters from the game, The Last Story, Zael and Calista, the main hero and heroine of the game.



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