Kieran is a character who first appears in Soul Calibur IV and will return for Soul Calibur V

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"Am I nothing but a toy to you?"
— Kieran


Kieran did not know his real parents, or if he even had parents. He doesn't even know if he was born or made. All he knows is that he was raised in mansion. The men and women who ran the place always called him a doll and the younger ones, especially the girls, treated him like one. As he got older, he realized he wasn't getting older. The men and women who ran the place did strange experiments on him with some kind of magic and strange, glowing shards.

One of the men who was particularly fond of Kieran, named William, taught him how to fight with a weapon called a halberd. He told Kieran everyday that he should be proud because he was going to be the strongest thing ever made. A young girl who was also fond of him, gave Kieran his name. Her name was Maria and she also liked to dress him up. The following month, Kieran was called in by one of the higher ups. His name was Thomas and he often oversaw the experiments. He told Kieran they were conducting one final experiment. Maria had accompanied him to the room and William was also there along with Alejandra. Without warning, Thomas pulled out a blade and pierced Kieran's chest, exactly where the heart should be. Maria screamed in horror and William held her back and stopped her form running to Kieran. Although Kieran felt the pain, he wasn't feeling much else. Kieran pulled the blade from his chest and dropped it on the ground. He stood there for a few moments, in pain and he looked down at his chest. The hole in his shirt revealed the healing skin and tissue. Applause broke out around the room. More members had entered. Thomas walked over to Kieran and placed his hand on his shoulder and said, "You are complete."

Whatever joy Kieran felt at those words was short lived, for the next day, he awoke to screaming. He ran out of his room to see what was happening. The mansion was on fire. William grabbed him by the arm and explained that they they were under attack and Kieran could not be found by the enemy. As William pulled him along, he spotted Maria running from the chaos. He attempted to go help her but William yelled they didn't have time. KIeran was pulled down three flights of stairs and William shoved him into a room with Alejandra, a woman everyone called "The seamstress." She looked Kieran in the eyes before saying sorry and blowing a strange powder at him. Kieran instantly fell unconcious and Alejandra propped him up in a chair with his halberd.

Soul Calibur IV

"Kieran, wake up."

.....Kieran forced his eyes open and stood up, startled. It was silent and dark. Kieran looked over and saw his halberd so he grabbed it. He forced open the door to the room and left. Everywhere in the mansion was empty. There were holes in the walls and ashes floating around everywhere. "Kieran, over here." Kieran startled and followed the sound of the voice all the way to the outside.

He kept following the sound of the voice until he found himself in the woods. Kieran walked until he was stopped by a strange girl with purple eyes. She was surrounded by ravens or crows, he wasn't sure, and had a strange circular blade. She stared at him with calculating eyes before grinning at him. She crooked her fingers at him and began to run away. Kieran followed her until he lost sight of her. All that he saw was a dark orange, glowing shard on the ground. He felt a strange connection to it, so he walked up to it and picked it up. He held it to his chest and for the first time, felt a heartbeat. He looked to the sky when a flock of ravens flew by. One landed on his shoulder and Kieran gazed somberly at the bird.

"Kieran! What are you doing with that!"

Kieran turned around and was met with the sight an auburn-haired girl with a sword at her hip and a shield. The raven flew away and the girl came up to Kieran and went to smack the shard out of his hand. He jumped back in surprise and raised his halberd at her after pocketing the shard. She looked startled that he did so. She asked Kieran if he recognized her. Kieran did not and she said her name was Maria. Kieran did not believe her. The last time he'd seen her, she was small. Maria explained that he's been asleep for 6 years and that she is 17 now. She said Alejandra gave her the spell to wake him up. With this knowledge, Kieran began to follow Maria around. She led him to a tower where a small group of people were waiting.

William was there and he explained what had happened 7 years ago. Before Kieran's creation, the group of people who ran the mansion had breaken away from Fygul Cestemus. That night 7 years ago, they'd been attacked by the Cult. They didn't want Kieran to be found. Thomas and several others had perished in the attack, and Alejandra was now leader. Fortunately for them, Fygul Cestemus' own Golem destroyed most of them and their leader was killed. However, they created another Golem, this one mechanical. They wanted Kieran to first take out Astaroth and then Ashlotte along with the rest of the remaining members of Fygul Cestemus, so they would have no threats.

"We're about to achieve something extraordinary," Alejandra said. Maria told Kieran she would go with him and they set out. She told him they needed to head to Ostreinsburg and she knew the way.

A few weeks later, on their way there they were stopped by the purple-eyed girl with ravens. She ignored Maria all together and spoke directly to Kieran. "I wouldn't want to be tugged around like a puppet, would you? You have the key to unlocking the meaning of your existence, all you have to do is find the door," she said in a sing-song voice.

"What do you mean?" Kieran asked, despite Maria's protest. The girl grinned coyly.

"Soul Edge."

Kieran felt a pulse in his pocket and he reached in and pulled out the small shard. He stared at the glowing piece and looked back up at the girl. She smiled wider and nodded. "This isn't the plan, Kieran," Maria interjected as the purple-eyed girl began to walk away, whistling a tune. Kieran did not respond and looked to the East. That's where they needed to go. He started off at a strong pace and Maria scrambled after him, protesting the whole way.

The feeling he got from the shard grew stronger and stronger in the air as they grew closer to Ostreinsburg. Abruptly they were stopped by a strange, lizardman type creature. Kieran stopped Maria from going further and lifted his halberd to face the beast. He managed to take it down but more came from the woods surrounding them. Kieran grabbed Maria by the arm and sprinted out of the clearing. He did not stop until Maria begged him to slow down. Kieran had no concept of Stamina, so he did not realize how inhumanely fast he'd been running.

They were in a town with a dark overcast. In the distance, Kieran saw a Dark castle. His eyes on the castle, he began to walk. He stumbled into someone, however. A blonde girl with a short sword and shield fell backwards onto her butt while Kieran only took a few steps backward. He'd been jostled enough for the shard to fall out of his pocket. The girl's eyes were instantly on it, and in a second she was back on her feet. "You have a shard of Soul Edge!" she exclaimed. She glared at Kieran and Maria tensed up and began to unsheath her sword. "Where is Soul Edge, huh? are you one of its pathetic followers?"

"Kieran, I got this," Maria said. "Continue the mission."


"I said go, that's an order!" Maria pushed him off to the side and swung at the blonde girl.

Kieran watched for a moment before continuing on his way. He wasn't exactly sure what just happened. This Soul Edge must be something... bad.

He'd reached the castle. The gates were open so he stepped inside and wandered through the place. It was empty. He hadn't checked the throne room, however. There was the same energy coming from there as the shard. He entered the throne room and looked around. "Stop where you are, please." Kieran paused. He turned around and his eyes widened. The girl standing in front of him was definitely not human. Her innocent face was pale like porcelain and she carried a headed-axe. Kieran was immediately on the defensive and the girl stared at him blankly. "What are you so afraid of?"

"You're not going to attack me?" Kieran asked. The woman shook her head and Kieran noticed gears where her abdomen should be. "You're a doll, like me. A mechanical doll..." This was the other Golem William had been talking about. Kieran thought for a moment and offered to help Ashlotte destroy Astaroth. She does not object, although Kieran isn't exactly sure what he's dealing with. They manage to track Astaroth down by an extremely large tower surrounded with lava, but he proves harder to defeat than he thought.

Kieran struggled underneath Astaroth's heavy foot while the Golem attempted to fend of Ashlotte, who'd taken a chunk of his shoulder. Kieran pressed his hands against the dirt ground and pushed. He managed to lift himself somewhat of the ground, throwing Astaroth off balance. Kieran rolled away and got back to his feet.

"Kieran, I found you!" Maria yelled to him, as she came barreling across the barren ground.

"Stay back!" he commanded, but she'd already confronted the giant. She was quick and managed to dodge his reckless swings. Ashlotte tackled him from behind and Kieran viciously brought down his halberd through Astaroth's head.

"Now to finish the mission," Maria muttered.

"Wait... I don't want to kill her," he said quietly. Maria sighed exasperatedly and pointed at Ashlotte with her sword. She yelled that Ashlotte was a threat, and threats needed to be stopped. She lunged at Ashlotte. Kieran gasped and reached for her, but it was too late. Ashlotte swung at Maria, sending her flying. She landed on the ground, it shattering at her impact. Kieran ran over to her and winced at the sight of her. He turned back to look at Ashlotte and he sighed. Ashlotte was powerful and he wasn't sure he'd be able to beat her. A sudden rush of fatigue coursed through him and he fell to his knees. What was happening? He toppled onto his hand and struggled to stay upright. The world was fading into black; he knew this feeling. He was being put to sleep once again. No, not like this, not again! Kieran crumpled to the ground and once again fell into a restless slumber.

Soul Calibur V

"Hey, are you alright?"

For the second time, Kieran forced his eyes open. He blinked a few times and looked around at the dark, cave-like interior before looking up the figure in front of him. It was a girl. He stared at her, confused as to why she had a cloth over her eyes and why her grip on her sword was so tight. "Who are you?" he asked finally, after a few moments of staring. The girl placed her free hand on her hip.

"I am Marja," she answered simply. Kieran stood up abruptly and grabbed her by the arms.

"Maria? How are you alive?" he demanded.

"Hey, back off!" Marja wrenched herself out of Kieran's grasp. "And what are you talking about?"

"She must not remember me..." Kieran muttered to himself, stepping away from Marja. "Somehow she was brought back to life and doesn't remember me. Don't worry Maria, I'll help you get your memory back!" Marja stood there for a few moments.

"Again, what are you talking about?" she demanded. Kieran ignored her and searched around the cave for his halberd. It was nowhere to be seen. He frowned and shrugged. If push came to shove, hand-to-hand would have to do.

"I recognize this cave, it's where you took me when I woke up the first time," Kieran said absent-mindedly.

"Two things," Marja started, "I don't know who you are and you're probably mistaken me for someone else, some other 'Maria'." Kieran paused. This was plausible. He didn't know much about the world, so there was a possibility that there was another Maria running around. Kieran really looked at the girl in the cave with him. Even with the strange cloth over her eyes, she still looked like Maria. However, her hair was darker and skin paler. Instead of pushing the subject, Kieran suggested that they get out of here. "You know where the exit is?" Kieran nodded and began to lead the girl out of the cave.

As they walked, Kieran kept a close eye out for any type of weapon he could use. He turned a corner, deciding to check the armory. He found some random halberd which was good enough and then hurried through the cave, Marja following close behind. He paused at the hidden stone-door and banged on it a few times. It shook and rose and Kieran froze at the sigh of all the Mercenaries at the entrance. At the sound of the door rising, they had all turned to look.

"He's awake!" someone exclaimed. "Take him down and the girl! No one can know!" Marja groaned.

"You've got to be kidding me!" she exclaimed irritably.

Kieran and Marja easily took down the men, and as the last one fell, Kieran faced Marja again. "Why did you decide to use that fighting style? You used a sword and shield before." Marja groaned.

"I'm telling you, I'm not who you think I am! This was all an accident, and I'm leaving." Marja turned to leave but Kieran stopped her.

"Wait, you can't leave me here...." Kieran frowned and bent down torwards Marja. "I don't even know where I am..." Marja eyed Kieran for a moment before letting out an exasperated sigh.

"Fine, you can come with me, but don't slow me down!" Marja exclaimed.


All of Kieran's ego is taken from being told everyday that he is extraordinary by William. He can be very unkind, as he does not know how to interact with people correctly. He does however, feel a fondness for Maria, William and Alejandra, and is nicer to them.


Kieran's weapon is a Halberd.


Soul Calibur IV

Wolfkrone Monument

Soul Calibur V

Hidden Mansion Library



Soul Calibur IV

Let's have fun! (player 1 selection)

Ready? (player 2 selection)

I have no business with you, get lost.

So, are you strong?

Give up. This is the end of the line.

I can play with you for just a few mintues.

It's really boring when I know I'm going to win.

You're a Doll... Like me...- when facing Ashlotte/Astaroth

Party's over!

Want another?

How's that?

How's that sound?

Don't struggle


Giving up?

Do you like this?

I'll bury you!

Eat this!

Now scream!


Be dead!

You're boring!

I almost feel like dancing- Taunt

I'll show you- Before performing critical finish

Try and last a little longer next time, alright?

Well that was a waste of time, hahaha

Very good, that was the best screaming I've ever heard

I believe they call this bullying- Win with a perfect

I guess this was your last day. Win with Critical Finish

Soul Calibur V

Ugh, let's get this over with...

This should be a good fight.

(screamed) Traitor!- when facing Maria

I hate you!- When facing any other member of the Organization

Poor litte puppet- When facing Astaroth

I'll kill you!

You're mine!


Having fun yet?

I'll dance on your corpse!


Don't struggle!

Give up!

Giving up?


Ugh, how lame...- taunt

What a waste of time.

Behold, the glorious victor!

Coulda did it with my eyes closed.

Go on... beg for your life

....Pathetic- win againts Maria


Supposedly "created" by The Organization

Attempted to befriend Ashlotte and helped her defeat Astaroth

Was given a Soul Edge shard by Tira


Despite his physical, in-game appearance, Kieran is a gender-ambiguous character (closer to intersex), as would be depicted in art-work. If there were traits Kieran leaned toward, however, it would be a boy.

The style of clothing that Kieran is wearing is based on the Japanese "Kodona" or "Boystyle" Lolita fashion, Gothic style respectively


Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur V

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