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Susanna is a character that appears in Soul Calibur V.

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What lies in her soul is Secrecy. In promotional material, she is referred to as the Enigmatic Black Rose.


Susanna was adopted into an Upper-class family who could not have children when she was just a baby. She lived a lavish lifestyle, and some would say she was spoiled. Susanna did not let her wealth taint her, for she showed people the utmost kindness.

In 1572, Susanna married a wealthy townsmen named Josef and in 1573, she gave birth to her first and only daughter, Maria. Ten years later, news spread of the "Azure Nightmare" in Germany. Susanna paid the news no heed, for she had not made plans to ever venture to Germany. She had no reason to. Unfortunately, The Cursed Sword found its way to Belgium. Susanna feared for the safety of her daughter and longed to learn how to fight. However, Josef thought the notion was ridiculous and commanded her to saty at home with Maria. One day when she was out for a stroll with Maria, she was approached by a msyerious woman named Alejandra. This woman, Alejandra, offered to train her how to fight. Susanna asked why she would help a random woman and that is when Alejandra continued her little offer.

"For a price, of course..."

Of course, Susanna was very wealthy, so whatever price there was to pay, she was sure she could pay it.

"You must join our Organization, along with your daughter" Alejandra said. Susanna asked what the Organization was and Alejandra gestured for Susanna to follow her, and she did. She was led into the forest and she was quickly becoming wary. She tightened her grip on Maria's hand as they walked deeper into the woods. Eventually they came across a huge open area in the woods. Alejandra smirked at Susanna's confused expression. She explained that there was a mansion here cloaked in Magic so it would be invisible to people. Alejandra reached forward and grasped something, and pulled back. She gestured for Susanna to step inside the now exposed mansion interior. Susanna walked inside and looked around before Alejandra walked in and closed the door behind her. She explained to Susanna they were a group of people working to find extreme power and protect themselves from other extremes.

"We have a kind of... rival cult," said Alejandra. "They're working on something, and we're working on something to... combat them... Here, Cecil will show you to our project." She directed Susanna to a pale-skinned, raven-haired young man. Susanna was put off by his eyes. They were a dark red. Cecil pulled his hood down, hiding his eyes and he smiled at Susanna, fangs showing.

"If you'll follow me..." he said quietly and began to walk away. Susanna followed him up a flight of stairs and into a small room. Susanna paused in her tracks. There was a boy sitting in a chair. His skin was tan, his hair white. He appeared to be asleep or something but he was not breathing.

"Who is this?" Susanna quesioned warily. Cecil walked over to the boy and placed a hand on his head.

"This is our...hmmm.... doll..." Cecil grinned. Maria perked up.

"He is a doll? Can I play with him?" she tugged on her mother's hand. This person was too realistically human to be a "doll." Susanna swallowed.

"Did you make him?" she asked. Cecil tapped his chin.

"Sort of... We... made it where it counts. And it's not a him. It has no real gender, despite appearance, if you catch my drift..." Cecil raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Maria, do you want to play with our... doll?"

"How do you know her name?" Susanna demanded. Cecil chuckled.

"I know everything..." he muttered with a smug expression. He leaned down and whispered something in the "doll's" ear. The doll's eyes opened and he stared with a confused expression.

"Susanna, please come with me," Alejandra announced as she stepped into the room. "Maria can stay here and play with the doll." She smiled kindly but Susanna was still cautious. Alejandra took her by the arm and practically dragged Susanna out of the room.

"Cecil makes me uncomfortable, I don't know if I want to leave Maria there..."

"Don't worry, Cecil is very sweet to children. Now, this is what I have to give you." Alejandra spins around and holds out.. a rose? The rose was black and attached to a handle and a long, thick thorned rod. She whispered words and it glowed. "Take it." Susanna reached out and grabbed the handle "Now, it is bound to you and only you. It will do what you will.

Susanna agreed to join the cult after she was returned to Maria and saw her daughter unharmed. She stayed with the cult, practically disappearing from the city. She only came home long enough to keep her husband from being worried. However, the peaceful alliance made was soon broken. Susanna found out that the organization was using Soul Edge shards to not only reanimate people, but create some type of weapon. She wholeheartedly objected to this and voiced her displeasure to Alejandra. Alejandra merely laughed in her face and waved a dismissive hand.

"We know what we're doing, darling..." Alejandra laughed.

"This needs to be stopped, you are dabbling in dark affairs!" Susanna exclaimed, angered. Alejandra's laughter died down and she sighed.

In the corner, at a table, Cecil looked up from where he was working. His sister, whom was sitting in mid-air, looked to him with a small grin. Susanna noticed him nod and grew wary. "Here, I'll prove we know what we're doing..." Cecil announced, fingers tapping on the table excitedly. When he grinned, it was feral. His tapping stopped and several, glowing red shards floated off of the table. "See that? At my command, the shards do as I wish. Like... this." The shards flew across the room, impaling themselves in various parts of Susanna's body, including her chest and neck. Cecil covered his mouth, hiding a grin.


Susanna screamed in agony and fell to the ground. As she writhed in pain, Selene glided over and and began to drag her across the room. "Let's make another toy, brother..." she whispered, barely audible as Susanna grew limp in her grasp. "....wait nevermind, I think she's dead...."

"Put her body with the other 'dolls' who didn't... make it." Alejandra commanded. She shook her head and sighed. "What a waste of a perfectly good apprentice. I'll continue my practices onto darling Maria, then. Cecil, be a dear and explain to Maria that her mother.... Well, you come up with something good. She likes you."

Soul Calibur V


Underneath her kind and warm-hearted exterior, Susanna is very serious. She has little patience but is good at hiding it. At moments, her morals may seem ambiguous, but she honestly believes in doing good.


Susanna fights with an enchanted Rose Whip crafted by Alejandra of The Organization.


Susanna's stage is the Unknown Forest: Dark Night



Mega Man ZX Tunes OST - T22 Misty Rain (Area I - Imprisonment Facility)


Soul Calibur V

Let's get this over with.

You dare challenge me?

That's... All? - Taunt

Accept your fate! - Taunt


It's over!

Your fate... Is sealed!

This... Is your end!

Too easy!

Too slow!





NEVER! - Spoken during Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge.

Impossible! - Spoken during Algol's Sadalsuud Markab.




Damn you!

What on earth?! - Spoken during a tremor

But how?! - Spoken during Guard Burst.

It's time! - Spoken during Critical Edge

Begone! - Spoken during Critical Edge


Leave here!


You're finished!

Stay down!


I see even dogs have some honor.

Wallow in your weakness.

You should've stayed quiet.

Yet another waste of my time.

It can't be! - Spoken when ringed out.

Is this my fate?! - Spoken when ringed out.

Impossible... - Spoken when KO'd by Ivy's "Embrace of Guilt"

How could I lose?! - Spoken when timed out.


She is the mother of Maria

Was a member of The Organization


Soul Calibur V