"Having heard legends of the great pirate Cervantes he dreamt of sailing the waters of the world as a man free of duties. After learning a terrible truth about his family, he turned into a life of piracy with the very servants that worked for his family; forsaking his past as a noble."

Alistair is a fan character created by me. Inspired by Cervantes' and Raphael's stories and appearance, I decided to sit down and write about his journeys.

Alistair seeks to destroy that which corrupted his family whilst fulfilling his lifelong dream of sailing the seas as a man free of duties. He doesn't take advantage of the poor, as he knows they don't have much to offer not because of his morals, though there are times where he feels charitable and gives some of his treasure and valuables to those in need. When he heard rumors that Graf Dumas knew of the cursed blade, he set his sights towards Hungary.

His primary weapons are Saif al-Haqq & Misericorde. He also wields a pistol to compliment his ruthless, yet elegant fighting style. He never pulls any punches and seizes every opportunity that presents itself.

What lies in his soul is Determination.


Maxwell was the youngest son of William Paulet, the third Marquess of Winchester. He always had an adventurous spirit and enjoyed perfecting his swordplay. The ways of the sword were shown to him at an early age by his oldest brother, William, whom he surpassed in skill at the age of 15.

When he became 25, his father the Marquess had fallen ill. Maxwell was on a journey overseas that his father sent him on with a 75 men crew and a ship named "The Purple Rose", when he received news of his father's condition and returned home nine months later. William, Maxwell's oldest brother, received him with blade in hand to see if Maxwell's sword skills had not rusted at sea. The friendly duel was the only moment of happiness both of them had after their father's health had worsened.

Their father died three months after Maxwell's return, coincidentally it was also Maxwell's birthday. During his time at sea, he had learned of a cursed blade known as Soul Edge and talked to William about it during the day of their father's death. That night, all of his family's servants sneaked in to his quarters to warn him about his family's plan to kill him to get the fragment of Soul Edge that they thought he possessed. At first he was skeptical, but deep inside him he could feel the truth in their words. He was the only Paulet that treated them as equals and they were in turn genuinely loyal to him for it. Before leaving he took his father's scimitar, Saif al-Haqq. But as he escaped, his brother caught up to him and challenged him to a final duel. This time, William wielded Misericorde and Saint Martin's Blade, weapons he would only use in an honorbound duel to the death. Maxwell struggled to gain the upper-hand and was capable of disarming his brother. Maxwell refused to take his brother's life and instead he forsook his name and branded himself as Alistair, captain of the Blood Rose Pirates and took his dagger. William revealed his pistol and aimed at Alistair. As Alistair stood still waiting to be shot by his former brother, William gave him the pistol and told him to leave as fast as he possibly could, much to Alistair's surprise.

Reunited with his crew and servants, the Blood Rose Pirates was truly born as a pirate crew. They ravaged the port where the Purple Rose was and set sail before the break of dawn. Alistair now travels the seas with his crew in search of British ships to plunder and any kind of information regarding Soul Edge in order to destroy the cursed blade.

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