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Diego is a Soulcalibur: Chronicles of the Sword fan character created by KnightOfTheWind'. What lies in his soul is Destiny.

Personality and Character Overview

Diego is a very easy-going and tranquil person. He loves making people laugh and seeing his friends happy. However, he loves sarcasm and generally enoys rubbing his enemies the wrong way. He won't fight anyone, though, as he will try to avoid fights he doesn't want or need. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but still maintains a fairly laid-back demeanor. Diego is seemingly unflappable, not showing fear under almost any circumstances. He has a very strong sense of justice and prefers to fight fairly. He is always counted to do the right thing. Diego is also very strong, as he wields his Zweihänder without any problem with just one hand. His battle stance often shows him laying the flat part of the sword on his shoulder.

Diego values family and friends very highly. His personality changes when he's around them and specially when they are in danger. When Diego is with his friends (and, of course, with Maria), he's very polite (although he won't drop sarcasm, he uses it in a much minor degree), funny, and will help them in everything he can. He's very protective of them and will do anything to prevent them from getting hurt, even if his life is the price. When any of his friends is hurt (specially Maria), he becomes enraged, showing it by turning extremely serious and quiet, and his battle style becomes much more violent, powerful and fast. Maria has stated that when Diego is in this "Raging God Mode" (as she calls it, due to his god blood), his eyes take a snake-like shape.


Diego was born on the city of Mexico-Tenouchtitlan, the fallen grand capital of the Aztecs, after the Spanish Conquist, as the son of the god Quetzalcoatl and his lover, Citlali. When Diego was five years old, Citlali was forced to marry a Spainiard, Fernando García, who gave her the name of Carmen, and gave the child the name of Diego. They were taken to Spain, where Fernando cruely treated them as slaves for years. During this time, Carmen also gave birth to Diego's younger brother and sister: Jorge Alvaro and Karla Andrea. One night, Carmen and Diego decided to escape, knowing that if Fernando found them, they would be killed for sure. They were so far away from home now, in a new and foreign land, without a place to go.

After drifting for months, they met a kind, polite and sympathetic person called Pedro Alvarez, in the outskirts of Sevilla. Pedro was known throughout Sevilla as the Knight Of The Free Spirit, as he was "never tamed by his enemies nor by any person", and his noble acts to defend innocent people. Diego, impressed by Pedro's swordplay, asked him if he would allow him to become his apprentice. Pedro happily accepted and thus, Diego's training began.

Diego received exhaustive and harsh training, as he would train not only with his master's weapon of choice, the zweihänder, but also with dual swords. Also, when Pedro and Diego traveled to Korea, he received Tae Kwon Do training, transforming him into a martial artist and master, disciplined and strong. During that trip, he also met Mitsurugi, an old friend of his master. When Diego came of age, Pedro gave him the title "The Knight Of The Wind", stating that Diego was "pure and relaxing, but also, with enough strenght, he could destroy anything, just like the wind". The five of them lived happily and without any trouble for some time. However, one day, Fernando caught up with them. Carmen tried to talk things through, however, Fernando wouldn't listen and tried to kill her. Jorge Alvaro attacked Fernando trying to defend his their mother, but was easily killed. Diego, experiencing his first enragement, took his master's sword, Gram, and engaged combat with his unclaimed father. Even when his father was an experienced fencer, Diego killed him with ease. When Diego tried to return the sword to his master, Pedro stated: "that sword is no longer mine. It has found a powerful and loyal master, that can wield it masterfully. Gram is rightfully yours."

One night, Diego was staring at the starry skies, when suddenly, his true father, Quetzalcoatl, appeared in front of him. After revealing that he was his father, he told Diego that he knew that his son would be a great hero some day, and also said that a powerful evil was rising, but with it, also a benevolent light, both in the for of swords. Finally, Quetzalcoatl said that he was leaving this world, as there was nothing more he could do, and asked to bid farewell to his mom. After that, Quetzalcoatl disappeared.

Diego took the decision of leaving Spain, and search for the evil his father had told him. However, before he could leave, he was taken prisoner by Cervantes, the dread pirate, who had felt the boy's power. This proved a big mistake, as Diego broke out of his cell, entered Cervantes armory, stole two swords, one representing ice, and the other representing fire, defeated Cervantes in a quick battle, and escaped. After that little incident, Diego took Gram, and his two new swords, Cocytus and Phlegethon, and left his home to find the evil, Soul Edge, and the benevolent light, Soul Calibur.

During his travels, Diego met 5 people who became his friends and accompanied him on his quest. First, he met a person that only called himself "Starkiller" and stated coming fom another galaxy, in a very even battle, where they took respect for each other. They would later be best friends. Next, they would meet a young warrior named Hilde, in a small war near Wolfkrone. After helping her defeat the invading army, she accepted joining the group. Then, during a quick stop at Athens, Grece, they met a caring mother, but also a strong fighter, called Sophitia, that could feel the group power, and could also feel Soul Edge. She jumped in so she could protect her children and end the evil once and for all. Finally, the group would met an old friend of Diego, Mitsurugi, who was accompanied by a young and beautiful woman called Seung Mi-na in the Roman empire.

Diego separated from the group to take a walk through a forest, suddenly, he came across a small path hidden among the trees. At the end off it, he found Soul Calibur, stuck in a stone, that was in a small and beautiful clearing. When Diego took the sword, realising it from its stone, Soul Calibur shone as brightly as it could.

After months of traveling, the group decided to take a rest in Drachenburg. There Diego met a beautiful woman called Maria de los Dolores, and immediately fell in love. She was calmed and cool, but also a very sweet and caring girl, but was already in love of King of Drachenburg, who had been a great hero, although her love wasn't corresponded. This did not let Diego down, as he tried very hard to win her love. Maria offered the group to stay in her house. Each dinner, someone told its story, motives, reasons, etc.

One night, Nightmare attacked the house, sensing a great threat from everyone there. Diego, the Apprentice, Mitsurugi, Hilde, Sophitia, Seong Mi-na, and Maria (who was skilled with a sword containing a snake spirit, called the Viper Edge) attacked Nightmare in a handicap battle. Just when Nightmare was about to be defeated, he unleashed the full power of his sword, Soul Edge, and defeated everyone. Just when he was about to give Maria the finishing stab, Diego pushed her away, taking the blow in her place, and being impaled. After that, Nightmare took off.

Diego, however, did not die. All of his friends, and Maria, who had fallen in love with Diego because of his actions, used the power of their souls to cure his wounds. When Diego came to his senses, Maria hugged him completely blushed.

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" She said.

"You don't have anything to thank" Diego replied, blushing as well.

"But...why did you do it??" Maria asked

"'re the center of my universe now...If you died, nothing in my world would make sense anymore..."

After those words, Maria and Diego shared a passionate kiss.

That night, when Diego was watching his friends and his beloved one sleep, he decided he didn't want to put them at any risk again, defeat The Azure Knight and destroy the evil in his hands. So he took his three blades and left the house, to hunt Nightmare down, destroy Soul Edge, and bring peace to the people he cared about.

After some time of traveling, he came across Nightmare, who was fighting against man in shining armor and using a zweihänder.


"You again kid? I don't have time to lose fighting to the likes of you..."

He used Soul Edge to invoke another soul corrupted by the sword as the opponent for Diego: Cervantes.

"You have something that belongs to me, child...give it back and I'll kill you quickly and painlessly!!" Cervantes said.

"Yeah, right, I'm so afraid!! Bring it on, old man!!" Diego said as he drew the swords he had stolen.

After a long and hard fought battle, Diego impaled Cervantes in the head and the heart, sending that corrupted soul to rest, and a tired Nightmare transformed into Night Terror and flew away. The man in shining armor answered to the name Siegfried, and claimed being the past user of the holy sword, Soul Calibur. When Diego asked him about what happened when he had the sword, Siegfried said that in a battle with Nightmare, both swords clashed, producing a massive explosion that send them both soaring away. Nightmare had found (or awakened next to) Soul Edge, while Siegfried lost Soul Calibur, and it was no where to be found. Siegfried claimed that Soul Calibur had found a new master, one worthy of its power, without a dark past. Diego offered his company to Siegfried, but he turned it down.

Diego, during his search for Nightmare, slayed countless demons and saved many lives, so he came to be a hero for the people from Spain to the Holy Roman Empire. However, he started missing his friends, and specially, he missed Maria. Diego decided to return to Drachenburg.

On his way back, Diego suddenly found his friends, Maria ran to him in a cliched scene. They kissed and started to cry in a sweet embrace.

"You idiot! I was so worried about you! Don't you ever leave me again, you got it!?"Maria cried

"I won't. Ever again. I promise."

Diego then turned to his best friend, Starkiller. "You knew what was I doing, didn't you?" Diego asked with a smile. "I had an idea, yes" the Apprentice replied, smiling as well.

"By the way guys, what in the blue hell are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be in Drachenburg?" Diego asked "What do you think? we were looking for you!" Maria answered, "You didn't think we would just sit down with you gone, did you?" the Apprentice said. "If you did, you're not as smart as you look" Mitsurugi added. "We were worried about you, you fool!" Hilde claimed. "We didn't want you to get hurt or anything" Seong Mi-na, finished. Sophitia just smiled. "Thank you guys. if I'm gonna face Nightmare, I want you to be at my side. We'll face him together. But right now, we are not ready yet. Or at least you aren't" Diego finally said, joking in the final quote.

The group, now complete, returned to Drachenburg. They started a new and very harsh training o gain strength to fight Nightmare. Everyone started training hardly on their own and their various (and sometimes strange, like Mitsurugi trying to cut a rock, thing he finally achieved) ways. Of course, they would give themselves a friendly training match now and then.

Maria and Diego also started spending much time together. They would usually go to a small park-like place in the outskirts of the city, where they would sit under the shadow of a tree, and start talking. Sometimes it ended with both falling asleep, Maria on Diego's shoulder.

After some time of intense training, they were now ready to fight against Nightmare. Diego send a letter to him in the leg of a crow, telling him come for the last battle.

The day came, and the 7 warriors stood in the place pacted for the battle. Nightmare showed up at the fall of twilight and used Soul Edge to create shadows of Diego´s friends, so they would fight their own shadows while Nightmare fought Diego. And so the small war began, in a long, hard battle. However, with their training, they were more powerful than the shadows, and overpowered them. Even still, each time they were defeated, they would rise up again and continue fighting. However, this didn't happen with Diego and Nightmare, who were reaching a new level of power, and everyone (except for the shadows) was starting to tire.

Eventually, Nightmare turned into Night Terror, to gain the upper hand from the sky. However, Diego used Soul Calibur to grow his own wings, and fight with Night Terror in an epic sky combat. They flew the starry skies, and with each clash of their swords, they would light up the skies. The light could be seen from Drachenburg. After a hard-fought battle, Diego sliced Night Terror demonic hand, catching Soul Edge, fusing it with Soul Calibur to form Broken Destiny, and deliver the final blow: El Dragon del Angel, the final shockwave delivered a flash of light so bright it was seen on Madrid, and disintegrated Night Terror. Also, he glowed his sword as brightly as it could, and the light destroyed the shadows. Then he came down to the floor, he took Soul Calibur and held it high, as a sign of victory. Maria came to him, and as they hugged, she told him "You were amazing, my love! You did it!", then the Apprentice gave him a friendly tap on his back and said "Not bad man. That was impressive". Diego replied "you were great as well, Maria, my darling, you never cease to surprise me, I love you so much! And you, Starkiller, you gave spectacular show of swordplay and power, I am proud to have you as my friend"

After the battle, the group rejoiced the victory and the new reign of peace. They went to Spain to help Pedro, Carmen and Karla to move from Sevilla to Madrid, where they stayed for some time. Diego and Maria got married in that time in a private and secret ceremony, also, their first child, Diego ll, was born.

The Apprentice returned to his galaxy, not before swearing brotherhood with Diego. Hilde, Mitsurugi, Seong Mi-na and Sophitia returned to their respective countries. Their lives were at peace, or at least for now, they were.

Thanks to Diego's friends and witnesess, is acts started spreading not only throughout Europe, but also Asia and the New World.

Diego and Maria eventually moved out to Florence, Italy, due to their liking for art. Also thay had two more children: Karla Maria and Pedro Iztacoyotl. The three children would grow up to become great warriors and human beings. It is said that Diego and Maria lived in peace utill their deaths. But, of course, Diego did never ignore a call for help, and would go help anyone that needed him.

Legend says that when somebody is in danger, a knight with blue shining wings, and a holy sword, would appear to protect the innocent and the weak...


  • Gram
  • Cocytus and Phlegethon
  • Soul Edge
  • Soul Calibur
  • Soul Calibur & Soul Edge
  • Broken Destiny


  • Glad I got your attention.
  • Do you really want to die?
  • This is going to be easy
  • Great! I was starting to feel a little ignored!
  • A little fight makes life more interesting
  • Go on. Make my day.
  • If you insist...
  • Oh, I'm so scared!
  • Maria! No! I...I can't... -- Before fighting Maria
  • Oh, are you shaking?
  • This place will be your tomb!
  • I'm so screwed...*laughs*
  • Not interested
  • You're dead!!!
  • This is too easy!
  • Too weak.
  • Say your prayers
  • Prepare to meet your god!
  • Come and get me!
  • Show me your moves!
  • You're good, but...
  • I feel sorry for you
  • Pathetic
  • Don't run!
  • Try again!
  • Any last words??
  • What a way to die! -- When you realize a Critical Finish.
  • That's it? I was just getting started! -- When you realize a Perfect
  • You bored me to death.
  • I'm dissapointed, you seemed so much more
  • Now you're hurt AND humiliated
  • Maria...Forgive me.... -- After defeating Maria
  • See? I'm ALWAYS right
  • *Shrugs his shoulders* Oh Well.....
  • If you feel bad....I don't care.
  • Get the hell out of my face
  • No! Maria...

Critical Finish

El Dragon del Angel - Diego uppercuts his opponent, sending them soaring. Then he summons his wings and start slashing through them in mid-air. After a total 6 slashes, he flies above the target, and descends for a final strike. It unleashes a bright shockwave as the strike connects. Diego then lands on the ground, and his sword(s) fall into his hand(s) a second later.


  • It is no coincidence that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla started the Mexican Independence War on September 16. He knew about the legend of Diego and his deeds in Europe. He considered him as the first Mexican representative and hero, so he chose his birthday date as the day that a group of Mexicans would start the fight for their freedom.
  • Besides of his title of the Knight Of The Wind, he was also known as the Hero from the New World, the New Black Knight, and the Aztec Warrior.
  • All of his names have a special meaning: Diego meaning "The Wise One"; Cuahutemoc "Diving Eagle"; García is the second name of a long line of knights of the Castilla kingdom; and Quetzalcoatl meaning "Feathered Serpent", and also the principal deity of the Aztecs, the god of creation, intelligence, self-reflection, and giver of life, besides of being his authentic father.
  • Diego is also known to be a proficient guitarrist. He would write his own songs, most of them inspired on Maria. He would also write lullabies and songs for their children. It is unknown what happened to Diego's scripts after his death, but there is a rumor that a family of name Santana found and took them to the New World...
  • Diego has stated that he admires the King of Drachenburg and his heroic acts.
  • Diego and Maria are fans of the Renaissance art.
  • The group did not stop seeing each other after the final battle. They would visit each other to share a good time.
  • Diego has a pet wolf for no other reason that he likes wolves.
  • The last will of Diego and Maria was to be buried in the same place. It is unknown the location of their tomb, but there is the rumor that in front of it, both Broken Destiny and Viper Edge lay united, resting with their respective master until the end of times.
  • Diego trained a lot with Broken Destiny, he even learned how to split it apart and use Soul Calibur and Soul Edge as dual swords.
  • Diego's main weapon in Soul Calibur III is Gram, In Soul Calibur IV and Broken Destiny it is Soul Calibur. Also, his ultimate weapon is always Broken Destiny


  • Son of Carmen Citlali and Quetzacoatl.
  • Unclaimed son of Fernando García
  • Student of Pedro Alvarez
  • Brother of Karla Andrea and Jorge Alvaro
  • Lover of Maria
  • Sworn Brother of the Apprentice
  • Good friend of Mitsurugi, Seong Mi-na, Sophitia and Hilde
  • Fought along Siegfried
  • Father of Diego II, Karla Maria and Pedro Iztacoyotl.
  • Stole Cocytus and Phlegethon from Cervantes, and eventually defeated him.
  • Enemy of Nightmare
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