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"Fortune shall be ours again... I swear it!"
— Katherine

Katherine Adams is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. Katherine makes her debut in Soul Calibur II, and has returned in Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IV. After learning of her family's past as noblemen, Katherine set out to travel Europe in order to find the fabled "Sword of Salvation" and present it to the monarch of Britain, returning her family to favour within the nobility.

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Soul Calibur II

After learning of the wealth her family had once been privy to before her grandfather had lost favour within the nobility, Katherine spent the night in her quarters thinking and praying for a solution. Then an extreme idea appeared within her mind.

If she could find the "Sword of Salvation", Soul Edge, her family would be in favour forever.

The next night over, Katherine grabbed her stiletto dagger and stole her grandfather's rapier before fleeing her house. She then stole a local horse and rode out of the town under the cover of night.

Katherine arrived in the City of Bath and hid away, using her stiletto, now fondly nicknamed 'Thorn', to roughly cut off most of her hair. She removed her dresses and stored them away, instead putting on a mixture of male clothes and armour she had also stolen, giving herself the look of a youthful man. Selling the horse she had stolen, Katherine spent a single night within an inn before leaving the city, continuing her journey east.

Later, Katherine would wander into the village of Blakeham, which partially laid in ruins. Whilst looking at a large oak tree, Katherine was attacked by the last remaining villagers of the village. As she defeated the last one in a duel, Katherine looked upon the bodies, noting the strange colour of their skin and eyes. The brushing it aside as some kind of maddening disease, Katherine cleared the city.

Finally Katherine arrived in Dover and, with what little money she had left, boarded a vessel set to land in Calais.

Soul Calibur III

Arriving in the port of Calais, Katherine departed from the ship with a new crossbow she had taken from the vessel's storage hold. She would also shed herself of her male identity, donning a new set of clothes.

Katherine made to leave the docks, but was blocked by two younger girls, Fariha and Chiyo. Fariha, an Indian teen, claimed that she could sense the desire in Katherine's soul to find the sword, Soul Edge. She then challenged Katherine to a duel, stating that she wished to truly understand Katherine's intent. Annoyed, Katherine obliged and defeated the girl in battle. As she went to leave, Chiyo blocked Katherine's path, and Fariha gave Katherine a dire warning.

Staying with the girls, Katherine learnt of how Soul Edge was actually a cursed, demonic weapon and how seven years previously the weapon had spread the 'Evil Seed' across the world, causing many people to become Malfested. Thinking back to her time in Blakeham, Katherine realised that she had seen the effect the sword had on people first hand. Angered and disgusted, Katherine lost faith in her own journey until Fariha brought up her own, holy mission given to her by her gods. To grasp the spirit sword, Soul Calibur, and destroy Soul Edge once and for all. Hearing this, Katherine agreed to travel with the other girls.

Later, as the trio would travel further into the Seventeen Provinces (an area that would become modern-day Belgium) Fariha sensed a nearby presence that, whilst no entirely malfested, was under the influence of Soul Edge. Spotting the person in question, Katherine would leap in to attack the man. She had almost defeated him when another man wielding a shield and a faintly glowing sword attacked her in return, with Chiyo rushing to her aid. It was Fariha in the end who calmed both parties down.

Together they learnt how the man with the sword and shield, Akakios, was a holy warrior. He explained how his mission in life was to destroy Soul Edge, and that he had been escorting the other man, Agustín, who had a connection to energies of Soul Edge due to the fragment of the blade he held on his person. Learning of how the other also wanted to bring an end to the weapon, both parties joined together for the final parts of their journeys.

Soul Calibur IV

The group continued travelling towards the source of energy that whispered in their minds, drawing them closer to the blades. Along the way they came across many loyal servants of Soul Edge, men and women who had become malfested and were now doing everything in their power to complete the cursed sword. Every person she slayed weighed heavily on Katherine's heart, despite knowing that there was nothing that could have been done to save the souls.

Then, one fateful night brought an end to their journey.

As a wave of energy swept across the land, Fariha was brought to her knees and Agustín was taken by his fragment, becoming entirely malfested, with parts of him mutated beyond human recognition. Katherine was the first to attack the man who no longer recognised his travelling companions as his friends. As the battle continued Katherine grew tired, and her defences suffered. Her soul was snuffed out as Agustín snapped her neck and brutally tore out her throat.

Akakios, Fariha and Chiyo would return Katherine's body to her family in England, telling stories of her time travelling with them. She was given a public funeral within her home city, grasping Rose and Thorn within her coffin as a small memorial stone was placed above her grave.


In general, Katherine has a thin figure with a narrow facial structure, murky green eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Soul Calibur II

Katherine's hair is cut short roughly, making it look very choppy although most of it is hidden under a wide-brimmed, brown leather hat which she wears on a tilt and that features a single white feather sticking out from one side.

Katherine's upper torso, as well as her arms and her hands, are covered in silver coloured plate armour. This is on top of a muted, dark blue coat with thin white stripes and trimming on it. A short, navy blue cloak hangs from her neck attached by a broach in the shape of a rose. A brown leather belt hangs around her waist and also has the sheath for her stiletto and the scabbard for her rapier hanging from it. Her trousers feature the same blue colouration as the coat. Short brown leather boots strapped on by a pair of buckles each complete the look.

Soul Calibur III

Over the time since Katherine has begun her journey, her hair has grown longer, now reaching down to her shoulders. She maintains her hat from her first appearance, only with a blue band added to it, as well as the rose shaped broach that had previously held her cloak on.

She has a new armour on her upper torso and arms, that is a darker steel coloured and more stylised with rose emblems on her shoulder pads. The also has a strap around her torso which is what her crossbow hangs off of when not in use. She's also ditched the coat for a lighter blue top white strings and lace on the front as well as the trim. She still has the same belt as her first appearance, now with the quiver for her crossbow bolts hanging from the back of her waist. She now also wears a short skirt that shares the same blue colour as her top, with white lace trimming at the hem. She now has longer boots that go up to her mid-thigh, with additional armour strapped to her shins.

Soul Calibur IV

Fighting Style

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