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"You disgust me!"
— Siena

Siena (シエナ, Shiena) is a new character making her debut in the rebooted Soul series timeline. Soulcalibur VI is when she makes her first appearance along with her older brother, Remiel. She is nicknamed The Red Hand.


Early Life

Soulcalibur VI

Physical Appearance

Siena is a brown-skinned woman with darker brown hair and grey eyes. Her hair goes down to her neck, and curls in places. Her primary outfit consists of a mostly red dress accented with white and gold. On her hand are two white gloves, and her shoes are black with red roses attached to the outer ankles. Under the dress she wears a black corset and silver, laced thigh-highs. Around her neck and resting partially on her shoulders is black lace held in place by a red ribbon and tied together at the front with a red rose to match her shoes.


Fighting Style

Critical Edge


  • Needle- This is Siena's main weapon that her father had forged for her in secret. The rapier was given the name "Needle" due to how thin and pointed the main blade is, but also as a guise to hinder others from realizing it is a blade.



"Stay back, scum!"- Player 1 Select

"You're not worthy."- Player 2 select

"You're nothing but filth!"

"Stay your dirty hands."

"This time, I will best you, brother."- Spoken when facing Remiel

"What a vile beast you are."- Spoken when engaging Nightmare

"All of you will be eradicated."- Spoken when facing someone that is Malfested

"Show me that hidden power of yours."- Spoken when facing Kilik

"So, what is this about a test?"- Spoken when facing Azwel

"Would you like to play, my lord?"- Spoken when facing Raphael

"You have the heart of someone hellbent on Revenge."- Spoken when facing Grøh



"Time to die!."

"You disgust me."

"You are weak!"



"Try harder."

"Feel the sting!"


"Exactly as planned!"

"How about a game then?"- Spoken when activating Reversal Edge

"Your end draws near."- Spoken when activating Reversal Edge against Nightmare

"Don't come a step closer!"- Spoken when activating Reversal Edge against Malfested

"I know your secret."- Spoken when activating Critical Edge against Grøh

"I've had... Enough!"- Spoken when activating Soul Charge

"This is utterly... distasteful!"- Spoken when activating Soul Charge during low health

"How do you like... this?"- Spoken when activating Soul Charge against Azwel

"Die already!"- Spoken during Soul Charge

"You're making me... impatient!"- Spoken during Soul Charge

"Novice mistake..."- upon missing a guard impact

"Embarassing!"- upon missing a guard impact

"You coward!"- upon suffering a Ring Out

"Cheap tactics!"- upon suffering a Ring Out

"Let's end this little charade."- decisive round

"You're nothing but a bug to step on."- Taunt

"Wretch."- Taunt against Nightmare

"Bug: stepped on."- taunt after KOing opponent

"Ha ha ha!"

"Don't be silly."

"Saw it coming!"


"Quid Pro Quo!"- activating Critical Edge

"Your life..."- midway through Critical Edge

"For my Victory!"- concluding Critical Edge

"You may die now."- after completing Critical Edge

"And so the moth has met the flame..."- end of round Critical Edge win

"What a waste of my time."

"You must now see how revolting you are now."

"You disgust me."

"You are unfit to live."

"A most fortunate outcome for me!"- spoken after winning against Remiel

"Let me see that blade of yours."- spoken after winning against Nightmare

"Truly as repulsive as they say."- spoken after winning against Malfested

"On your feet! We're not done yet."- Spoken after winning aginst Kilik

"Such an ungrateful child."- spoken after winning against Grøh

"Tell me I pass..."- spoken after winning against Azwel

"Would you like a rematch?"- spoken after winning against Raphael

"I can't believe this!"- spoken during a timeout lost

"Not again!"- spoken when KO'd by Remiel on the decesive round

"Not like this!"- spoken when KO'd by Nightmare on the decisive round

"Well done..."- spoken when KO'd by Kilik

"God Damn it!"- spoken when KO'd by Grøh


  • Remiel- He is her older brother by three years, give or take a few months. She used to look up to him; now, she sees him as a sort of rival.
  • Azwel- TBA
  • Grøh- TBA
  • Kilik- TBA
  • Nightmare- she resents him for nearly murdering Remiel and scarring his face
  • Siegfried- Despite knowing he possessed by the cursed sword, she still harbours ill will toward him for scarring Remiel's face


  • The creator partially got the idea to name Siena's blade "Needle" from Arya Stark's weapon of the same name in A Song of Ice and Fire series.


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