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Aelia is a bonus character in Soulcalibur IV created by Lionwolf9069. She is an assassin; in fact, she is the head of her own assassin's group, going by the name the Family of Azrael (also known as FoA, the Family, or simply FA). Six members of the group appear in Soulcalibur IV, with Aelia being the only playable one. However, it is possible to recreate the others in Character Creation.

Aelia is one of the series' more odd characters, as she dresses in often outlandish headgear. She also has changed weapons in each game she's been in, first wielding Kard and then Hidden Fang.

What lies in her soul is Vengeance.


Aelia was born in an unknown location in Europe with the name Bella. Her parents tried to kill her, for a prophet told them Aelia had a dark future, which was true. A man, called Lucien, witnessed the helpless Aelia falling from a cliff, and saved her. He raised her as his own (for his own daughter had died prematurely), and when she turned 8, Lucien told her the truth about her life. Around this time the Evil Seed had sprung, and angered from this news and fueled by the Evil Seed, Aelia went on a blind rage, killing an entire village with Lucien's sword, Kard.

During the attack, Aelia had control of herself again right as she killed a man. The feeling of being able to kill someone, to take their very existence away was... thrilling. She wanted more, more, and destroyed the rest of the village, feeling absolutely no remorse. The feeling of having this power was amazing to her she thought, and she wanted more, MORE- and then she turned to see Lucien with a shocked look on his face.

At first Lucien had been dumbfounded, but then an evil smile, one that Aelia will never forget, spread across his face. He came up to Aelia and told her that he was the leader of an assassin's guild called the Family of Azrael, which was his "job" he'd gone to for days at a time, and impressed with her work, offered to train her to become better, so that one day she would take over his guild. She accepted this offer with a main purpose; not from the influence of the Evil Seed, not to impress Lucien more, not even to become the head of a guild (her secondary purpose), but to do one thing: kill her parents.

6 years later, Lucien decided to test Aelia's skills out after finding her parents. Aelia hadn't been this excited in years. Once she arrived to her parent's, she introduced herself as "Aelia, formerly known as... Bella." She attacked and tortured them, swiftly and dazzling, and when her parents pleaded for forgiveness, she laughed and said "Mommy, daddy, I can't WAIT to see you in hell!" and slashed them.

Lucien had watched the entire time and proclaimed she was one of the best he had ever seen. She was brought into the Family soon after.

Soulcalibur IV

Aelia continued her work for 8 years and quickly rose through the top of the ranks, reaching second-in-command in less than four years. Lucien had a contract for Aelia, one that would require lots of teamwork from the entire guild. The contract was to kill someone by the name of Nightmare. Upon hearing this Aelia remembered of hearing a tale of Nightmare, where he had destroyed an entire army. After setting off on this contract, she found she was to work with Ra'Quine and Gnulea, her best friends in the guild, and Huamin, Atwa, and Rolia, a rival squad. They were to be called in if Lucien's militia did not return in a day after the scheduled killing. Disappointed and slightly offended and shocked by this seemingly "beginner's" orders, she and the others reluctantly waited.

It was a day later, and Aelia was surprised not to find Lucien back. The teams set out to find him. When they did, he was lying on the floor, dead. Aelia was devastated and sad, feelings she had never felt before, and burst into tears. She was even more devastated to find that the entire guild, excluding her team, Atwa's team, and the few who stayed at headquarters, had been wiped out. After an outburst of anger, sadness, and frustration, Aelia had two new goals: one, to rebuild the guild, and two, to destroy the being Nightmare. And so, after taking Kard, Lucien's sword, she and her team set out on a journey...

Soulcalibur V

Aelia had finally found Nightmare, as he was fighting Siegrfried. Upon seeing them, she stopped. She thought to herself, "This isn't my battle. I shouldn't intervene." She observed Siegfried destroy Nightmare and Soul Edge, and though wishing she had done so herself, she smiled and went home. She decided to rebuild the guild and rename it "Epigonos di Lucien" in honor of Lucien.

During this time, she found Lucien's old cane, and realized it was a hidden sword. She took it as her own. She developed her own style to wield this sword, as it was used differently than Kard.

However, again her plans would fail. 17 years later, an unknown assailant attacked and murdered most of the guild, including Huamin, Rolia, and Gnulea, with Ra'Quine sustaining near-critical injuries. Her guild was reduced to a mere 13 members. She remembers the murderer saying "Nice to see you again, Aelia..." in an odd voice, before commencing the attack. Aelia tried to remember who she was, but she could not remember.

A couple of days later, she walked into town for medical supplies for Ra'Quine, when an odd woman came up to her. Aelia, confused, merely stared, as the woman took hold of a crystal ball, looked into it, and said "Terza." Aelia looked into the orb, and saw the murderer in a place she recognized as The Imperial City. She immediately ran home and told Atwa to watch over the guild. Without awaiting a response, she grabbed her new sword and some supplies, along with a new hand gun, and walked out.

Soulcalibur IV ending

Aelia slashed Nightmare with fierce anger, and kills him, beating away his body. And yet... her anguish had not been resolved. She cried out in frustration for Lucien, the only human she could possibly love. Through Soul Edge, Lucien manages to say "Aelia... You've done me proud... I... I love you... I miss you." Aelia froze, feeling happy again to hear his voice. "Where are you?" she asked. "I'm... II don't know, but... We can't be with each other yet. But, that'll have to wait. You still have a job to do." "Yes... I.. I know. To rebuild your guild and your honor. And to do so, I must take your murderer's sword." Aelia picks up the sword and walks away with it, saying to herself "I've done it, I've restored part of your honor, Lucien. Now, to restore the rest..."

The text-only epilogue states "She had restored honor, and with the power she now wields, she can restore order..."

Fighting Style

In Soulcalibur IV, Aelia borrows Xianghua's style like the other bonus characters. Her unpredictable speed due to her Chi-energy direction is a good advantage for her assassinations. In Soulcalibur V, 17 years after, she finds a hidden sword, and so she taught herself to use it, which ends up being quite similar to Setsuka and α Patrokolos. She still uses her Chi-energy, but in this game this can be directly seen with every attack she uses.


Although it is repeatedly stated that Aelia is a ruthless cold-blooded killer, she does so with grace and honor, to the point where she is almost noble. She was taught to respect her opponents in battle, but to show them their place, and to never desecrate their body (although she did this to Nightmare in her ending, though this was not canon.) She holds her close friends in high regard and would die for them.


Grand Labyrinth - Corridor of Suspended Time

Somewhere. in Europe, lies an underground ruin which not many know of, let alone how to enter it. Those who do will find a secret organization known as Family of Azrael. Should one wish to join they merely perform an act of murder, in cold blood, with no remorse. That person shall find themselves drawn to this secret organization for hopes they find a warm, welcoming Family...

Torture Chamber

It is said that a murderous guild who worship a dead man resides somewhere in Europe. While they do not worship a dead man, they are assassins who would gladly murder, but only for the right cause. The same can be said about letting one into their guild: they must have committed an act of murder in cold blood, with no remorse. They shall receive a note, leading them to a new family...

Critical Finish

Aelia's critical finish begins with her shouting "Your life ends here!" and spinning around, slashing her opponent multiple times. Then right as her opponent is getting up, she delivers a finishing blow of energy, supposedly chi. She sighs with relief and says, "The deed is done."

Critical Edge

Aelia sprints forward and slashes heavily at her opponent. She sheathes her weapon as the opponent is impaled with a powerful, crystal-like chi attack.


  • I will remove all obstacles in my path.
  • Challenge me again if you dare.
  • Fool, you dare to stand up to me?
  • You risk your life and that's all you've got?
  • It appears I must teach you with pain.
  • Who are you? State your name!
  • Who are you? What are you?
  • You worthless piece of trash.
  • Can't you even gauge your own enemy's strength?
  • Let's measure your strength!
  • You're worthless. Be gone!
  • I have no time to listen to the loser!
  • That did amuse me for a while.
  • There is no need for your justice.
  • The time has come.
  • Don't enter a battle you can't win.
  • How's this?
  • I'll crush you!
  • Eyes front!
  • Too easy!
  • All talk and no action!
  • How's this?
  • Die!
  • Is that all?
  • You failure!
  • Not even close.
  • Watch me.
  • Next!
  • Shut up!
  • Disappear!
  • Elimination by force!
  • Don't take me lightly.
  • I'll force you!
  • Don't run.
  • No escape!
  • Too late for regrets.
  • Fight me!
  • Defeat is worse than death!
  • Don't get cocky!
  • Obvious.
  • Wretched insect!
  • Outta my sight!
  • Scared?
  • Be gone!
  • Good, you could use a bit of sparring! - When facing any of her guildmates.
  • Hmm!? What's... I feel something... similar... - When facing Tira.
  • There you are, you bastard! - When facing Nightmare.
  • Lucien! I shall avenge you here! - When facing Nightmare.
  • I've done it. The deed is done! - After defeating Nightmare.
  • ... - When defeated by Nightmare.
  • Aha... This should be fun. - When facing Siegfried.
  • You bitch, I'll decimate you! - When facing Terza.
  • It is a blessing that you are dead, for what I would put you through would be greater than hell. - After defeating Terza.
  • No, come back here... I'm not done! - When defeated by Terza.


  • In some ways, Aelia is similar to Tira: they've both been part of an assassin group, they both have only known first names, they both killed their own parents, and both of their guilds were at least partially destroyed.
  • She is also similar to Setsuka, being that she was adopted by a master and is fueled by vengeance to kill someone.
  • Aelia is accompanied by Ra'Quine through the first stage, but is unable to continue. On the second stage, she is accompanied by Gnulea, but is unable to further continue, making Aelia the only character to have more than one playable partner in Story Mode.
  • It is strange that Aelia was not affected in any known way by Soul Edge, though it is possibly because she is already pure madness.
  • Though it is not shown in game, Aelia is said to have been a fine, talented musician, playing many instruments but mainly, the lute.


  • Killed her own parents after they tried the same on her.
  • Adopted daughter of Lucien, one of the few people she loved.
  • Considers her guildmates her siblings. Ra'Quine and Gnulea are her closest "sisters".
  • Despises Nightmare almost as much as Terza.
  • Fought with Siegfried to a draw, thinking he was Nightmare.


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