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Kara is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. Brought into the world for the express purpose of a fanservice role, she became self-aware and began to further develop a personality. She first debuted in Soulcalibur V, and she returned in Soulcalibur VI with a more story-centric role.

What lies in her soul is Lust.

Her subtitle for promotional material is Thick Girl Wet Dream.


Soul Calibur V

"Goodness! You didn't have to give me a body this perfect. Now I've got nothing to do around here except..."

Kara's most bizarre and unique defining trait is that she is completely aware that she is a customized fictional character. She occasionally breaks the fourth wall, and uses this awareness to her advantage. She was created from the ground-up to be pure fanservice, lampshading the majority of the female cast of the Soul series. As such, she has does not have any childhood or family to speak of. She came into existence as a woman presumably in her late 20s, during the events of Soulcalibur V. Though she has no particular place of origin, her physical traits suggest she could be German. She was notably critical of the game itself, lamenting that she could only appear in the arcade mode, although she was grateful for the improved character creation, allowing her to exist in the first place.

"Creating an article about yours truly? Aww, that's so cute!"

She didn't do much besides fight with other characters for fun, but managed to befriend her fellow customs, like Myau.

Soul Calibur VI

Kara returned as the secondary protagonist of the Libra of Soul campaign. Due to her self-awareness, she immediately knew her purpose was to aid Susulu in his journey. Despite this, it took her a long time to reach him traveling on foot, and she expended most of her money on the trip.

"I know not of anyone named Kara... but you remind me of someone special."

Her knowledge of future events was limited at best, but she was able to guide Susulu through several legs of his quest for the Evil Seed. When Susulu asked her how she was able to warn him of what was to come, she simply explained that his journey had several cliches "like all those other OC stories tend to". Still, she wasn't always ready for what was to come, and therefore lent her staff to fight alongside Susulu and the others in several key battles. Most notably, she fought the ruthless Tiffecass to a standstill and even though Susulu offered to help, she ended up not needing it.

At several points, her path split from Susulu's. She encountered Cerridwyn, another woman with extreme lust, who she was able to defeat, albeit with her power suppressed. Due to sharing similar vibes, the two quickly became friends. Later, she crossed paths with Tiffecass once more, and defeated her for good this time. Most notably, her travels lead her to Mitsurugi, who she became infatuated with. Kara didn't hesitate to make advances on him, turning on her charm in full force. Needless to say, Mitsurugi was completely immune, his strong will far outclassing her allure. Wondering if this master swordsman was a member of Thot Patrol, she challenged him to a duel, with the condition that he must have sex with her if he loses. Though he didn't agree with these conditions, he accepted anyway just to humiliate her, knowing that she never had a chance either way.

"I sense more in you than you let on, woman. But to say you have a long way to go would be an understatement. Bahahaha!!!"

"Aww... give a girl a break, wouldja? I'm totally outta my element here!"

Additionally, she helped seal several of the Astral Fissures that were too far away from Susulu and co. even though she couldn't harness much power from them. She jokingly compared Susulu to a drug addict for his dependence on the fissures as well. After Susulu helped open up new trade routes to the various towns, Kara used her overwhelming sexual charm to attract customers, increasing business. Her willingness to assist Susulu suggests that she is allied with the Aval Organization, and may wish to join them. More likely is that she is simply sexually attracted to Grøh, and Dion as well.

At one point while separated from the group, she encountered Nightmare rampaging through the continent, hell-bent on restoring Soul Edge to its full power. Her first instinct was to compliment the Azure Knight on the size of his sword, but he was predictably unaffected. With no choice left, they engaged in battle. Even with her knowledge of some of Nightmare's abilities, she was terribly outmatched. Even her strongest technique, the Supersquishy Suplex, only moderately damaged Nightmare, just long enough for her to retreat. This did not sit well with the Azure Knight, as Kara's otherworldly nature could've possibly given Soul Edge a whole new power.

Kara could not be present for the final battle with Azwel, but helped Dion and Natalie point Susulu in the right direction to find and purify Grøh with Soul Calibur. It was even her who suggested Susulu make the right choices to draw the blade from within himself, even when he might've chosen something more in-character that tipped the Libra of Soul in the other direction.

"You do know that sword's evil too, right? Ah, whatever..."

After the ordeal was over, Kara offered Susulu one last challenge - a duel between the two. The fight lasted nearly all night, finally resulting in a draw when the two warriors scored a Double KO. Kara lamented on both of their behalf that "it's not a trophy in this game", telling him the tale of the time Lord Rapter and Fading Entree achieved this feat many years ago. Of course, Susulu didn't completely follow. From there on out, she parted ways with Susulu, promising to aid him again if he ever found himself at an impasse.

"Roll those credits, already! I'm gettin' restless, and... wait, the game's rated T?! I can't show this next part! Time to close the curtains..."

Physical Appearance/Costumes

As her subtitle implies, Kara has a quintessential "thick" body type. Blessed with wide hips, thick thighs, and a large, round rear, she is by far the most straightforward example of such a body in the series, even surpassing Shura, who she greatly admires and looks up to. Her skin is fairly pale, comparable to that of Setsuka. She has blonde hair, which was loose and chin-length in SCV. In VI, she grew it out and tied it into a ponytail. She has green eyes, and wears moderate makeup, including gold eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

Her standard 1P outfit has been almost the same in both games. She wears a black cropped jacket with a matching tight skirt, and stiletto heels with red bottoms. Underneath, she originally wore a tight leotard, but in VI this was changed to a cyclone bikini with dancer's garb worn over it. In V, her signature article of clothing was a soft beret, in purple and black with a flower pattern. This, too, was discarded in VI in favor of the benevolence headwear. In VI, the skirt now has a white handprint-like mark on her rear. It is unknown if she added this herself, or if it came from someone else.

Her 2P outfit in V is largely based on Viola's, though she keeps the beret. Its general color scheme is pink and white. She wears light gray silk underwear in this outfit.

Overall, her outfits are designed to be incredibly provocative, as she takes pleasure in showing off her generous assets. This makes her somewhat competitive towards series mainstays like Ivy and Taki.


Kara takes full advantage of her role as designated fanservice. Rather than try to maintain an air of subtlety or pretend her appearance is just an afterthought, she aggressively presents herself to any man she deems attractive enough. If a conflict can be resolved through sex rather than combat, she will immediately take that route without a second thought. Her only major restriction is that her partner must be clean.

Though many do genuinely consider her at least somewhat attractive, her inflated ego causes her to greatly exaggerate her sexual prowess. Despite never having successfully slept with any of the canon characters, she claims to have had over 70 unique partners, an obvious lie. This carries over into her distinct speech pattern, each word coming out breathy and sultry, and she takes nearly any opportunity to twist her own words into an innuendo, no matter how forced it sounds. Still, it is said that some men had a very hard time resisting her, and others still have regretted declining her offer.

On the other hand, she will not stand for any form of sexual abuse. Though not a victim of this herself, she has fought and defeated several people who were caught in the act. Perhaps it was this that gave her at least some sense of justice. As such, she is willing to use her self-awareness and understanding that she is in a fictional work to help others. Though she cannot change the course of canon material, she sometimes warns others of their potential fates, based on events of previous games. She was a major ally to Susulu during the Libra of Soul story. Notably, she did not attempt to flirt with him, showing a surprising amount of restraint as she respected his married status.

Kara is especially proud of her voluptuous body, often describing it in detail to potential partners. She is not above leveraging her assets for any kind of tactical advantage. Unfortunately, this has worked to her disadvantage several times; enemies will pretend to be interested in her in order to lower her guard and defeat her.

Strangely, Kara has an extreme penchant for cheesecake, bordering on the level of a sexual fetish. She mentions it in several quotes and is sometimes seen eating it. According to her, she has her own recipe. She often likens its appearance and texture to that of her thighs. She has a basic grasp on the concept of love, but sees no objective reason to limit herself to one partner. Myau is the only person known to actually fall in love with her.

For nebulous reasons, Kara is fascinated by 2B, even more so than Shura. She will often go out of her way to talk to her, fight her, and such. Kara thinks 2B is the best character in the game, and wonders how similar or different her body is to a full human. She has suggested multiple times for 2B to begin a modeling career. 2B is confused by this fixation, but tolerates Kara nonetheless.

Arcade Ending

Kara eyes up Soul Edge with a look of wonder, and after a moment of hesitation, knocks the blade offstage with her hips. She then swaggers toward the camera with exaggerated swaying of her hips and addresses the player. "Heyyy... you were pretty good! Ever consider..." she begins, tracing her lips with her fingers, "...maining me?" while winking and unsubtly cupping her chest. She then laughs and knocks at the literal fourth wall, making a screen shake effect. "Let's take this to the next level!" she curls her bottom lip over her teeth and takes another step forward... "-Whoah!"

Her foot slips off the edge of the arena, nearly ringing herself out, but she regains balance. She tilts her head at the camera and asks, "What? You were expecting that Amy ending again, huh?" before sighing in defeat due to her misstep. "Aww, maybe next time, then... I must be blind, hahaha!" She then winks at the camera before the screen fades to black.

Fighting Style

Originally, Kara used the same style as Viola. She would often have to clarify what 'trap character' meant to newcomers, assuring that she was entirely female. Owing to her nature, Kara would often try to use her body to keep the enemy's attention with seductive poses as she called the flaming orb around the arena. Some of her low attacks even involved her trying to trip the opponent over the orb. At close range, she would use grabs to try to crush the opponent between her thighs, sit on them, or whip them aside with her hips. Aside from these attacks, most of her individual moves were fairly low-damage, making her rely on long combo strings to keep her momentum going.

With the removal of Viola and her style in VI, Kara began to use the staff weapon in Kilik's style. With the loss of her orb, she no longer has a ranged attack, and focuses more on spacing with the length of her staff. She specializes in quick successive strikes and sweeping the opponent off their feet with her low attacks. A few of her special moves involve using the staff as a makeshift stripper pole, once again with the secondary effect of distracting the enemy. She doesn't have very many fast attacks, and therefore has a disadvantage at close range. As long as she can maintain distance, she is an effective fighter, with a particularly impressive juggle game. She has slightly less reach than Kilik himself, but has a few longer combos, like in Soulcalibur IV.


Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur VI

Critical Edge

Supersquishy Suplex: A technique learned from Cerridwyn. Kara uses her staff as leverage to vault toward the enemy, performing the two-legged kick for which the move is named. If this connects, she will catch the staff, vault high in the air, and crash down on the opponent butt-first. She presses against the opponent's face, as rubbery stretching noises are heard and she smirks and winks at the camera. If this KOs, she will wink at the camera, slap her butt, and tease the enemy on their lack of endurance. On the other hand, if they still have HP left, she will compliment them on their ability to last a long time.


  • "Heyyy... Wanna dance?"
  • "Nothing I could do, dude!"
  • "Round two already, eh? I like it!"
  • "Feel that? Feels good!"
  • "Are you calling me fat?"
  • "Quit playing with one hand, dude!"
  • "I know I'm thicc, but could you stay focused?!"
  • "Silly kitty... you think you can handle all this?" - Vs. Myau
  • "Hands off, sweetie!"
  • "That ain't no way to treat a lady."
  • "Don't stop now! I'm so close!!"
  • "Badunkadonk." - KO with Critical Edge
  • "Myau! You finished all over me..." - defeated by Myau
  • "Sweetie-pie, do I look fat in these?" - Taunt
  • "Kinky."
  • "Naughty!"
  • "Want more?"
  • "It's really you! Could I get an autograph?!" - Vs. Shura
  • "Lookin' thicc, Cerri-bae! - Vs. Cerridwyn
  • "Soooo... what do you like?"
  • "It's positively huuuge..." Vs. Siegfried or Nightmare
  • "Teach me how to be as flexible as you!" - Vs. Voldo
  • "I was BLOCKING!!!"
  • "Gotta say, I'm impressed. Wanna meet me for cheesecake later?
  • "Victory, my fat ass! You just mashed buttons!"
  • "Zap to the extreme! ...oops, can I say that?"
  • "I'm so fanc-ayyy... wait, am I allowed to say that?"
  • "You don't have to tell me twice!... But during the stone age... is it okay for me to say that?"


  • Kara's entire concept is similar to the NPCs within the anime, Overlord. In particular, she shares similarities to both Albedo and Shalltear. Like them, she was created by a human player and later gained a personality. The main difference being that Kara has no interaction with Lord Rapter and has never shown interest in him. This could either be due to understanding that she's a character, or out of respect for Lord Rapter's real-life girlfriend. Strangely, she finds the concept of a 'waifu' to be superfluous. This makes her more similar to Albedo's original personality, where she was simply a slut and loved sex.
  • Furthermore, Kara somewhat represents Lord Rapter's actual taste in women. In the same vein that Overlord's Peroroncino has a penchant for the goth look, Lord Rapter designed Kara based on his love for 'thick white girls'. Ironically, his real-life girlfriend is Asian, and his own 'waifu' (the mother of Cerridwyn, Aversa) is black. This may simply mean he does not have a particular taste for any ethnicity.
  • Some players liken her appearance, particularly her face and makeup, to the general aesthetic of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, particularly Jolyne Cujoh and Lisa Lisa, the latter of who also had a notably curvaceous physique.
  • Kara's fascination with cheesecake is a reference to the word's use as a slang term for female fanservice. Since she was primarily created with fanservice in mind, she felt it natural to take a liking to the food. It is not uncommon for her to offer some to her dates.
  • Susulu's remark that Kara reminds her of someone is a reference to Melanie the Graceful, his rival-turned-love interest from his earlier adventures. Like Kara, Melanie is blonde and has a notably curvaceous body, often putting emphasis on her rear.
  • Her butt-slap upon successfully KOing an enemy with her critical edge is likely a reference to R.Mika from the Street Fighter series, who notably caused controversy over doing the same thing.
  • The Critical Edge itself is similar to Cassandra's Critical Finish, where she would sit on the opponent's face several times before doing the same thing but with her shield.
  • One of her victory poses in SCV involved her sitting on her orb with her legs crossed. While this was a bit more feasible for Viola, one of the thinnest characters in the series, Kara herself remarked on how impressed she was that the orb could hold her weight up.
  • Her Arcade Ending directly references Amy's from Soul Calibur IV. It is one of the few actual fourth wall breaks in the series, as Amy literally rings out Raphael, complete with text, an announcer call, and a wink at the player.
  • A few of her quotes directly reference DSPGaming, a fighting game player known for making outlandish excuses.
  • Two of her quotes are direct references to the infamous Sonichu comic. This could be Kara lampshading that she considers herself an over-powered OC, like the comic's titular character.
  • Despite appearing to only have interest in men, she will say the same flirtatious quotes against female opponents, except for ones that change her dialogue, like Shura.


  • Brought into existence by Lord Rapter.
  • Ally and guide to Susulu.
  • Idolizes and respects Shura.
  • Fascinated by 2B.
  • Has a friendly rivalry with Cerridwyn, who is also her Edge Master.
  • Sexually attracted to Mitsurugi, though he does not return the feeling. Wishes to challenge him again.
  • Friend and battle partner to Myau DeSantis, who may be in love with her.
  • Destined battle with Tiffecass.
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