1. REDIRECT Template:UserCharacter (Old) Lucy is a character in the Soul series. Her first appearance was in the series's seventh installment, Soulcalibur: Blurred Legends. 
What lies in her soul is Confidence


Lucy has long, blonde hair tied into a french braid, with a light blue hair tie. She has sea green eyes, and subtle freckles under her eyes. She wears a blue long-sleeved bodysuit, with short pant legs. She has blue gauntlets and greaves reaching her knees. She wears dark blue, thigh-high, stockings under her greaves.


Lucy is somewhat bashful, and shy. But despite her shyness, she can be perky, and bubbly. She is also passive, and doesn't like to fight. Especially with her sister. She is good at making friends like how she doesn't fight a lot with her sister, and she is good friends with Jaycee. 


Lucy was born in souteastern Australia. (Present-day Sydney) She learned her first fighting style from her father when she was seven. He was the owner of an opera house, which made Lucy's family wealthy. She was treated like royalty, but she only wanted a normal life. When her little sister Savannah was born, she was happy inatead of jealous of the attention. 

When she was seventeen, she ran away from home with Savannah to Luoyang, China. They met a lonesome girl who bared a resemblence to a certain pirate from the Ryukyu Kingdom. The three started traveling together.

Nasu and Xiba were walking through China, and they found the trio, tired, hungry, and lost. They took them under their wing, and they all traveled.


Dream Maker & Beat Braker

Dream Maler & Beat Braker (2P)

Destiny & Stars

Vanilla & Rainbow

Lucy & Savannah


Sakura Branches

The Master (Lucy)

Radiant Edge (Lucy)


Opera House: Throne Room (SC:BL)

Fighting Style

Lucy's first style is a style based on kicking. Her kicking style blends with her second style. The kicking appears in most of her natural combos, and may make her fall down with lack of balance.

Lucy second style is almost exactly the same as Natsu's. The differences are her kicking moves in her first style.

Critical Edge

Great Beat of Lucy Vannil: Lucy raises her kodachis in the air, stabs them in the ground, and six bolts of music strike up from the earth.

Theme Music

Soul Calibur: Blurred Legends

  • Making of Dreams


  • Lucy shares almost none of her moves with Savannah. Despite their relation, and same fighting discipline.
  • She shares a weapon with Natsu--Kagekiri .
  • Lucy's 1P outfit was based on Natsu's 1P outfit in Soul Calibur VHer 2P outfit was based off of Taki's 2P outfit from Soul Calibur IV .
  • Lucy's Radiant Edge has a diamond near the tip of the blade. Usually, they're at the base of the blade, or on the handle guard.


  • Friend, and disciple of Natsu and Xiba.
  • Sister of Savannah
  • Friend, and travel companion of Jaycee.
  • Defeats Yoshimitsu.
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