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Daiken is a fan character created for the fan game “Soul Calibur: The Soul of Arcturus” by User:MJNSEIFER This article does not reflect any views from Namco.

What lies in Daiken's soul is Devotion.

Daiken was only a young child when he was brought to Japan from foreign lands. As an outsider, he attracted the attention of many enemies, but he had a strong spirit, and was able to defend himself in battle to some extent. Realizing his limitations, he began to study the art of swordsmanship, training himself every single day, and in his spare time, he researched Japanese mythology, and history. Although still an outsider to many, Daiken began to feel more at home in Japan as he grew, he also became close friends with a girl named Saikyu, who's family had died years ago. Daiken empathized with Saikyu as, he too was without a family, despite the fact that he hadn't even thought about this fact for years, Saikyu asked if he ever woundered whether his parents were still alive, but Daiken answered that he did not, for there was no point in looking towards the past for him. Daiken and Saikyu became close, and trusted one another, but a raid on their village followed, and many of the children were sent to other villages before anything could happen, Daiken and Saikyu were separated.

As the years went by, Daiken continued to perfect his swordsmanship, but never stopped thinking about Saikyu, he left his new home and began to travel around Japan hoping he would eventually find Saikyu again. One day, as he walked through one area, he noticed a group of thieves heading his direction - Daiken's soul burned with anticipation when he saw who they were; this was the legendary "Manjtou" lead by Yoshimitsu. Daiken, in an attempt to attest his skills, challenged Yoshimitsu to a one-on-one dual, and although Daiken was defeated (and lost his sword in the process) Yoshimitsu was impressed with his talents, and saw his true potential; "Thou hast learned fine swordsmanship, but lacks the true reason to fight..." It was then that Yoshimitstu decided to allow Daiken to join the Manjitou, he was given a new sword by Yoshimitsu himself.

From then on Daiken served in many battles aiding the Manjitou, and continued to perfect his swordsmanship in each battle he faced, he felt pride in all victories, and viewed all defeats as lessons from which he could learn. One day, Yoshimitsu announced that the Manjitou would be invading Osthrienburg in Germany, in order to put an end to the evil sword Soul Edge once and for all. Daiken also accompanied the clan on their mission, but when they reached their destination, they were caught up in a battle against Nightmare's followers, in addition various other opponents. During the battle Daiken caught sight of a female ninja, whom he followed, intrigued as to why she had come here, so far from home (Daiken assumed she was Japanese due to her appearance), unfortunately he was unable to stand up to her superior skills, and by the time the rest of the clan found him, she had escaped, and Yoshimitsu informed him that he, and the rest of the clan had lost sight of Soul Edge, and the Azure Knight who was supposed to hold the sword. As the Manjitou began to leave this cursed city, Daiken turned and noticed a strange sight in the sky - a strange flash of light, that seemed to disappear as soon as he saw it...

Months later, back in Japan, Daiken awoke early one morning, and decided to explore the area alone, without the Manjitou, and came to a village were a group of people where gathered around a girl, around his age, tied to a fire, which they proceeded to light, Daiken immediately, doused the flames, and attempted to free the girl, but the townspeople prevented him, telling him that he doesn't understand what he's doing. Angered, Daiken drew his sword, and told the girl to run which she did. Although he was outnumbered, Daiken managed to defeat all of the townspeople with relative ease - had his talents really improved that much? Or was his desire to protect this girl more strong than he realized? When the battle ended, Daiken made it a few steps, but then fainted, due to exhaustion.

Daiken awoke under the watchful eyes of the girl he had saved. It appeared that she had returned the favor by saving him, and taking him to a safe location. The girl explained that something strange had been happening to her for the past few years, and she had been seeig strange visions, and been the target of many enemies for reasons she didn't understand. Daiken sympathized with the girl, and asked for her name - to his surprise; the girl asnwered "Saikyu". The two of them had finally found each other, but Saikyu was still the target of many swordsmen. One time, when they were spending a peaceful night together in front of a lake, annother swordsman arrived, stating that "For the sake of the world, this girl must be exorcised!" Daiken immediately took action, but this swordsman was a superior fighter, and managed to catch Daiken off guard - delivering an attack that would normally be fatal. Saikyu screamed, an inhuman scream, and stood between Daiken and the Swordsman, surrounded by an aura, and then she held out what appeared to be blue jewel, that became a sword in her hands - taking advantage of how this confused the swordsman, Saikyu killed him, and as he lay dying in front of the injured Daiken, he was heard to mutter something along the lines of "...sune-tsuki.". When Saikyu calmed, the aura had gone, and Saikyu turned her attention to Daiken, who she managed to heal his otherwise fatal injuries using a skill that seemed to be natural to her, and then she explained her weapon to him.

Despite this strange night, Daiken continued to stay by Saikyu's side, as the two of them had grown even closer than ever, however, Daiken had noticed something strange about himself since that night; every so often he would see images flash in his mind, and sooner or later, whatever that image was representing would happen. He saw many images, such as two swordsmen, one of which was an evil looking knight, the other a man with long blonde hair. He also saw the image of what appeared to be "fragments" of something raining from the sky... but what horrorfied him most is that he saw an image of a burnt village and Saikyu with a satisfied look on her face...

A year past, and Daiken still stood by Saikyu, despite the "vision", and continued to fight by her side. When one day, the "fragments" - both blue and red that Daiken had seen a year ago began to fall, and one of them - a red one, came into contact with Saikyu, and once again she screemed that inhuman scream, and ran from the area - far faster than a human could ever run. Daiken feared that his other visions would come true, if not for himself, but for Saikyu. As he began his journey, he saw another of image of a young man surrounded by evil energy holding a sword that gave Daiken a foreboding feeling when he saw it - could this be the Soul Edge that his former leader had planned to destroy, he then saw an image of Saikyu holding the same sword. Daiken knows that he must not fail, he must find out the meaning of these premonitions before it is too late...


"State Light" is Daiken's standard weapon. It was given to him by Yoshimitsu after his previous sword was broken in battle. Yoshimitsu allowed Daiken to name the weapon as he chose, explaining to him that a weapons name should come deep from within his heart.


Critical Finishers

Type 1: He says; “This has to end!” and then runs over, and slashes his opponent, several times, and then kicks their legs, and sends them spinning in the air. He then dives forward, sword first and slashes them in mid air. He gets up and turns to his fallen opponent, and says; “I had to do this…”
Type 2: He says; “You’ve left me no alternative!” He then slashes his opponent in each direction, and then jumps into the air. Suspended in the air, he outspreads his arms, as his own sword stays with him, then several swords appear and rain down on the opponent, disappearing as they do. Daiken then dives down, and finishes them off with his actual sword. He says to his opponent; “It was the only way…”
Bonus Type 3: He says “Let’s settle this!” and slashes the air, as he does so, a blade shaped light flies out of his blade and hit his opponent; bringing him to his knees – Daiken then says; “Do you see?” and shadowy images appear and attack the opponent. When they disappear, Daiken slashes through his opponent, and then stands, the two with their backs to each other. Daiken’s opponent falls, and Daiken sheaths his sword, and says; “One day a State Light will outshine your Good Fortune…”.


  • Do you even know how to fight?
  • Whatever you do, don't hold anything back.
  • I have heard of your reputation, this should be a good fight.
  • My own life, is not my reasons for fighting.
  • There's always someone in the way...
  • You should have payed more attention.
  • Don't underestimate me.
  • You need more devotion to be succsessful.
  • Thanks for the excercise.
  • You're actually good at this.
  • I'm... going have to be more careful.
  • Oh, come on! What was that supposed to be?
  • Oh, I'm sorry, I thought we were fighting for real...
  • Are you just going to stand there? (taunt)
  • Die.
  • Come on.
  • State Light, cut them down!
  • Stay down.
  • It's over.
  • This has to end!
  • I had to do this...
  • You've left me no alternative!
  • It was the only way.
  • I don't expect anyone to understand...(Yoshimitsu only)
  • This is where it ends, but I won't kill you. (Yoshimitsu only)
  • Let's settle this! (Yoshimitsu only)
  • Do you see? (Yoshimitsu only)
  • One day, a State Light will outshine your Good Fortune... (Yoshimitsu only)
  • Damn! I must have let my guard down...
  • I finally understand what's happening to you. Just hang in there, you'll be released soon! (Saikyu only)
  • There should have been another way to do this... (Saikyu only)
  • That sword... now I see what I'm supposed to do. (Arcturus only - successful)
  • Damn...! I...I can't let you use that sword! (Arcturus only - unsuccessful)
  • The evil energy in this sword... this is where it ends! (Arcturus only)
  • So this is the true evil of the sword... (Inferno only - successful)
  • What...? What kind of evil is this?! (Inferno only - unsuccessful)
  • So there is another sword... perhaps now, I have all the answers... (Inferno only)


  • Daiken's visions seemed to first appear after being healed by Saikyu.
  • Daiken has more of his own attacks, but also has some of Yoshimitsu's, and can also use his own version of Yoshimitsu's attacks.
  • If the player selects Taki in Souls and Swords, and encounters Daiken, he will become a "back-up character" for a few fights, but will eventually leave as signifyed by a message reading; "Daiken has learned all he needs to know."
  • Daiken's origin is listed as "Uncertain" in his profile, despite also stating he was raised in Japan. He is not Japanese, which is made obvious by the fact he has blonde hair.
  • Towards the end of Souls and Swords when playing Daiken's story, the storyline will describe Daiken viewing two sepperate visions at once, and then the game will ask which to follow. Choosing the first option will put Daiken against Nightmare, who must be defeated via air based attacks. When he is defeated, Daiken will realize that he only has "part" of Soul Edge and will continue his journey. If the player chooses the second option Daiken will be forced to battle his former mentor Yoshimitsu, who must be defeated with a Critical Finish. Doing successfully will earn the player a selection of items that can be used for character creation (including a famillar looking mask...) and Daiken's Ultimate Weapon; "Kogitsunemaru". This choice will always take place just before his Destined Battle.
  • Completing Souls and Swords with Daiken with his Ultimate Weapon once all other character's weapons have been obtained after doing the same thing with Saikyu will cause an FMV to be shown after the credits (providing the player sits through them). Several masked swordsman and swordswomen, who are all dressed the same are shown training in front of a swordsman dressed the same. He turns a way from them, and takes of his mask, and it is revealed to be Daiken, we then hear his thoughts saying that whatever becomes of him and Saikyu their bloodline will extend for centuries, and how the masks will be a symbol of their lineage, as will the State Light sword. He looks into the sunset and thinks to himself "One day, our decendents will remember this sword's name...".


  • He and Saikyu are very close to one another, but recent events have corrupted this. Despite everything, he still wishes to protect her. Shares a Destined Battle with her.
  • Was once part of the Manjitou, alongside Yoshimitsu.
  • Has fought against Taki.
  • He and Saikyu are both ancestors to a character in the Tekken series.

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