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Fateus is a character in the Fanon Game Soul Calibur: The Soul of Arcturus. This is a fanon article created by MJNSEIFER, and doesn't not reflect any views from Namco.


Centuries ago, there existed an entity that was so dangerous, it's true form was only known by a select few, who conspired in secret to somehow destroy it from existence. This being, not human, but more of a physical apparation was believed to roam around Japan, feeding on emotions, agony, anger, and depression causing those who it caught to lose sight of their objectives, and then; the being would kill them.

It is also said that this being had the ability to master any weapon, which it could summon to appear in its "hands", and was also capable of mastering any discipline of fighting style. A group of individuals hunted down the being, and managed to seal it away, but were unable to completely destroy it. As history progressed, only a select few could recall this legendary creatures existence, but no one could be certain of its true nature, or even what it really was. Many of those who knew of its existence however, speculated that it may have been an "Oni".

Although several countries away, the flurry of energy that was released during The Clash of the Swords traveled across the world, eventually reaching the secret location were this evil entity is sealed away. The entity realized its time for release had not yet come to pass, for it was still too weak from being sealed; for an entire year, it remained secluded, preparing its energy so it could one day be free to roam the land again. When the time came, the entity began it's journey, only those with either astounding talent in battle, or an extremely good fortune, are able to escape alive.
Some say: the entity searches for the source of the energy that freed it, but no one knows for sure...




  • Fateus is another example of the "Mimic Character" variety, and can use all weapons of each character.
  • Fateus is an unlockable character, and can be added to the roster once defeated in Souls and Swords mode.
  • When first selectable, Fateus will only mimic the characters available from the start. Other character's are "collected" the same way other characters collect weapons.
  • Fateus' ability to use someone's negative emotions against them is referred to in Souls and Swords mode. Fateus appears as an opponent to certain characters (who have a reason to feel such an emotion) the player's health will be drained during the battle if this happens.
  • Fateus's dialougue consists of sounds rather than speech.
  • Defeating Algol in Souls and Swords will allow Fateus to use Algol's moveset rather than obtain a Soul Weapon.
  • Inferno's moveset is in place of an Ultimate Weapon.
  • The player does not need to obtain a weapon for Fateus to use it.
  • Fateus's "moveset" is available for Character Creation, meaning that players can even create Mimic Characters if the choose to do so.
  • Fateus's design is somewhat reminiscent of the player controlled Inferno in Soulcalibur, but is its own design.


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