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Gandaris is a fan character created for the fan game “Soul Calibur: The Soul of Arcturus” by User:MJNSEIFER This article does not reflect any views from Namco.

What lies in Gandaris' soul is Arrogance.

For as long as he could remember, Gandaris had been surround by weaponry, and was raised solely by his father, who would later die in battle when Gandaris was 17 years old. Gandaris decide he would not be killed as easily as his father before him, and began researching weaponry and their disciplines. He found that with his physical strength, he was able to use broad swords much more prominently than any other, but his battle style lacked any true discipline, and he decided to travel the world searching for a fighting style that suited him. One day, he arrived at a village in Greece, where a swordsman was said to live. Gandaris approached the swordsman, and proved himself worthy of learning the discipline of swordsmanship, created by this swordsman himself. The swordsman gave this technique the Greek name; "Lykos Otrópostis" (alternative spelling; "Lykos O trópos ti̱s"), and Gandaris became one of the few people in the world to master this method of swordsmanship, and as his training continued, he was able to adapt the discipline into a style of his own.

Gandaris devoted his life to challenging various individuals to duals, and became renowned for being a formidable opponent. He initially held the reputation for being undefeated, but this was lost following a battle against Dürer. However, his first defeat only served as motivation for Gandaris to continue to perfect his training, and search for a more powerful weapon. During his travels, he managed to find a certain Money Pit in the Mediterranean, and there, without ever meeting up with the legendary guardian (Voldo), he managed to find a weapon known as the "Veleno Spada" which had the ability to absorb energy from those around it. Using this weapon, he became a far more deadly opponent, constantly seeking foes for no reason other than to test his own skills.

At the age of 27, he had journeyed to China in search of a greater challenge. During his travels, he met up with an individual named Kilik who initially refused to fight, but Gandaris continued to challenge Kilik, so in the end, he had no choice but to fight. Kilik proved to be more than a match for Gandaris' swordsmanship, but then Grandaris realized that his sword was resonating to Kilik's weapon, as though it could sense some very potent energy within it. Gandaris decided to absorb the energy from Kilik's weapon, but as he did so, he lost control of himself, and the next thing he knew, he was standing in a Chinese village, surrounded by dead bodies...

Gandaris soon realized that the energy he had absorbed, had caused him to lose his mind, and kill all these people, but he soon realized that he had also gained far more strength from absorbing the energy than he ever thought. He began to wonder, what would happen if he could obtain such power again, but learn to control it? Then he would be able to defeat all enemies...

As Gandaris continues his journey, his sword begins pointing him to places that are in someway linked to the legendary Soul Edge. Could this be the very weapon he seeks?


"Veleno Spada" A legendary sword that has the ability to absorb spiritual energy. It was one of the many weapons to be collected by Vercci before he died, and remained in his Money Pit, until Gandaris stole it one year ago. It has recently become somewhat tainted after absorbing some of the "Evil Seed" energy stored in Kilik's Kali-Yuga.


Gandaris stands infront of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, and his sword starts resonating again. He confirms that Soul Edge is indeed the weapon he has been seeking, and reaches out for it...

No Input Ending Gandaris grabs hold of Soul Edge, and begins to radiate with its energy. He then announces in a dual voice that he now has the ultimate sword, but still needs to require more souls, hinting that Soul Edge has corrupted him.

Input Ending Gandaris is about to grab Soul Edge, but has another thought, and decides to absorb the energy from both Soul Edge, and Soul Calibur instead. The scene fades into white, and when it returns it shows Dürer defeating a random enemy. He then turns around to see that Gandaris has been watching the whole thing, and the two of the ready their swords...

Critical Finishers



  • "A few seconds, and it's all over."

  • "Look around, this is the last place you'll see..."
  • "This your final chance to escape."
  • "There's no chance you'll survive."
  • "The Soul Edge is mine, no one will get in my way!"
  • "As I thought, a waste of time!"
  • "You should be honored to fight someone as skilled as me!"
  • "I found that somewhat entertaining!"
  • "It doesn't matter who you are..."
  • "This is it for you..." (Unleashing Critical Finish #1)
  • "Stand down, and suffer!!" (During Critical Finish #1)
  • "Now, your life force, has true purpose..." (End of Critical Finish #1)
  • "So, do want to request something?" (Unleashing Critical Finish #2)
  • "This is the end! Die!!" (During Critical Finish #2)
  • "This is the way of Lykos..." (End of Critical Finish #2)


  • Although Dürer is not a playable character in this game, or an opponent, he can be easily created in Character Creation. Creating him perfectly down to each detail, and then selecting "Best Fit" for his Destined Battle will normally put him against Gandaris.
  • The reason Voldo wasn't at the Money Pit when Gandaris raided it, is because he did so during the events in SoulCalibur IV, during which Voldo was still at Osthrienburg.
  • "Lykos Otrópostis" is not a real discipline. It is a fictional one made by the author of this fangame (MJNSEIFER). However, it uses actual Greek wordings, albeit simplified.
  • Gandaris uses Soul Edge as his Soul Weapon.
  • During Souls and Swords, many characters have to avoid an attack by Gandaris. He is also usually needed to be defeated by aerial attacks.
  • Auguste's fighting style is retconned to be Lykos Otrópostis in this fangame, meaning he and Gandaris share some attacks. However, as Gandaris adapted the discipline into his own style, the majority of their attacks are different, which is especially important as the whole reason Auguste gained a new style was to prevent him from being a clone of Yun-seong


  • Fought against Kilik sometime before this fangame. Shares a Destined Battle with him.
  • Appears as Voldo's Destined Battle.
  • Was defeated by Dürer long ago. 
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