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"Saikyu" is a character in the Fanon Game Soul Calibur: The Soul of Arcturus. This is a fanon article created by MJNSEIFER, and does not reflect any views from Namco.

What lies in Saikyu's soul is Deviousness.


Saikyu was born in Japan to a caring family. Her parents did what they could to look after her, and even taught her basic levels of self-defense in order to protect herself in case they weren't around. That day, sadly came sooner than thought, as one day a fire claimed both their lives, with Saikyu only surviving because she was exploring a nearby forest at the time. Although rumors surfaced that the fire had in someway started deliberately, Saikyu was unable to determine the true fate of her parents, and was sent to live elsewhere. It was there she became friends with a young boy named Daiken who she immediately connected with because he too, had lost his family, but unlike her he was unable to remember anything about them. Despite this, they became very close, and trusting of one another, and Saikyu found herself able to open up to Daiken far better than any other person, including her parents. However, their village was raided, and all the children were sent to live in separate locations. Saikyu was once again alone.

Saikyu found herself unable to really connect with the other children at her new home, all of them seemed have already formed a social group, and never really allowed her to join. She became distant and secluded, she spent her days researching weapons, and wondering if she'd ever see Daiken again, as she grew she did so alone, she barley even looked back when she was finally old enough to leave her new home. As an adult, Saikyu visited many towns, and began studying under various instructors of many different disciplines, if only for something to do. Because she had no other "distractions" in life, she became dedicated to every battle style she studied.

One day, she decided to explore a secluded area in Japan, one that had been sealed off for many years, but had recently been opened again. When she got there she felt like she heard a female voice, that told her to accept her presences, and how she had been looking for someone worthy to combine her powers with, she felt an overwhelming sensation, and then passed out. When she awoke, she found that the jewel her parents had given her seemed to radiate with supernatural energy, and furthermore, so did she. She found that her jewel could now change into various types of swords, all of which matching the disciplines she had been studying, and then return to a jewel on command. She also noticed that she seemed to be having strange images in her dreams.

She was later cornered by someone who tried to steal the jewel away from her, and she immediately changed it to sword form, to defend herself, but during the battle something happened. and Sailyu found herself overlooking a dead person, not remembering anything that had just happened. She began to attract the attention of several enemies, who seemed convinced that there was something supernatural about her - perhaps there was, Saikyu reasoned, but her survival instincts would take control every time she was cornered. One day however, an army of villagers managed to outnumber her, and although whatever had affected her managed to dispose of her first assailants, she had become fatigued from her journey and constant needs to defend herself. They captured her, and began the "ceremony" which involved burning her alive - for the first time in years, she felt real fear for her life, but she had no energy to fight, and as they prepared the fire, Saikyu remembered how her parents had also perished in a fire.

When all seemed lost, a young man who only seemed slightly younger that Saikyu appeared on the scene. There was something oddly familiar about him, and Saikyu watched in awe as he freed her from the fire, and valiantly fought all of the villagers, she felt an overwhelming joy in the fact that someone was actually fighting for her aid, after all the years of being ostracized by the world. When the battle ended, her saver had fainted, and Saikyu took him to a safe location, and stayed with him until he awoke, and when he did, he told her his name; Daiken - the two had been united at last.

Saikyu explained what had been happening to her, as best as she could, and Daiken promised to stay by her side, for as long as she needed, Saikyu felt the happiest she'd ever felt in her life, now that Daiken was here, and she could see that he seemed to care genuinely for her. One day when the two of them were besides a lake, gazing at the night sky, a swordsman appeared on the scene, and demanded that "For the sake of the world, this girl must be exorcised!" Daiken again defended Saikyu, but during the fight the swordsman delivered a fatal attack, and Daiken fell to the ground in agony. Faced with the loss of the one person she cared about, and who had ever cared about her, something took over Saikyu, and in just a few seconds she had killed the swordsman, who's last words were; "...sune-tsuki.". Fortunately, when Saikyu calmed down, she found herself able to heal Daiken's injuries before he died. Despite almost dying for her cause, Daiken continued to stand by Saikyu, always ready to defend her when needed, and she shared exactly the same devotion to him.

One year later, while Saikyu and Daiken were experiencing a peaceful walk together; fragments began to fall from the sky, they had no idea what they were, but Daiken admitted to seeing them in a vision a year ago. Saikyu gazed at the blue and red fragments almost hypnotized, when a red fragment came into contact with her. Suddenly an overwhelming sensation took over her, and she let out an inhuman sound and ran from the area, the only thing on her mind is the image of a Sword, and desires of how "her" kind would reclaim the world from those pathetic humans - the day of a new age, had finally arrived!


"Tensuki Crystal" A mysterious jewel, that has the extraordinary ability to transform into a sword when its holder commands it to do so, it is believed that something supernatural may be causing it to do so, and it is also said that this phenomenon may be spread towards any other jewel that stays in contact with it for too long. The type of sword it becomes depends on its owner.



Critical Finishes



  • I will not let anyone stand in my way.
  • Pathetic mortal! You are no match for my superiority.
  • The day of a new age has finally arrived!
  • You have no chance of survival, accept your fate.
  • Our kind have the right to take this world back from you.
  • That was pathetic, your fighting skills are weak.
  • (Sound Effect #1)
  • How could this have happened?!
  • You are not even enough to test my powers.
  • A mortal human, has no right to live.
  • Attack, worthless fool! (Taunt)
  • Die!
  • Suffer, eternally!
  • Come, and sleep!
  • You deserve to die!
  • Prepare for pain, and suffering!
  • (Sound Effect #2)
  • Did you actually think I wouldn't sense you following me!? Now it's time for you to breath your last! (Yoshimitsu only)
  • I could never be defeated by someone like you! (Yoshimitsu only)
  • So even you would defy me?! Very well, I will personally take my time destroying you! (Daiken only)
  • Soul Edge will be mine soon, your soul will be my first! (Daiken only)
  • So that's Soul Edge... you will be nothing more than a memory. (Arcturus only - successful)
  • I... I... will not accept defeat! (Arcturus only - unsuccessful)
  • You're a commendable adversary, but your sword is mine! (Arcturus only)
  • (Sound Effect #3) The spirit of Soul Edge - the time has finally arrived! (Inferno only - Successful)
  • (Sound Effect #4) (Inferno only - Unsuccessful)
  • (Sound Effect #5) The value of this human's life has ended... (Inferno Only)


  • All of Saikyu's additional weapons are originally jewels that have been affected by what is affecting her, the only exception is of course Soul Edge, which simply adopts the jewel/sword form, as it can take the form of any weapon.
  • Although the manner that Saikyu's sword changes type/shape is similar to Necrid (and in this fan game; Inferno) all her attacks are her own, even if the sword resembles that of another character.
  • During the battle, Saikyu will often change in appearance slightly in various ways, such as having an aura surround her during some of her attacks, or briefly acquiring animalistic features.
  • Saikyu's alignment is evil only in this state - she is a good character initially.
  • Saikyu speaks in a dual voice throughout the game, however, she stops doing so during her ending, but the other voice is heard seperatly, referring to Saikyu as a different person. It is not Soul Edge.
  • It is possible to piece together what is happening to Saikyu, by checking both her and Daiken's storylines, and by viewing her overall appearance when she "changes" in battle.


  • Close friend of Daiken as a child, and later as an adult, until the fragment of Soul Edge, and whatever else had already infected her caused her to lose her own free will. Shares a Destined Battle with him.
  • Becomes a target of Yoshimitsu during his Souls and Swords story, after he determines what is happening to her, and views her as an enemy of the world. She appears as his Destined Battle.
  • She and Daiken are the ancestors to a character in the Tekken series.
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