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Rini is a dancer and an entertainer that she appears in Soul Calibur V, where she entertains the king especially her younger brother Jac, who is a jester who entertains the king with his jokes and Rini entertains the king by dancing. Until Rini goes into a temple and receive a special weapon that is Dancer's Enchanted Tambourines. So now she's more of the fighter and a dancer.


Rini was born in Valentine's Day. At age 6, her brother Jac entertains Rini by acting strange and Rini was laughing so hard. At age 8, she got a gift from her parents that was a tambourines, she practice using her tambourines while her brother Jac sings a song that really turned into a joke, and Rini laughs while stop playing, and so was their parents who saw Rini and Jac playing in Rini's room. At age 8, she visits her grandparents in Bath, England, and her grandmother Weonia tell Rini and Jac a story when she was a dancer who entertains a king and queen a lot. During she Rini was 18, she works as a dancer in front of the king and queens' throne, and when her brother Jac joins in when he works as a jester, Jac sings a song to the king and queen that was a joke while Rini was dancing with her tambourines and the king and queen laughed so hard and the king said "Alright, that's enough...for now." And when Rini was 20 years old, she goes into a temple for the search of the Dancer's Enchanted Tambourines, and she goes through every other obstacle and then made it to the end of the temple that has the Dancer's Enchanted Tambourines. And then, she grabs the tambourines and now she gain power according to the god that the god told her "You can now fight using your tambourines," so now she teleports into heaven and the god gives her a technique that was a style called "Dance of Death". Then she returns out of the temple.


Rini was a very agile person but she is kind, nice, and funny when she performs to her king and queen. And she was very active person and a socialable person.

Fighting Styles

Rini uses her Dancer's Enchanted Tambourines as a weapon in the ways of Dance of Death. She can fight while dancing and she can do double jump, and her taunt can attack the opponent.

Critical Finish

Dance to the Death = She surrounds the opponent into a ring, and then she dance and strike the opponent 5 times and then she activates a ring into a blast of beams to kill the opponent and then the ring is gone and the opponent disappears.


Soul Calibur V

  • "That's right, I'm a dancer alright."
  • "Hey, I remember you, you're the evil dancer that you worked with Nightmare." - To Tira
  • "I take that, as an offensive."
  • "Aw man, how did you do that?!"
  • "Ha! I knew you're going to lose."
  • "Never mess with a girl."
  • "Ouch! I can't feel my leg."
  • "You evil, son of the...*falls on the floor*...CRACKHEAD!" - To Nightmare
  • "Dammit, I lost!"
  • "That's enough for me, for now."
  • "Where are we, oh, right."
  • "When is the battle over, oh yeah, right now."


  • Renaissance Circus


  • Granddaughter of Weonia and Polukkos.
  • Daughter of Mona and Colen.
  • Older sister of Jac.
  • An enemy of Tira.
  • A friend of Talem.
  • A childhood friend of Nero.
  • A close friend of Artia.
  • A friend of Patroklos and Pyrrha where Rini joins Patoklos' party.
  • An enemy of Nightmare.
  • An friend of Archimera.
  • An enemy of Voldo.
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