Black Maria

Mara walking through the town of demons

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Physical Description

Mara has dark skin because of her African desent, and she has long dyed white hair. She usually wears a white dancer's brazzier paired with a white thong. She has thigh-high boots that are white with a thin black line spiraling down from the top to bottom. She has a tattoo of the eye of Soulcalibur on her abdomen. She has chains made of silver on her fore-arms. When not in battle she wears a white veil that covers her entire body.


Mara was never normal, even as a child she wanted to protect justice no matter the cost. One time she killed a thief after he took a purse from a woman. After that she was deemed "dangerous" by her parents and the city and banished to a land full of evil and mysterious people with red eyes and twisted bodies, after walking for what seemed like days she came upon a house. She could feel a force pulling her in, it was destiny. inside there was ruins of where a battle had just taken place alone woman stood in the center, clutching a blue crystalline sword wearing a white tunic. Her blond hair made her look angelic, and somehow Mara sensed the woman was. "Take the sword, it will form to your soul, you are the new wielder of Soulcalibur." The woman fell down and faded into nothingness. Mara would embark on a journey to destroy evil starting with this town.


Mara has a very cold personality usually shunning social situations. As, a child she was a loner and she has carried that trait into adulthood. She is meciless and will kill any evildoer. a perfect trait for a holy warrior. She is strong-willed and will not let herself get pushed around. Soulcalibur has seemingly consumed the little compasion that she had, and she will follow it's orders to the death.

Fighting Style

Mara has chains wrapped around her arms, with a solitary line of chain hanging down that she uses to fight with. She is a very quick, but suffers when it comes to damage. She is excellent at close range, but her long range moves leave her open to attack.


  • Arm Chain (P1)
  • Arm Chain (P2)
  • Silver Whip
  • Spiked Salvation
  • Aegis
  • Fantasy
  • Soulcalibur (Ultimate)
  • Jerry Beads (Joke)


  • Soulcalibur was given to her by a woman who looked like Sophitia


Her weapon Jerry Beads reference The Jerry Springer Show, a reality show where women can show there breasts and get a bead necklace.

Her weapons Spiked Salvation and Fantasy may reference that her apperence with the chains looks like a


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