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Megu is a demon hunter and descendant and also Leader of the Takashiro Clan. She is the teammate of Nelo and Asuka in they search for the Azure Knight, and is something of a dark heroine being able to kill anyone without regrets. Megu at first appears to Nelo as a ruthless and strong hunter who wonders if Nelo is strong enough to stand up against the Azure Knight and his Minions, for that matter she acts alone making her way through the Ostrheinsburg empire until she explains her story to Asuka and Nelo, who assist her afterwards. As the story continues Megu starts to trust Asuka and Nelo, giving some information on how to reach to Ostrheinsburg and traveling with them, but keeping her strong attitude and tough demanor.

What lies un her soul is Valor


At heart Megu is more sensitive and emotional giving up to her feelings traveling with both Nelo and Asuka, revealing her weakness to the enemy. By the end of Nelo and Asuka journey Megu appears to be less of a hot head and more caring, as she rushed to the tower of remembrance to help Nelo and standing with Asuka when her illness worsened while Nelo was finding a way to heal her. (This character was stolen from Kingdom Hearts, also knows as Aqua)


Hall of the Warrior God


Eclipce and Aurora

A pair of twin long Katanas that are wielded together although they are twin swords Eclipse is totally black and Aurora is totally white.Eclipse and Aurora are a pair twin Katanas that are wielded together passed down by generation to generation in the Takashiro Clan(Only the leader of the clan can use them). It might seem difficult to hold one blade in each hand, but these swords have been modified to allow them to be wielded together. The tsuba, of each weapon has holes in it to reduce the weight close the sword hand. No one knows when nor who forge this swords but it is rumored that each blade were made to conserve the balance in the world.
Also when both swords are wilded at the same time a strange glow appears in the hands of the user being black in the one that are holding Eclipce and white in the one holding Aurora.


She posses fellings for both Nelo and Asuka

Her last name means White Hawk

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