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What lies in his soul is Revenge.

Nelo Yuuki is a character that apperars in SoulCalibur III and SoulCalibur IV he is the son of Victoria and Alexander (his Fahter was one of the Primordial Angels and his Mother was a human) they both were killed for their relationship his father was killed in an audiency by the society of heaven, and his mother was killed trying to protect him.  He swear to revenge his family and kill all the angels specially those from the Society for that he now works as a mercenary killing both Angels and demons and the like as part of his revenge.


The father of Nelo was the primordial angel but he fall in love with a human named Victoria who was a Royal Guard of the king of Wolfkrone the other angels see as they relationship unallowed because they belive they were superiors.

7 yeas later Alexander was taken to the Society to be judged for having a child with a human and was condemned to dead also Victoria and Nelo but Nelo hidd in the forest when he sees that all were being killed and he swear vengeance in the ten years laters he has become more and more concentrated in his vengeance that when he knew of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur he have an interest in they to gain their power to exterminate the society even to challenge the Azure Knight, Siegfried and even Algol to gain their Power.
he then Know a girl named Asuka.........................................

Your angelic half claim to protect but your human half claim power you must choose your path by your own.
The words of Asuka and Megu still echoing in his head as he sees Ostrheinsburg at the horizon.


He look sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant. he will use any method in order to get his revenge. However, upon meeting Asuka, his partner, Nelo's attitude and motivations are beginning to shift. Nelo is slowly showing a gentler side, and even hopes to use the Power of the Soul Swords to cure Asuka of her illnes.

New Form

After being corrupted when Asuka and Megu were nearly killed, and he was defeated he acquired a new form but it was only a manifestation of his own power out of control and his will to protect by any means, in this form he get's a tail, his spin get out of his back, his skin becomes completely white, two long horns grow, his eyes becomes yellow instead of the usually purple,also his hair becomes totally black intead of the usually white, and he is cobered by extange tattos in all his body also get an increment in all his previous skill's (speed, strength) but in this form he cant reconaice between friend and foe attaking anyone on sight, this form was unstopable until Asuka and Megu cut one of his horn whit Soul Calibur. After this he awoke in a new form totally different.

True New Form

After controlling all his powers he get a new form totally differend from his previous form losing the horns, the tail, and the white skin and fully conscious he gets new clothes, but his eyes and hair remains like in the previous form (eyes yellow and dark hair)

Critical Finish

Nelo point's to the opponent's direction then a blast of power surges from his finger, before it impact on the opponent appears up he/she and shoots another blast impacting both at the same time and nelo walking away.


Character Select P1 & P2

  • Yawn.
  • Let's do this!.

Character Select New Form

  • Roar.
  • Roar.

Character Select True New Form

  • Don't let your guard down.
  • Do not get agitate.


  • what a pity
  • This is true Despair
  • i'm telling you that is useless!
  • If you can move then go away!
  • If you can't move then just die there
  • What ever you choose your path end here
  • You are weak that's all
  • That was truly boring!.
  • Useless that are the word's of someone who hasen't seen the true despair
  • So I will show you
  • This is the face of the true despair
  • I will show you my true power.
  • I will shatter your body and make you understand
  • It doesn't matter...
  • who are you?!
  • This place shall our your grave!
  • I shall share with you... my darkness!
  • I want to hear your!
  • There is no end?
  • None of you... have any reason to live anymore!
  • Is this the end?
  • I never had such an easy victory.
  • I will not rest until I wreak vengeance for my family.
  • No one can stop Me not even you!
  • Leave me alone...
  • I must find a cure for her...
  • You could... never understand why i do this!
  • I cannot die... not yet!.
  • Why you want to die?
  • Never again... will I become that monster again!
  • I've made up my mind. I will finish this.
  • I will decide when and how I die.
  • I cannot give up now!
  • How could I lose?!
  • I Could't save you
  • I can't lose, not now!
  • I'm really sorry!
  • It's painful, isn't it?


After defeating Algol he wields both the Blade of the Heaveny Dragon and the Blade of the Hell Dragon and uses his power to absorb  the power of the Soul Swords and gain it's power to defeat the Society but before he could unleash it's power Asuka appears:

Asuka: Nelo, it this what you really want?, do you really want to loose your humanity for that cause?

Nelo: I only want you be safe and if with my dead I can protect you then I will.

Asuka: But being with you is what make fell safe plase, stay with me and forget your vengeance.


Asuka: Nelo

he then uses the power to heal the ill of Asuka.

Later that he appears in the top the home of his friend and hand over to Vazdas is Blade of the Hell Dragon. Then he takes one last look before walking away into the night to go with Asuka.

Then the screen fades to black and appear a text:

And he went leaving sealed the Soul Sword away because he had now the family that he always wanted.


Blade of the Heaveny Dragon - An sword made of Dark matter it focus the energy of Nelo used to release the power to control the spiritual realm.

Soul Embrace - Soul Edge and Soul Calibur united as a single ultimate sword. Instead of anulate each other the power of Nelo could make them one with the powers of the Soul Swords united, this blade is seemingly unrivaled and can only be described as ultimate.

Kuroi Tenshi - An sword that is said that is been passed down to generation to generation in the most powerful Angels Warriors the power of this sword easy could overmach SoulCalibur and SoulEdge being able to destroy them and absorbing their power.

Aerial Sword - A wooden sword that Nelo was used during his training days. It lay unused in storage until Nelo’s journey lead him back to his old home. It’s not much as a weapon, but the sight of someone wielding it could make the enemy let down their guard perhaps...


He felt in love with Asuka during they travels

Despite his surname he isn't Japanese

Vazdas was his enemy in the beginning of his quest but later he become is friend

Want heal the disease of Asuka by any means

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