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What lies in her soul is Resolution

She is the legitimate successor of the Talhoffer Kingdom and the daughter of Ahren Talhoffer the previous king of the kingdom but an state strike in hands of Leo Arklen to take the control of the kingdom.

The night of her 15 birthday half of the army of the Talhoffer kingdom attaked and kill the king Ahren, that same night Rodrigo her personal protector take her away through the window when the attakers came to her room they fell to the river surrounding the castle, giving them for death's Leo victory seems ultimate.

In the morning she awake in a small wooden caravan by the mountains far of the kingdom, she saw the castle to the distance and Rodrigo sitting next to her badly injured for the fall she traied to awake him, when he finally wake up the frist question he asked her was if she was fine, later he told her the history of Leo and how they survived, but was to much for her and she faint at hearing that her father was dead.

Now she seeks a way to kill Leo and reclaim the trone of Talhoffer.

Past Life

Long before the attack to the castle Tabitha was a very happy girl but the fact of not knowing her mother really affect her isolating herself to the others except for her father and Rodrigo


Tabitha Past Life

Tabitha as she look before of the attack to the castle

Actual Life

She now live in a small town hidding from the asassins but when they knew that the real objetive of Leo was obtaining Soul Edge she went to stop him by any means.

In the year that she spend with Rodrigo he train her to make her strong to face Leo but in a secion she wounded Rodrigo and tell him that stay away because she don't want to hurt him and when she face Leo, Rodrigo will probably hurt for the she start living alone but when the assassins knew her location she was attaced and almost killed, but Rodrigo shows up and beat the assassins, when he tell her that he will be waching her, one of the assassins pierced his stomach with a sword, at seeing this she carryed to the inside of her home and bandaging him but she has to get a doctor soo she went to the mountain path when she arrived to the town she found the doctor but when they where going back to the mountain path an slide has blocked the path and where uneable to get through but she asked him to continue to the doctor say that he will do it but when they arrived Rodrigo has gone.


  • Daughter of Ahren
  • Successor to the trone of Talhoffer
  • Travelling in companion of Rodrigo, who she has feelings for.


  • Despite the fact that Rodrigo is her protector he is only one year older.
  • Wants to kill Leo for murdering her father.
  • Apparently the H is common in the names of her family
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