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"Being Evil is too much fun!"
— Tsuabsa
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Soulcalibur V |firstgame = Soulcalibur IV|caption = Yuriko as she appears in Soulcalibur V}}

Soulcalibur IV: Yuriko finds Tsubasa

Yuriko had been seeing strange visions and Dreams whenever she fell asleep. It was always of a bit with Soul Edge with white hair like her. She didn't know who he was, but her Master called him Tsubasa. She decided she was going to find this boy, and find out who he really was. It was bothering her that she didn't know who he was when she was so similar to her.

For days, Yuriko had more and more visions about the mysterious Tsubasa. One day she stumbled upon a body that had deep slashes all over it. Yuriko recognized him from one of the visons she had of Tsubasa.


Tsubasa laughed as he chased the man wielding a short sword. He was having fun destroying things and this small village was just another game.

"Hahahaha! I liked playing chase and run with you, but now I've grown bored!" Tsubasa laughed. "Game Over!" He jumped and landed on the man. The man screamed while Tsubasa laughed and plunged Soul Edge straight into the man's chest.

*End Vision*

Yuriko smiled. Maybe she was close to finding Tsubasa.


"Hahahahaha! Don't run away, come back!" Yuriko yelled and she dodged around a tree. Her prey was running fast, but she had to chae him because she saw a vision of her with Tsubasa together.

"Leave me alone you horrid Malfested!" the woman screamed.

"Aww, you hurt my feelings," Yuriko mocked and laughed joyfully. She grabbed the woman and suddenly Yuriko heard an echoing laugh. She knew that voice.

"Looks like someone beat me to her!" a voice whined. Yuriko smiled and pushed the woman away fromm her. A boy with white hair and dark pinkish-red eyes was smiling as he appeared.

"Tsubasa!" Yuriko yelled running to him.

"Who are you?" Tsubasa yelled as Yuriko hugged him.

"You idiot, I am your sister! Look at us, we both have Soul Edge and our hair is white.We have the same hair color and eye color!" Yuriko said. She showed him Soul Edge and Tsubasa smiled.

"Well, if we're siblings..." he turned to look at the woman who was trying to sneak away. "Let's have our first kill together!"


"So what does Master say your title is?" Yuriko asked Tsubasa.

"I am Tsubasa, The Bringer of Death!" Tsubasa said.

"I am Yuriko The Bringer of Destruction!" Yuriko replied. She paused. "Hey I have an idea!"

"What," Tsubasa asked.

"We are The Twins of Soul Edge!"

Soulcalibur V (Tsubasa and Yuriko)

Tsubasa and Yuriko were reunited, but their Master told them that they were missing a piece and he was called The Bringer of Ruin. Their Master also told them that he didn't look like them and that he was sent on a mission to get Soul Edge, and that he saw visions of Yuriko and Tsubasa when he was sleeping. Yuriko asked why he wasn't with them now. Their Master said it was because of a woman he had befriended. So Soul Edge told them they needed a plan to get The Bringer of Ruin back to their side.

"How are we supposed to get him if we don't know what he looks like, Master?" Tsubasa asked.

"You will know becuase of his Evil Soul and Pure Heart...." their Master said.

One day Tsubasa and Yuriko were hiding in the background and they saw a woman with Dual Swords and she had a son and another boy who had a painted red ring blade. When they felt the Soul of the boy, they felt such Evil, but he was too kind and smiling to be evil. How was he The Bringer of Ruin?

"Now that you have found the Bringer of Ruin, you must come up with a plan to get his Soul..." said Tsubasa and Yuriko's Master. When they saw a young Oni-cat Hanyou (Half Human and half Oni Neko) girl sparring with the him, they put their plan into action.

She wanted to tame Soul Edge, and they were going to pretend to be Soul Edge.

"Tsubasa, we will fuse together and pretend to be Nightmare and we will lose in battle against Hanako, that girl. Then she will try to contain us, and we will pretend for a while and then we will take control of her mind...." said Yuriko. Tsubasa laughed and smiled.

"Okay, Yuriko. Your plans never really fail do they?" Tsubasa said. They grabbed hands and morphed together.

After Azure Chaos

Tsubasa was angry. How had they been so mistaken. "How could we have forgotten about Soul Calibur?" he yelled. Yuriko growled and stomped her foot.

"I don't know, but it cost us Zane's soul!" Yuriko said. "I can't believe that boy is The Bringer of Ruin! He's way too nice and kind! I bet he wouldn't even kill ONE person...." Yuriko said.

"Why don't we just get Zane to wield Soul Edge again?" Tsubasa asked, impatiently.

"Yeah right, he won't touch Soul Edge because he's so loyal to that woman. She's the one who convinced him to get rid of Soul Edge and now he's so nice and innocent!" Yuriko growled. "IT MAKES ME SICK!" she screamed, cutting down a tree.

"We could kill her son.... He'd be angry enough for Soul Edge to just come to him...." Tsubasa said, smiling at the thought. He then frowned. "But that Leandra lady would turn into the Dark Omega, wouldn't she? I don't even think WE could kill her...." he said.

"Let's just take Zane and MAKE him wield Soul Edge!" Yuriko said. Tsubasa smiled and clapped his hands together.

"That is a perfect idea!" he laughed. "Well, what are we waiting for...?"


"What is that energy?" Tsubasa growled. "it feels like Soul Edge."

"What are they doing, shhh! Zane is there," Yuriko whispered.

"Maybe. Let's go ask Siegfried!" Luke said.

"Lets show ourselves!" Tsubasa whispered.

"You're not going anywhere!" Yuriko said loudly, smiling.



Yuriko is calm and level-headed, and is the one who comes up with the plans. Tsubasa is chaotic and gets angry easily and is quick to attack. He is very protective of his sister, Yuriko.


Yuriko and Tsubasa both use Soul Edge, Sword and Shield.



Soulcalibur IV

Reign of Doom
Soul Calibur IV- Reign Of Doom

Soul Calibur IV- Reign Of Doom

Soulcalibur V

Yuriko and Tsubasa's theme

Yuriko and Tsubasa's theme


Soulcalibur V


Okay. Let's get this started!

Don't underestimate me.

What? Was I too gorgeous for you?

It's not easy being beautiful.

Did you really think you stood a chance?

You're mine!

I'm not done!

Are you ready?


Brace yourself.- before performing Critical Edge

This will hurt!- after performing Critical Edge

Let's play!

Here we go!

Do you like this?!

I am The Bringer of Destruction! Hahahahaha!


You will die.

Your time has come.


Are you scared?

Are you afraid?

Fear me!

See you in Hell!- before performing Critical Edge

I am The Bringer of Death...

Let's have fun!

You will die!


They are the Soul brother and Sister of Zane

They are rivals with Pyrrha Omega and Patroklos

Loyal Servants of Soul Edge, who they call their Master.


Character Creation

Soulcalibur V


Height: 2

Face: 1

Hair: Long Braid

Upperarms: -6

Forearms: -6

Pectorals: -20

Hips: 20

Thighs: 1

Calves: 1

Stomach: -13

Chest: 3

Waist: -20

Muscle Mass: 1


Height: 2

Face: 1

Upperarms: -17

Forearms: -20

Pectorals: -20

Hips: -20

Thighs: -17

Calves: -20

Stomach: -12

Waist: -20

Muscle Mass: 1


Soulcalibur IV Soulcalibur V
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