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"You look strong. Fight me?"
— Amazoo

Amazoo (A-mā-zoo) is a character introduced in Soulcalibur VI: Finis. She is able to be created in all Soulcalibur games with character creation.

What lies in her soul is Innocence.


Soulcalibur IV

The Lizardmen that had fled Fygul Cestemus split off into groups, one of which lived in an abandoned forest. There, the former humans happened upon a lone baby girl who was all alone. Despite their animal instincts encouraging them to devour the helpless child, their remaining human emotions instead drove them to take the child as their own. Deep within the forest, she was raised and trained by the only family that she had ever known.

Soulcalibur VI: Finis

Fourteen years later, Amazoo has grown into their tribe's greatest warrior, bringing her family food and protecting them from intruders that meant them harm.


One day while traversing the forest, Amazoo happened upon the warrior Rock. Wanting to test her strength against what she deemed a powerful warrior, she jumped out in front of him. Rock, who was curious about the child, accepted her challenge. Quickly, Rock realizes her strength and puts down his weapon, which puzzles Amazoo. He offers his hand to her and not only wishes to help train her even further, but also to teach her about her lost human heritage. While not understanding the language that he spoke, Amazoo sensed the compassion in his voice and assured him that she would return.

Whenever Amazoo was not performing duties for her tribe, she came to Rock, who she soon came to consider a mentor. Soon she learned human language and her mind began to run with the questions that she had never thought about her entire life: who she truly was and where she came from.

Fygul Cestemus' Wrath

But Fygul Cestemus, who had been looking for their escaped subjects for 14 years, had finally found them, and sent the newly resurrected Astaroth to end their failed experiments. Amazoo came back one day to find her entire tribe killed and Rock couldn't deny that the one who was responsible was the same monster that had taken Bangoo from him.

The ones that raised her... the only family she had ever known... was gone. Nothing was left for her there...

Rock vowed to Amazoo that he would stand by her wherever she decided to go. Amazoo picked up her shield and ax and the two ventured outside the forest, where she had never ventured beyond before...

Soulcalibur V

Three years later, Amazoo has lived by Rock's last words to her:

"You don't have to fight to live anymore. Now... just live."

Physical Appearance

Amazoo has blonde hair in a short bob cut and wears a hunter's suit, bandages on her wrists and shins, armlets and shin guards, and a lone spiked shoulder piece. Upon meeting Rock, she wears a green ribbon across her neck.


Amazoo, being young and with no formal education, is fairly childlike, cheerful, and playful. After Rock begins teaching her, she becomes curious of her heritage which she has never known. After learning how to speak, she ask others, sometimes even her opponents, about the human world.

She seeks to battle strong opponents and seeks out challenges. She always asks her opponents if they wish to fight, leaves her opponents alive after a duel, and does not battle with those that don't wish to fight. Against those that seek to do her or her friends and family harm, Amazoo won't hold back.

Fighting Style

Amazoo utilizes the same style as the Lizardmen and Lizardman (pre-Aeon Calcos). Like Aeon before her, Amazoo uses her shield in her right hand and her ax in her left.


Unlike Lizardman, as well as the other weapon and shield-type characters, Amazoo is dominant with her shield arm, using it more often than her ax. She also has the ability to throw her ax whenever she pleases. Doing so will cause Amazoo to use new left hand strikes with her bare hand, which are faster, but possess less range and damage than her ax.



  • (P1)
  • (P2)
  • Tomahawk
  • Targe & Dirk
  • Grudge Ax & Aya Shield
  • Xi Sword & Game Shield

Critical Finish/CriticalEdge

In Soul Calibur IV, in which Amazoo can be created in, she uses the Drilling Tornado just like Lizardman.

Metaphorical Critical Edge

Amazoo lunges forward and, if she connects, she grabs onto the opponent's shoulders, then uses both her feet to kick the opponent in the crotch. She then stabs her ax into their shoulder (or tightens her grip with her left hand) and uppercuts the opponent with her shield, nearly knocking them over. She takes her ax out of their shoulder (or lets go) and before the opponent can fall to the ground, she stands on their chest and jumps off of them into the air. As she begins to descend, she positions herself for the landing by readying her shield. She then lands on the opponent's stomach shield-first, then crawls backwards as the opponent reels from the blow to their stomach.


Distant Marsh (SCIV)

Sleeping Marsh (SCBD)

Unknown Forest (SCV)


Soulcalibur VI:Finis

  • You look strong. Fight me?






Soulcalibur III

Class: Assassin

Style: Soul of Lizardman

Weapon: Grudge Ax & Aya Shield (P1)

Voice: Girl 2

Soulcalibur IV

Style: Soul of Lizardman

Weapon: Grudge Ax & Aya Shield (P1)

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Style: Soul of Lizardman

Weapon: Grudge Ax & Aya Shield (P1)

Soulcalibur V

Style: Soul of Aeon

Height: Shortest

Chest: Smallest

Muscle Mass: 2

Hair: Short Bob Cut (default)

Voice: Young Lady

Undergarment: Hunter's Suit

Neck: Ribbon Tie

Arms: Large Bandages

Shoulder: none or Bong-Seon Spaulder (DLC)

Ankles: Wrapped Legs

Legs: Scorpion Greaves

Weapon: Bandit's Ax

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