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Afrodille makes an appearance in Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur VI. A high ranking priestess in a cult that worship Soul Edge (Beliving that he is one of there gods, embodied in Soul Edge.). She was sent on a misson to retrive Soul Edge and free the supposed god inside. She follows the trail set for her by unknown hands. What lies in her soul is Blind Faith


Afrodille wears a her cults priestess cloak. A creamy brown torso, sleeve and hood with brown gloves, and a black dress that goes past her feet. She also wears her cults pendant, a circle to represent the tomb (Soul Edge) with a cross inside to represent the god. She has light skin, pale green eyes and black hair tied back into a bun.


She was born on June 27, 1573 in Cannes, France. She lived in peace with her family, until many of her relatives (including her parents) were taken by illness, and she was made an orphan at age 12. She was soon taken in by the Sisterhood of Vraifoi and raised with there belifs, at age 18 had risen to the ranks of the council of high priestesses, the youngest sister to do so in centuries. When news of Soul Edge had spread to the sisterhood, they recognised the powers invested in the sword as that of their god of death, Destiname. The council of high priestesses concluded that Soul Edge was the tomb that the god was placed in, and sent Afrodille to retrive the sword, in an effort to free the god. She then headed off with her Rapier "Pilgramage" to retrive there entombed god.

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