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""Your No longer needed""
— Acastus to Chiron

Makarios Apostolos (マカリオス アポスト, Makariosu Aposuto, Greek: Μακάριος Απόστολος) also known as Chiron (カイロン, Kairon, Greek: Χείρωνα), is a character from the Soul series.He makes his first appearance in Soulcalibur IV

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material He is referred as: The Grand Elder of the Greek Assassins


Early life

Born in Thessaloniki on July 24, 1573, His parents were undercover Greek Assassins working for the Ottoman Empire, (who took over mostly all of Greece) getting their assignments from the new Sultan, Murad III in secret. Working at different times to look after their sons. They trained them both to become assassins

Soulcalibur IV


Post Soulcalibur IV

With the evil sword Soul Edge destroyed, The Assassins had no major targets left. They occasionally found minions who still served the sword. By 1595, The Assassins found out that the minions rebuilt Soul Edge with any pieces they could find and fit. Knowing what the outcome could lead to. The Assassins searched around the world for the sword, with no luck in America and Asia, the Assassins were sure it was in Europe. Looking everywhere, A source told them that they found it in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Grand Elder Acastus told to prepared for an attack on the castle, the Assassins charged towards Hungary, fighting off minions, Chiron and Achilles went with them, Looking around for it, The Graf, Dumas entered the scene with Soul Edge and transformed into Nightmare. Killing almost all Assassins including Chiron and Achilles' parents. He sent out a burst of energy, blinding Chiron temporally. When Chiron regained his Vision. Found the dead bodies had disappeared, and his Brother was gone.

Soulcalibur V

With the remaining Assassins' they returned back to the HQ in Athens, with a disappointing result. As each year passed, the Rage inside Chrion got bigger and bigger that he rose through the ranks to Assassin Leader. The Grand Elder Acastus liked him and appointed him his apprentice, doing assassinations when not busy as the leader.

Chiron done every assassination that Acastus told him to do, The Grand Elder told him he had nothing left to do. Chiron replied that he wasn't finished and he wanted Graf Dumas dead by his hands. Acastus agreed and sent many Assassin trainees and groups to follow the lead of Chiron. They arrived in Hungary to progress towards the castle. Graf Dumas sent an army out and a war broke out. Chiron rushed past everyone and heading straight towards Dumas. The Graf's giant sword began to glow red and a burst of energy let loose in the city. Graf Dumas turned into Nightmare and took down Chiron down. He grabbed Chiron by the throat and implanted a shard of Soul Edge into him. Nightmare took the souls of promising young assassin trainees and turned them into minions of Soul Edge. The others escaped in time. Chiron returned with a wound to the chest. He returned to Acastus to tell that the mission was a trap and that Dumas was Nightmare. Acastus recommended that the shard must stay in him or he will die. Chiron took time off to recover.

Chiron returned to action later that year. Acastus told that 'malfested' were sent by Nightmare to destroy the Assassins. Chiron was told that he must destroyed them all. Chiron's first malfested assassination was successful, but he chest began to hurt. Each assassination hurt his chest more and more. His Chest then had a red aura around it, the shard of Soul Edge was getting the souls of the 'malfested' and Chiron began to get more angrier from the shard. Eventually Chiron went to a raging frenzy throughout the city. The Assassin's grabbed Chiron and took him to an undisclosed location.

A Red Beam from the sky struck Chiron, making him stronger, making him look more dead-like. Chiron was under full control of Soul Edge. Acastus entered the room and told him that he was working with Nightmare and that he set up the trap. Chiron had memories of his parents murdered by Dumas, and the Assassin's (who are like family to him) slashed down and there souls taken. Chiron now knows that Acastus was with Dumas all along. Acastus planned to kill Chiron, saying "He was no longer needed"

Chiron grabbed him and broke his neck. Killing Acastus. He went to the outside world and the world was at the brink of war. Soul Edge was at war with Soulcalibur, Chiron (promoted to Grand Elder by the other assassins) sent his Assassin's to fight in the war, knowing that he had the perfect chance to kill Nightmare.

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His second outfit is his training outfit

He has a rare blood type (AB-)


Soulcalibur V


Soulcalibur V

"You will die" - Battle Cry

"Im going to destroy you.... just watch! - when doing Critical Edge

"Had Enough?" - when Taunting

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