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"Yeah, I'm Fine..."
— Scott

Scott Marshall (スコット· マーシャル, Sukotto Māsharu) also known as Smarshall ( マーシャル, Smāsharu) is a character from the Soul series. He makes his first appearance in Soulcalibur V

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material He is referred as: The Boy from the Future



I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, being the youngest of four children. I am currently in high school in 5th year. I prefer to mention that I love gaming and consider it a hobby, along with sports.

Soulcalibur V

One day in the year 2012, during a day out with friends. he encountered a strange artifact in the bushes in a nearby park. it glew bright blue from the distance and he and his friends took a look. Thinking he would make money from the artifact, however, little did he know that the artifact was actually a broken piece of Soulcalibur, a sword that was created to stop Soul Edge. In Excitement, they all tried and taking it. Scott prevailed in the rumble but gained a cut from the sword when trying to grab it.

The cut was nothing worrying. But he started feeling dizzy and eventually passed out on the living room couch. Hours later he woke up in an unknown area. Nothing was in sight, just bits of farmland, strangely the piece of Soulcalibur stayed with him. Scott thought he was kidnapped and dumped somewhere random. His phone couldn't receive a signal. He started getting worried. But he knew nothing was going to happen just standing there, so he moved south.

He ended up in a city centre with civilians dressed in 17th century clothing. Thinking it was 17th Century week. He refused to talk incase of interrupting people or events. Many people gave him awkward looks by the way he dress. He turned his head the people with a confused face, and ended up accidentally bumping into Pyrrha.

Scott apologized afterwards. He asked Pyrrha what year it was. the year was 1607, then Scott had flashbacks, he remembered the point he cut his finger in 2012 and realised that could have been the cause. Pyyrha asked if he was alright, he responded after a pause,

"Yeah, I'm alright"

Pyyrha knew that something was wrong. She wanted to help him and offered him a place at her house, which he accepted.

Scott begun to look into space as he realised he time-traveled to the 17th century from the 21st. Rumours swirled the area that a war begun between Soulcalibur and Soul Edge, which was happening after 17 years of absence. He settled down in which turned out he was in Athens. Pyrrha gave him money to buy bits and bobs. Scott had enough to buy a small sword and shield to protect him from enemies.

At the house. Scott temporally unpacked his stuff (all of it was 21st century clothing and technology excluding the piece of soulcalibur). As Scott was browsing the sword and shield, the piece of Soulcalibur glowed again like it did in 2012. He slowly picked it up and something incredible happened.

His Sword began to change its features and from Iron to a mysterious blue metal. A new Soulcalibur was born.

A week later he left for town, however the town was destroyed and Pyrrha went missing. A man in azure armor with the name "Nightmare" came into town in search of Soulcalibur (which he plans on destroying it). The surviving civilians talked to Scott about his sword.

"My God!.. its true" - Civilian

"What?" - Scott

"That Sword, Its Soulcalibur!" - Civilian

The sword he had was indeed Soulcalibur, the same one that made him time travel. When hearing of Nightmare and his plans. Scott had no other choice but to enter the fight to stop Soul Edge and return home to 2012.


  • Basically is Me (with made up story)
  • I enjoy playing games like Halo and Assassin's Creed (and Soulcalibur)
  • My 2p outfit is me in a cowboy-like outfit

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