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Not to be confused with Ryuki.

Ryuki Arakachi (新垣 龍騎 Aragaki Ryūki アラカチ リュウキ Arakachi Ryuki) is a character appearing in the Soulcalibur series of fighting games, making his first appearance in Soulcalibur V.  He is the second deuteragonist of the Soulcalibur: Kinouishi universe.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, he is known as The Curious Wanderer Of Unknown Fate.


Early Life

Ryuki was the youngest of three children in the Arakachi family of pechin (Ryukyuan warrior caste). As part of the tradition of the Arakachi family, Ryuki's preferred weapon was the nunchaku.

Soulcalibur V

The Arakachi family has always had close contact with the Chinese since they first came in contact with Ryukyu. This affected their martial art as well, with its heavy Chinese influences.

The year was 1607. A Chinese man named Wu Chun visited the Arakachi family, among other Ryukyuan families. He traded knowledge with the warriors of the family, including martial arts forms, techniques, and philosophies. Upon his return to China, Ryuki requested that he join Wu Chun in his return, so that he could make a name for himself just as his older brother had.

Ryuki arrived at a martial arts school owned by Wu Chun's wife, when an old friend of the family visited. The ninja told his old friends of his second journey for Soul Edge to ensure that it stays out of the wrong hands, and that it does not harm his lord or any of his people. Though Master Tong Lingmei refused to follow Seiji due to wanting to manage her school, she advised that Ryuki accompany the veteran ninja so that he may experience traveling the world.

During their travels through Western China, the pair encountered a young thief who tried to rob them. Ryuki watched as Seiji defeated her in a battle of wits and deception, as opposed to the more straightforward style that he was used to. She agreed to join them after her defeat by the more experienced warrior.

When the trio reached the lands of the former Wolfkrone Kingdom, they encountered two Astaroth. Though the three fought valiantly, one broke Seiji's kodachi, and the other tossed Ryuki off a nearby cliff, apparently killing him.

Before his apparent untimely death, Ryuki dropped his nunchaku. In his memory, and to compensate for the loss of his own weapons, Seiji used it to kill one of the Astaroths, and took it as his own.


Ryuki was a young, ambitious warrior with a passion for learning and a hope to make a name for himself. He wished to travel the world in order to accomplish that goal. However, he was known to have something of an inferiority complex to his older brother, Ryuhaku. Some believe that this may be the cause of his desire to prove himself.

In the heat of combat, Ryuki becomes a man of few words, much more direct and only wanting to speak with his fists or his weapons.


Ryuki is a tanned, muscular Ryukyuan man with spiky brown hair. He is usually seen in Chinese or Ryukyuan clothing.

His primary outfit is a yellow sleeveless Mandarin shirt with red trim and matching baggy pants which are ripped at the bottom. He wears red kung fu shoes, red forearm guards, and a black sash with a yin yang badge on it.

His secondary outfit resembles a modern day karate gi, but a greyish blue. He retains his red shoes, and wears a matching red sash. His pants are tightened around the ankles and resemble those typical of a Chinese martial artist.

Fighting Style

Ryuki, a nunchaku user, uses a style identical to Maxi. His favored nunchaku, Sōsetsukō, is red with gold detailing.

Appearances in Other Media

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Ryuki appears in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as an alternate skin for Marshall Law, as a cross-promotion with Soulcalibur V.  His costume is a sort of combination of his two from Soulcalibur; it uses the colors of his P1 costume, but the overall design of his P2 costume, with the sleeves torn off.


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