"That was great! "

--- Renzo

Renzo (レンゾ, Renzo) is a character in the Soul series. He is a magician making his debut in Soul Calibur V. He is the traveling partner of both Roy and Madeleine. He is traveling to find other people who are gifted in magic like himself.

He uses a sphere of energy and claws as his weapon.


In his first appearance, Renzo is a young teenager with pale skin, violet eyes and short black hair. He wears a white short sleeved dress shirt, a black torn jacket, tight, black pants with several chains and a white belt and white boots. His outfit has a recurring theme of chains and hearts, most obviously the chains on his pants and boots and the heart on the back of his jacket and the locket he wears around his neck.


Renzo grew up in Venice to a family who strongly valued strength and as such was trained from a young age to become a warrior. However nothing his father tried to teach him helped and he viewed Renzo as a lost cause.

Renzo slowly started to develop the ability to use magic. This wasn't much help though as people started to fear him and his powers. There were numerous attempts on his life by people he knew and trusted.

A year ago his family was killed by a malfested. He managed to survive on the streets for a while by stealing what he needed and gained money from starting a magic act but now he has set off to try and find other like him, people feared and rejected because of their gifts as well as to find who killed his family.


Renzo is generally happy, excited and determined. He occasionally teases his opponents and friends, perticularily Roy. He also shows remorse for injuring the opponent, saying things such as "I hope I didn't do anything too serious..."

His personality is the opposite of his traveling partner Roy who is brash, loud and somewhat rude.

Fighting Style

Renzo fights by both attacking at close range with the metal claws on his right hand and with the orb he controls with his left. His orb is the most strategic element to his game play as it's position limits the number of and effectiveness of certain moves.


  • Voglia di Vivere


Valentine House: Private Mansion in Prague (SCV)


Soulcalibur V

  • If we must fight then I wish you good luck.
  • I promise not to hit anything vital.
  • Get out of my way or you're getting hurt.- Spoken when fighting Roy
  • Please don't make me do this.- Spoken when fighting Madeleine
  • Away.
  • Return.
  • Brace yourself.
  • Ouch!
  • Damn.
  • Easy!
  • Predictible!
  • This is getting boring.
  • Spiral.
  • Meteor.
  • Take this!
  • How did you...?!- During Guard Burst
  • Say goodbye... To this world!- Spoken during "Critical Edge"
  • Go die.
  • Lost.
  • No you don't!
  • Here goes nothing.
  • Your end is near.
  • Finally... It's over.
  • I hope I didn't do anything too serious.
  • What can I say, you were warned.- Spoken after defeating Roy
  • I'm so sorry...- Spoken after defeating Madeleine
  • That was great!
  • No holding back!- Taunt
  • Stupid!- Spoken after a time out
  • Bye-bye!- During a ring out
  • Please don't!- During a ring out
  • Forgive me.- After being defeated by Madeleine


  • Traveling partner of Roy and Madeleine
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