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What lies in her soul is Love


Azalie Shirayuki also know by the name of Azalie is a character that appears in Soulcalibur IIISoulcalibur IV. she is the daughter of Raykiri and Kasumi and the older Sister of Kai, currently she is traveling whit Kai and Rodrigo (she secreatly love’s Rodrigo )



Born in Okinawa, Japan daughter of a family of priest that sealed long ago a demon in the basement of mount Fuji. Her family was one of priestess that keep the evil spirits in the realm and preven that the real world being consumed for the demons of the underworld. One day she felt an evil presence that was more powerful than any other she add felt before it was the evil seed spreading through the world and resurrecting the evil sword so her family send her to find the source of the evil and seal it away, she when whit her bother Kai that was worried about her sister not being strong enough to deal whit that energy so both round by boat to Spain to reach to Ostrheinsburg ......... The journey was very long and boring but it was ok because it give her time to think about her self and why she felt so lonely. Day’s later in mid of the sea the ship encounter whit pirates that where going to steal everything they have of value they searched every corner and every room killing every one that they seem until they reached to the room of Azalie she was scared and her brother quikly shows up and slay every one of them . Being alone in the ship and in the sea they passed various day’s lost it wasn’t until a patrol ship looking for survivors and they were taken to Rome where they start looking for clues of the Evil Sword surprisingly every one knew of it but they were afraid of the actual master of the Soul Edge Nigthmare.

Azalie in Soulcalibur III

Azalie and her brother start to looking for Nigthmare or his servants . One day in her journey she separated of her brother because a disscution they get about if she was strong enough to stand against the evil sword so she ran in the woods scared she encounter 3 guy’s that were able to scape of Nigthmare but were mad and they tried to have fun with her and wounded her.

Wounded in the Woods

Severely wounded she run as fast as she could but they follow her from close in the night she was still being pursued she saw a small glade in the middle of the forest and she saw a small blaze she tried to screm for help but was uneable to do it the 3 guy’s toker and tried to have fun with her, she barely arrived to the glade and in it were Rodrigo he protect her from the 3 guy’s having killed the 3 of them he take care of her until the dawn whe he see that she won’t wake up he carried her to the nearest town, she almost died of lost of blood when she woke up she ask to the doctor were is the boy that saved her, the doctor merely say that he went when she was stable and already paied the bill for the treatments.

The Hospital

During her stay in the hospital she was waiting for the boy to thank him but he never came back. In the day’s later her brother show’s up he was looking for her since the day they separatedhe went to the forest were he saw the bodies of 3 guy’s and a lot of blood that were leading to the town he overjoy when he see that she was ok.

She tells him what happen and who saved her they went to the tavern to try to locate the boy that had seve her there they ear that he was also looking for SoulEdge and he went whit Siegfried so they tried to continue right to Ostrheinsburg and hoping to encounter him.


Traveling to Ostrheinsburg

When they get to Ostrheinsburg they encounter whit Rodrigo and from then they start to travel thogeter but Kai challenge Rodrigo to see his abilities in which he looses.

In the journey she start to fall in love with Rodrigo and formed a team called Wolf after setting as a group they arrived to Ostrheinsburg were they start looking for the servants of Nightmare they separed through the land and she goes to the town to investigate about SoulEdge but she is attaked repentinely but she responded the attack just in time after wining the battle she asked to her attacant about SoulEdge and she tell him that the Azure Knight was looking for a Body that could sustain the power of SoulEdge. Knowing this she went with Rodrigo and walked away to the Lost Cathedral where suppostly Nigthmare is reaching the top Nezumi intercepted the group and Kai say that they must continue so they did, later a servant of Zcar appeared she callet herself Kamiin this time was Azalie the one that will fight her she kiss Rodrigo and tell’s him to continue she fight whit all her streng in a battle in wich nehiter were olding back until an explosion came from the top it were Siegfried and Nigthmare that were fighting using SoulCalibur and SoulEdge then all the structure start to fall so she ran to look for her brother and Rodrigo when both reach to the top they see Zscar transformed in Despair and defeated by Rodrigo and he was about to kill him when she and her brother stop him to become a monster whit out mercy. Speared Zscar, Rodrigo start walking straigth to her and Kai but then abruply the Scythe of Zscar stick in his body and fall's in the floor banging his head and she and Kai taking him to Ostrheinsburg for heal him.


SoulCalibur III

After battling against Kamiin she came out victorious and encounter whit Kai both of them econter Rodrigo about to kill Zcar and stop himwhen he’s about to reach to her he is stabed and fall’s in the floor banging his head and she run straigth to him screaming.

  • Left/Default

The scythe incrust in the body of Rodrigo but is quickly taken out of his body and carryed to Osthreinsburg for he to heal.

  • Right

The Scythe of Zscar incrust in the body of Rodrigo agonizing he see at her and tell that he love's her and then die’s after that she is seen using Soul Calibur and differents clothes and she is traveling alone .

SoulCalibur IV

Defeating Algol she uses soulcalibur to incrust souledge and then broking soulcalibur exclaming that after all that as marked was bring suffer to the one that she loves.

Then she is seen years later being married with Rodrigo and having 2 children's.


[[Northern Star]]

A magic short sword bearing some special markings. Some ships' crews use this sword to ritually carve a star into the mast of their ship as a prayer for safe sailing. Its sharp point makes it good for attacking, but it is not suited for defensive use.


Responding to the call of her soul Soul Calibur shows up at her front of her to restore the life of Rodrigo




  • "Please don't be to hard on me"
  • " I won't let you hurt anyone like you did on us "
  • "I want to save you!"
  • "I can't give up now!"
  • "I won't give up hope!"
  • "I won!"
  • "Was that too much?"
  • "Forgive me!"
  • "I can't lose!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "This is it!"
  • "Okay, here we go"
  • "Don't you have a place to go home to?"
  • "Ready or not, here I come!"
  • "I didn't want to fight."
  • "Are you sure this is what you want?"
  • "Anytime!"
  • "Okay, I'm ready!"
  • "I will win!"



[[ Jyurakudai Villa - Virgin Snow


Time has since passed, and the world is now one of warriors. The land is ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The dazzling Azuchi-Momoyama era is in full bloom.

Hideyoshi built his great citadel upon the remains of the imperial palace. This villa, too, with its fusion of the extravagant style of the time with the traditional beauty of the cherry blossom, parents an imposing grandeur which invites spectators into a dream-like world.

This mansion stands as a symbol of Toyotomi's power, yet it will face destruction within a mere ten years. The cherry trees, perhaps foreseeing its fate, perhaps not, continue to silently shed their petals into the wind...

In this stage onecan see the beautiful citadel of Toyotomi Hideyoshi surrounded by beautiful with snow representing that winter has come in Jyurakudai.

Critical Finish

Using SoulCalibur she slashes her opponet and then she blows up the opponent whit the energy of SoulCalibur

Fighting Style

She uses a Chinese Sword in the same way Xianghua .


She as short messy hair, snow-white skin (in accordance to her lastname), green-lemon eyes,and even when she don't like to show she as an excellent figure.


Her clothes consist in an red Hakama, a white priestess kimono and glasses


  • She secretly love's Rodrigo
  • She as an Excellent figure
  • she hate when her brother interrupt her and Rodrigo
  • Her favorite food is Chimaki and the Azuki
  • While her least like food is Uni and Karasumi


Lover of Rodrigo.

Seeks to seal away Soul Edge in Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV.

Younger sister of Kai

student of Xianghua

Traveling companion of Rodrigo and Kai

Temporary ally of Talim

Temporary ally of Maxi

Destined Battle with Kamiin in Soulcalibur III.

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