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What lies in his soul is Truth.

Ryuzaki Araruko also know by the name of Rodrigo-kun is a character that appears in Soulcalibur III and in Soulcalibur IV . He is the son of Ryuken and Joana and the older brother of Monic and Micaela even when he don’t renember they and travel alongside of Azalie and Kai (He secreatly love’s Azalie)


Born originally in what know is America his family moved in boat to Japan and is are whe he spend most of his life but when an extrange Knight of Ostrheinsburg come to the country and he demand that the people bow’s to him his father refused and chalanged him unfortunely not being a warrior he died and in a rege for seeing him dead he lunges agains the knight but he is easy defeted and is given for dead. When he woke up he see’s the legendary Mitsurugi that apparently it was he the one that carry im away before died and realizing his bravery he teaches the way of the sword for one day avengance his father .

Geting Revange in Soulcalibur

Before he can complete his training a strong ligth coming from the east and perturbing the sky’s appear and start to call him it was Souledge that Felt his soul and offer him the means to kill the murderer of his father so he left in search of the evil sword.

In his mind was only the picture of his father dying and the face of the killer the journey was long but when he arribed to Europe he start to looking for rumors of the Azure Knight and Soul Edge he soon realizes that the murderer was also looking for Soul Edge and start looking for both of them....

The Unknown girl

One night when he was sleeping a girl approached to him she seemed also be looking for Souledge but instead of looking for use it she was looking it to Destroy it she was severy injured and from nowhere appered 3 guy’s trying to kill her and whit a single move Rodrigo defeted all later he looks at the girl that already was fainted and assisted her as much as he could in the morning the girl wasn’t better so rodrigo taked her to the Town in order to get a doctor. In town he soon felted the presence of various but more strange that of his master he didn’t take it importance and carry the girl to the doctor where they tell him that she as lossed much blood but is ok now so he decided to go to investigate a bit more of Souledge so he went to a Pub where he meet Siegfried a Knight that was looking for the Azure Knight and they start to speak and Siegfried toke him as his student.

Traveling whith a new master

Traveling with Siegfried he start learn how to use the power of the body and willpower to overwhealm the presence of the Evil sword the training was hard even more than the one that he had with Mitsurugi and later Siegfried tell him that he must depart and finding is true path. Now knowing that SoulEdge was evil he start looking for it again this time to destroy it reaching to Ostrheinsburg he encounter the girl of the past time again this time she was traveling whit her brother called Kai she was looking for him to thank him for saved her life and he says that it was nothing and she offer to travel alongside him,because both were looking SoulEdge, he thinked about that and after a bit thinkig he agreed but Kai was not sure so he chalanged him in order to see his strength Rodrigo easy overwhelms Kai and he finally accept to travel with him so the three called them Wolf

Wolf in Ostrheinsburg

After setting as a group they arrived to Ostrheinsburg were they start looking for the servants of Nightmare they separed through the land and Rodrigo encounter Tira and he ask her about SoulEdge but she attaked repentinely but he responded the attack just in time after wining the battle he asked her about SoulEdge and she tell him that the Azure Knight was looking for a Body that could sustain the power of SoulEdge. Knowing this he reagroup Wolf and walked away to the Lost Cathedral where suppostly Nigthmare is reaching the top Nezumi intercepted the group and Kai say that they must continue so they did later a servant of Zcar appeared she callet herself Yelia this time was Azalie the one that will fight her she kiss Rodrigo and tell’s him to continue once in the top he encounter Zscar and he recognised him as the assassin of his father. Rodrigo in rage start fight Zscar in which Zscar overwhelms Rodrigo but then an explosion cames out of the Catedral it were Siegfried and Nigthmare that were fighting using SoulCalibur and SoulEdge then Zscar transformed in Despair and an already defeated Rodrigo Despair was massacring him but then a Shard of SoulCalibur incrusted in the body and in the Katana of Rodrigo giving him the power to fight against the Despair .

Barely Defething Despair he was about to kill him when Kai and Azalie appearead and stop him to become a monster whitout mercy...................................................... .............................................. speared Zscar Rodrigo start walking straigth to Azalie and Kai but then abruply the Scythe of Zscar stick in his body and fall's in the floor banging his head and Azalie and Kai taking him to Ostrheinsburg for heal him.

Wolf in Soulcalibur IV

Rodrigo woke up in an inn in alongside of Azalie and kai which he didn’t reconice and ran away whit out knowing where he was. After 2 day of travel in the town, Azalie and Kai finally found him they explain him why he can’t renember apparently he was strike in the head in a battle when he was fighting Despair and he start to renember but ther where pieces still lose so he start again a journey this time to regain his memories.

Days later in Ostrheinsburg he renember everything and decided to seal away SoulEdge he fight with Voldo and his servants also whit Sophitia and joins whit Cassandra he also fight is old Masters to show them how much he add progresed and finally fight with Nigthmare and sealed SoulEdege and start a Normal life whit Azalie.


 SoulCalibur III 

after an epic fight against Despair Rodrigo start walking straigth to Azalie and Kai but then abruply the Scythe of Zscar stick in his body and fall's in the floor banging his head

  • Left/Default The scythe incrust in the body of Rodrigo but is quickly taken out of his body and carryed to Osthreinsburg for he to heal.
  • Right The Scythe of Zscar incrust in the body of Rodrigo agonizing he see at Azalie and tell her that he love's her and then die.

 SoulCalibur IV 

Defeating Nigthmare he tell's him that now that the evil sword is defeated it will never resurrect then he walk's to SoulEdge and stick his SoulCalibur sealing them both again but this time he will take them whit him for no one ever use their power and Azalie and Kai where waiting for him to return.



A weapon that he actired from his master Mitsurugi this is the weapon tha he uses from the beginning to the end.


Having a Shard of SoulCalibur Kokuenra as taken another form and gained more power at this point is unmatchable


  • "Azalie I love you" to Azalie
  • "Could you leave us alone" to Kai
  • "See ya soon"
  • "Go now, and I will let you live."
  • "Cretin!"
  • "Enough!"
  • "This ends now!"
  • "Fear me!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "Why hasten your death?*"
  • "Time to fly!*"
  • " Fall!*"
  • "I'll crush you!*"
  • "Give up!*"
  • "Here!*"
  • " I won't lose!*"
  • "What should I do ?*"
  • " Come, come on, come on !*"
  • "How do you feel now ?!*"
  • " You're finished !*"
  • " Take this ! *"
  • " I cannot lose. I cannot allow myself to lose!*"
  • "Prepare to taste the wrath of my sword!*"
  • " I told you to stay out of my way!*"
  • "You're in my way, stand aside!*"
  • " I....I.....I have alway's love you*" to Azalie


Jyurakudai Villa - Virgin Snow

Time has since passed, and the world is now one of warriors. The land is ruled by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The dazzling Azuchi-Momoyama era is in full bloom. Hideyoshi built his great citadel upon the remains of the imperial palace. This villa, too, with its fusion of the extravagant style of the time with the traditional beauty of the cherry blossom, parents an imposing grandeur which invites spectators into a dream-like world. This mansion stands as a symbol of Toyotomi's power, yet it will face destruction within a mere ten years. The cherry trees, perhaps foreseeing its fate, perhaps not, continue to silently shed their petals into the wind...

In this stage one  can see the beautiful citadel of Toyotomi Hideyoshi surrounded by beautiful with snow representing that winter has come in Jyurakudai.

Critical Finish

Using SoulCalibur he slashes is opponet and then is crystallized by the power of soulcalibur and then burst in blue flames

Fighting Style

He uses a Katana in the same way Mitsurugi but also uses a few attacks of Siegfried this could be due he train with both of them.


He as midd messy hair, white skin, dark eyes,and dark hair.


He wears a white Haori, black pants of guardian and a black scarf.

hos alt custome consist in a red shirt, black pant's of duelist low shoes and a black scarf.


  • He secretly love's Azalie
  • He don't renember anything of his past life since the events of Soul Calibur III
  • He hate when Kai interrupt him and Azalie
  • His favorite food is Mochitsuki and the Onigiri
  • While his least like food is Soba and Unagi


  • Lover of Azalie.
  • Hated by Kai, who seems him as another who want to marry with his sister
  • Seeks to defeat Zscar in Soulcalibur III and Nightmare in Soulcalibur IV.
  • Older Brother of Monic and Micaela
  • student of Siegfried and Mitsurugi
  • Traveling companion of Azalie and Kai
  • Temporary ally of Cassandra
  • Temporary ally of Maxi
  • Destined Battle with Zscar and Despair in Soulcalibur III.
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