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"Im the will and the power of Soul Edge"
— Maleficent Elysium

Maleficent Elysium (悪事を働くエリュシオン,Akujiwohataraku eryushion) is a character in the Soul series. She makes her appearance in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny as a major antagonist and the final boss. She is the new spirit and will of Soul Edge.

In her new Soul lies: Revenge


Maleficent Elysium is a graceful woman with greyish skin, white hair and a demonic right arm. She has orange glowing eyes and is wearing revealing attire, similar to a Greek goddess. She wears black cloth covering her cleavage, under a semi-transparent sheet. She also wears a semi-transparent miniskirt over black 'panties'. She wears a greek cloth solea on her feet. And a cloth on her left arm, and a white bracelet on her right wrist.


" Good bye Mother..." were Patroklos' last words after he defeated Elysium in the final conclusion of Soulcalibur V.

As Patroklos walked away for a happy ending with his sister Pyrrha who was finally free from the possesion and grasp of Soul Edge. He was oh- so happy, yet little did he know that there was an even bigger horror awaiting him.

Above in the sky in of Utopia of the Blessed, Elysium didn't fade away entirely after her defeat. Her face was still viseable as she watched up and saw a strange red fog coming near her, for it was something she's never seen before.

The mist started transforming as it got closer to the ground. Elysium was slowly fading away, but still dared to watch. She noticed that the fog sas forming a shape of a weapon. Elysium dared crawl over to it with her last breath and power. The fog was gradually disappearing the more it transformed. The weapon illusion was standing at the staircase of Utopia of the Blessed as the defeated Elysium came closer to make a grab for the said wepon.

As soon as the red fog was gone, Elysium reached out to the sword which was almost invisible after her defeat by PatroklosElysium gave her all to touch the sword. She took her hand and gently traced the sword, but when the tip of her finger touched the eye of the red sword, she got sucked into it. The sword began to glow a bright light and it then flew up.

As the blinding light disappeared, the sword started lighting up and a lightball came out from its eye and landed next to the sword. As it took form of a girl, it spoke, " It worked... I am free... once again, but not now as the spirit of Soul Calibur... No! I am now the spirit of Soul Edge!"

The forming of Elysium was complete as she picked up the sword and looked at herself through the mirrored floor. " What happend to me....... I have changed........ yet i am whole again........" she questioned to herself.

Before she completely vanished from the Utopia of the Blessed she stated, " I am no longer Elysium the spirit of Soul Calibur. No i am Maleficent Elysium the siprit of Soul Edge!"

She vanished from the area to head for a world to free from evil humans who where against Soul Edge


The resurrected Elysium now known as Maleficent Elysium is a total diffrent spirit now as she was the former spirit of Soul Calibur, now she is known as the spirit and will of Soul Edge and became an evil threat and completely changed her personality when it was changed by Soul Edge. She is basically the complete opposite of Elysium .

Fighting Style

Maleficent Elysium's style was completly altered due to her new sword Soul Edge as she also improved her skills and style which allows her attacks to cause more damage then before.

Critical Edge

Spirit of the punishment: Maleficent Elysium will hold up her blade as the ground opens and gives Soul Edge energy to make a fireball, she will unleash it against her opponent what will cause a lot of damage.

Special Move

Maleficent Maelstrom: This special move used with Maleficent Elysium drains the life bar of your character to a One-Hit move status and also it will drain the half of your Gaugemeter


Theme Music

  • Nocturne of the Damned


  • In me, place all of your trust.
  • Behold! I will lead you to the truth.
  • I am... No one at all.
  • Soul Calibur must be destroyed!
  • I warn you.
  • Trivial!
  • Ready?
  • Obey!
  • Repent!
  • Corrupt!
  • Succumb!
  • Rejoice.
  • Stand back!
  • Darken... This world!
  • The time has come to end your life, Patroklos, right here, right now (spoken when fighting Patroklos in story mode)
  • Behold.
  • Silence.
  • Quiet!
  • Foolish!
  • Good.
  • Just obey...
  • Now!
  • Futile!
  • What?
  • Disappointing...
  • Stand... In line.
  • I maintain... Order!
  • Feel my... Power!
  • Regret... Your weakness!
  • Follow... Me!
  • Huhu... Succumb!
  • I am injustice.
  • It's over.
  • Accept your fate.
  • Dark and Evil forces of Soul Edge, i command you to make me a Warrior who would do my every bidding and would follow me in every way...
  • Infinite... Power!
  • Disappear!
  • Obey me mortal or feel my wrath.
  • You are unimportant, just a speck of dust.
  • Night Raven, Bring me that compass and get rid of its owner...... - spoken to Night Raven in story mode
  • The world is mine to corrupt!
  • Fear is pointless.
  • Perish, blessed power!
  • You resist me?! - spoken when caught in a throw.
  • What is this?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Obey... Me! - taunt.
  • You... Will perish. -
  • This world is mine for the taken, No-one shall come between me and my goal
  • This is meaningless! - spoken when ring out.
  • Why do you resist your savior? - spoken when ring out.
  • I welcome you... To the immoral world I have forged - spoken during Critical Edge
  • Why do you not accept order? - spoken after losing by time
  • Take up your sword.
  • These souls are just the beginning...., and the rest will soon follow, as we speak my minion is searching for the compass and also that treasure will soon be in my possession
  • I... Do not understand.
  • Incomprehensible..


coming soon


  • She has been resurrected from the original Elysium
  • She has a totally new personality, which was created by the new Soul Edge
  • After Patroklos left her behind she didn't vanished totally, as she was strong enough to reclaim the new Soul Edge
  • Created a powerfull warrior named Night Raven to obetain a precious compass

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