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"I will not fail in my mission Mistress"
— Night Raven

Night Raven (ナイトレイヴン, Naitoreivun) is a character in the Soul series. She makes her appearance in Soulcalibur:Dawn of Destiny

In her Soul lies: Loyalty

Rise of Raven

After Maleficent Elysium had been resurrected from the original Elysium by Soul Edge, it needed help to gain control over the world cause it could not fight alone after she was defeated as Elysium against Patroklos.

Maleficent Elysium called upon her Soul Edge and started to speak some words

Dark and Evil forces of Soul Edge i command you to make me a Warrior who would do my every bidding and would follow me in every way  Maleficent Elysium spoke

Then Soul Edge started to glow as it was lightning up and spitted out a cocoon from its eye as it landed in front of Maleficent Elysium it started to crack open as fog came o

Night Raven in front of Maleficent Elysium (after her creation)

ut of it and Maleficent Elysium looked to it as suddenly one red eye lights up inside the fog, as the fog vanishes Maleficent Elysium sees a creature exactly as she wanted

I am here my Dark mistress of Evil, to obey your command it spoke against Maleficent Elysium

Rise up my creature as from now on you will be called Night Raven, and you will do as i say Maleficent Elysium spoke to Night Raven

Yes my mistress, i await your command  Night Raven spoke

Maleficent Elysium gave Night Raven a mission to find a girl named January Afton Mortiz and to collect what she has a very special compass 

Night Raven said that she would hunt her down and will not return till she got the compass of Afton

Then Night Raven changed into a lightball and vanished down to earth, Once there Night Raven took a Humanic Form and started her search for Afton

Fighting Style

Night Raven's fighting style has long range attacks and short range attacks, she attacks with her swords for close range attacks, while her bow is used for long range attacks, as she is also able to fire a shot from her left hand to make even more damage

Critical Edge

Raven's Edge: Raven will make two fists as she attacks the opponent with a servan hits with her hands and will fire an arrow with her bow at the end to make even more damage to the opponent


Night Raven's personality is as she was made from such as evil like Soul Edge as the dark blood of Soul Edge flows in her body, and she is such as evil as her creator Maleficent Elysium


Theme Music

  • The Raging Curse


  • Was created by Soul Edge
  • Is hunting for Afton to get her precious compass
  • Has only One Eye, but she sees with it like it has two eyes


  • Come any closer and die!
  • No going back now! -
  • How come... This one makes me feel?
  • Leave me alone... Don't look at me! - spoken after losing a time out
  • Traitor! -
  • Hate you! -
  • No mercy!
  • So red...
  • Leave me alone... Don't look at me!
  • I'm alone... Again. - Spoken when KO'd by Ivy's "Embrace of Guilt"
  • Don't look at me!
  • Useless... To cry!
  • A rebel............, interesting - Spoken against Griti at the start of a battle
  • It hurts... Aagh!
  • Serves you right!
  • No... Go away!
  • ... Sorry...
  • Let's become one... It's so warm...
  • Give me... Your compass!  - Spoken against Afton at start of the battle
  • Leave!
  • Does it hurt?
  • This was only my Humanform, now face my real form...!!! - spoken to Afton in story mode
  • What my mistress asked me is none of your busness, just give me what i need..... - spoken against Afton in story mode
  • A little insect like you cannot stop me.........  - spoken against Afton in story mode
  • Get out of my sight! - spoken during Critical Edge.
  • You're mine... Hahaha!
  • Die... On my blade!
  • Why... Is it always me?!
  • I am here my Dark mistress of Evil, to obey your command.. - spoken to Maleficent Elysium in story mode
  • I'll... Crush you!
  • If you insist that you can defeat me, then try it...!
  • You can't hide!
  • Got you!
  • I'll kill you!
  • Shut up!
  • More!
  • Perish!
  • After i have defeated you, your soul belongs to my mistress...!
  • What's that...?
  • I will not fail in my mission Mistress.....
  • Shatter!
  • Stay away!
  • Die for me...
  • You and your friends can't defeat me... - Spoken Against Riley Lind at the start of a battle
  • Soul Calibur.............. Its here....!!! - spoken to Riley Lind in story mode
  • Your Soul Calibur......., Must be destroyed - spoken to Riley Lind in story mode
  • Im here to do what my mistress commanded me to do.........
  • Feel my pain!
  • Burn for me!!
  • Burn... Everything!
  • It's shaking?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Such a strong soul, such a pretty soul! And it's all... Yours... - spoken after a victory.
  • Your soul! Oh God! God, it's filthy! - spoken after a victory.
  • Don't reject me... - Spoken after being hit by Afton's Critical Edge or Special Move
  • Lies!! - spoken during Ring Out.
  • It's all lies!! - spoken during Ring Out.
  • You and youre friend are not welcome here.. - Spoken against Mustafa Ahmed at the start of a battle
  • What was that!?
  • Die!!
  • The girl name is called afton my mistress, and she is way stronger then i expected - spoken to Maleficent Elysium in story mode
  • Yes my mistress, i shall obey your wishes. - spoken to Maleficent Elysium in story mode
  • Your Compass belongs to my Mistress now....- spoken when defeating Afton in battle
  • So cold!
  • Worthless...
  • Nnghhh... Why?
  • LIAR!!!
  • I'm gonna kill you!!

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