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"Okay, okay, how mighty you are..."
— Saizou to his opponents

Saizou Kontontoshita is a character that stars as the main protagonist of an upcoming fan fiction created by the user Saizou1607. Saizou is the younger brother of Ryuku Kontontoshita, and is part of a ninja clan known as the Red Serpent Clan. He seeks out both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, hoping to fuse the two together to create another Soul Embrace.


Saizou grew up in a middle-class neighborhood of a city in Japan, but his parents were killed after an ambush from a band of Samurai had swarmed in and burned the village to the ground. He and his brother, Ryuku, were then orphaned and lived a short peasant life in the slums of the city for a month. One night, they were scowering the city for food. They found some behind a Japanese restaurant, then were caught by one of the chefs working in the same restaurant. The chef came at them and Ryuku tried to attack the man, but was quickly stopped by the chef. The cruel man kicked Ryuku in the stomach, and left a scared Saizou right next to his brother. The man was going to attack the boy, then the struggle was intervened by a ninja dressed in red. The ninja jumped from the roof and retaliated against the chef, when the red ninja threw the chef on the ground and held a kunai at his throat, "I hope this isn't how you treat your paying customers, now leave these two young boys alone or you will feel the poisonous bite of the Red Serpent!". The terrorized chef stumbled back inside and the annonymous ninja carried the boys back to his clan, with Ryuku at the treatment of the clan medic. Ryuku having no other injuries besides a bruise on his stomach and pains in the same spot, the medic was going to have them taken back to their home until realizing that the siblings are orphans. With the entire clan conflicted wether or not to give the boys a home, the clan leader and his sevants agreed to take the boys into their clan. A few days later, Saizou and Ryuku were officially accepted into the Red Serpent Clan. The boys were to be raised, trained, and fight for Japan as Red Serpent Ninjas.

Early life

Saizou was raised in Japan, had an older brother as well as a mother and father. Though he hardly remembers his childhood before taken into the RSC, due to the fact that he was young and Saizou has much dedication to his job. Saizou's relationship with Ryuku continually became worse as they began to grow up, Saizou can hardly recall having parents. Ryuku thought that Saizou had been obsessed with working with the clan, and that he had completely forgotten their parents. While this is only 50% true, Saizou only remembers that he had been raised by the clan because he was only 4 years old. Because of the misunderstanding, the two hardly talk to each other anymore and Ryuku decided to leave Saizou at the clan to explore the world for his own adventures. Saizou thinks that they were born and raised in the clan, and is convinced that Ryuku either has gone mad or had been lied to by someone in the clan. Saizou had been trained in the Red Serpent Clan for 15 years, having passed all expectations of the clan leader and trainers by age 19. He was then able to participate in missions given from the clan leader, and he continued this for 4 years. At age 23, the clan leader announced that an evil presence was among the world, and they must decide who must take the ancient weapon, Qing Long, to destroy this evil. Saizou's name would be remembered for eternity.


Saizou is an average heighted person, and has a lean body type. He has brown eyes and lightly tan skin. Much like the ninja who saved him and his brother in their youth, Saizou is clad in red colored ninja wear. As a custom of his clan, they all have a bit of yellow in their outfits, such as some of the stripes on the outfit and have some black colored parts as well. The armored parts of their outfits are usually yellow colored such as their plated gauntlets, shin guards, and pauldrons. While the stripes in the standard outfits are colored black. In his first adventure, he was less yellow colored parts on his outfit and some white colors on his outfit this is because he is only a starting rank, and will gain an outfit with black stripes added when he earns the rank.


Saizou takes his job quite seriously, and is very straightforward towards his opponents. He speaks with a quiet voice and the often threatens his opponents and mocks them frequently. Most of his lines are cold taunts towards his opponents. Many of the choices that Ryuku made while he was still with the RSC, Saizou disagreed with. He never threats his colleagues, unless they try mock Saizou. He seems to made plans of his own when he goes on missions, and some of the other ninjas take this as a form of rebelling. Though the clan leader encourages taking more difficult, and heroic ways to finish their mission, as he considers it as a way of learning new techniques to use in the clan or even for themselves.

Weapons and Fighting Styles

Assassin's Arsenal

The Red Serpent Clan ninjas are all given a group of weapons of which they are taught to use but also encourage them to use any self-taught style, or a style outside of the standard RSC arsenal of which they also teach but is optional. However, to learn and master the fighting styles of Wave Swords, Dual Kunai, and a Chinese Broadsword is mandatory.

Aya & Hongya - These are the wave swords given to all students who have completed their training and are allowed to go on missions. The Wave Swords allow the Red Serpents to engage in close range combat and give them an advantage to use the large blades for strong, quick, close range attacks.

Shutensou - These are dual kunai given to Red Serpents who have completed enough missions with much effort and have proved themselves to the clan that they can "slither" past their opponents without being heard. They also can now go on infiltrations with other ninjas to defeat rival clans or clans that only use their strength for crimes, or simply evil-doings. The dual kunai help the ninjas quickly kill their prey without being heard, and can be used in combat as long-range projectiles. It has been said that few past members of the Red Sepents had mastered the use of the kunai and could use them in close range combat as if they were extensions of their own limbs...

Qing Long - The ancient weapon of the Red Serpent Clan, only those who have truly mastered all three weapons of the Red Serpent, and have completed enough missions for the clan with much heroic effort can wield this Chinese broadsword. But according to the clan leader, even if one has accomplished both of these requirements, one still cannot wield the Qing Long if they intend to use it for evil. The Qing Long contains powerful strength that fuses itself into its chosen wielder, granting them the chaotic abilities of the Red Serpent. It is a powerful blade itself alone, but the chosen ninja will have needed to have mastered the arts of the Chinese Broadsword first as it is a requirement to wield the Qing Long and to know how to use the sword itself.

Family and Friends

  • Mother, Deceased
  • Father, Deceased
  • Ryuku, Older brother (No longer speaks to him)
  • Hyane, A younger ninja who befriended Saizou and tends to be the voice of reason. Hyane is not a Red Serpent


  • Ryuku, Saizou wishes for him to stay out of his way
  • Meiwakuna, a self-absorbed member of the clan who gets on Saizou's nerves, he tends to annoy the other members as well.

Character Development

These are the words of the user, Saizou1607

My concept for creating Saizou was to have a ruthless assassin, dressed in red and to have a cold personality. I started working on Saizou in Soul Calibur IV, since it was the only "Soul" game I had at the time that had creation. But I noticed with some of my characters that with the color scheme and style I give them, their style always seems to have a weapon that matched their colors. This was always unintentional by me but it always happened. So Saizou's default weapon is Taki's Kris Naga. My inspiration for Saizou derived from Tecmo and Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden series and the main character of the same series Ryu Hayabusa. To be more specific, Saizou's outfit came from Ryu's unlockable red colored outfit in Ninja Gaiden II and when any of Ryu's weapons become fully upgraded and they have a golden dragon design. Saizou's name comes from the Tower of Lost Souls character Saizou, coincidentally, (I think I spelt that wrong Lol.) the ToLS Saizou derives from the Chronicles of the Sword character Saizou.


  • Saizou's outfit slightly resembles Kai's outfit from Lego's Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu series
  • His last name translates to "chaotic" in Japanese.
  • Humorously, Saizou's first arc outfit concept involved him having black boots with white fur cuffs and had red kung-fu pants worn with them. I was trying to keep his outfit parts from being too similar to Hyane's outfit parts. But the cuffed boots were scrapped because the black boots, white fur cuffs and red pants looked too simliar to the attire of Santa Claus.



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