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Yamata no Orochi is an evil snake demon that was awaken by the energy coming from both Soul swords over the years.

What lies in his soul is Revenge.


Yamata no Orochi was sealed away by Susanoo years ago after they clashed at Izumo Province, but years later, with the clash of the Soul swords continues, the energy coming from both swords caused the seal on him to be weaken and he managed to free himself.

Now he took on a humanoid form and created his own Japanese kingdom on the north pole where he lures the owners of the Soul swords so he can manage to obtain them for himself.

One of the first foes that arrived at his kingdom was Edge Master who Yamata no Orochi defeated in a hard fight.




A death scythe that was created by Yamata no Orochi from his own demonic energy that he has pure control over. This weapon is the most balanced for him.

Soul Edge

After defeating Nightmare, Yamata no Orochi took the accursed Soul Edge for his own as it took the form of a Death Scythe for its new owner.

Critical Finish


Yamata no Orochi's Kingdom

The huge kingdom that was created by Yamata no Orochi in the North Pole that seems to be from Japan. The huge kingdom is filled with his minions and serves his master plan to lure the owners of the Soul swords so he can obtain both of the Soul swords.


Character Selection

  • "The malice shall begin..."

Before Battle

  • "Lets see what type of color is your blood..."

After Battle


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