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Matt is a main character in an unknown to be made Soulcalibur V, and is owned by Stephen Morehead. He wears casual 21st Century Clothing and holds the Heaven's Gate, and Tokiri Knife, which he got by defeating Hades. His voice actor is the person who owns him. His creator is thanked that this is still here.

What Lies in his soul is Heart.

Matt The Swordsman
Age: 27
Birthdate: 1987
Height: "6'7
Weight: 156 lbs
Weapon: Heaven's Gate & Tokiri Knife
Fighting Style: His Style


Adoptive Son: Jimm

Species: Human
Gender: Male

In Soulcalibur V

Matt appears as a gentle human, walking in a field of grass, just looking at the mountains, until, he found a fragment of Soul Edge. He thought it was a real serious alarm, so he went to the Soulcalibur World to vanquish evil within it. He then met up with Link and Raphael Sorel, along with Amy Sorel. He asks them what it was, but Raphael snatched it and threw it into the water, but he made a mistake, a giant fish popped out and the three had to fight it.


  • Heaven's Gate
  • Swift Brand
  • Soul Eater
  • Razorback
  • Anarchy
  • Blackfang
  • Demonfang
  • Blizzard
  • Inferno
  • Stone Edge
  • Soul Calibur
  • Dual Helix Ultima
  • Soul Eater (Full)
  • Soul Edge (Complete)
  • Great Fairy Sword (Ultimate Weapon 1)
  • Scarlet Thunder (Sword)
  • Revitalizar (Ultimate Weapon 2)
  • Wooden Sword (Joke Weapon)


As he defeats Black Knight, he proceeds upon Soul Edge, and destroys it with Soul Calibur. As he does it, his adoptive son stops him, telling him that if he destroys it, the world would tear apart. He stops and tries to destroy both, but is held back by Jimm and Talim...

Input Ending

Matt: I will destroy them.

(he stabs Talim in the lung, almost killing her, then throws his son like he is nothing)

Matt: DIE NOW! Soul Edge and Soul Calibur

(Matt succeeds in destroying both of them, but realizes what he has done)

Matt: Talim, Jimm? TALIM!!! JIMM!!!

(screen fades to black and the reappears.)

Matt:(laughs) So you were faking all along Talim.

Talim: Yes.

No Input

Matt: Maybe is shouldn't.

(shoves Talim and Jimm away, then grabs both swords and throws them away)

Matt: That was no problem

Kilik: I have been watching you

Raphael: You destroyed Soul Edge

Voice actions

His voice actor, Stephen Morehead has his phrases.

Hello...and goodbye

Don't insult me.

So, this is Soul Edge, how weak

Do not come closer





Hmph as always

No one can lose nor Win

I can run faster

I praise your loss

What I Lost?

Jimm, soon we will be at peace

May the Devil bow down to ME!

You are easier than Twinrova

God, guide me


There...Is no escape

I will help you

I will come home to Jimm

...that is a promise

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