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Achilla (Act I)

"Flowers are pretty. Even if they wilt they've still got that inner beauty. Just like you."
Birthplace Ottoman Empire?
Birthdate 1591?
Age 16 Years of Age?
Astrological Sign Claims to be a Libra
Gender Female
Height Five Feet (5'0)
Weight 100 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Blood type Unknown
Family Achilla has no known relatives.
Alignment Neutral
Resides In The Walled City of Parousia
Achilla's Theme Theme of Achilla

Biography of Achilla

Achilla claims to be born within the Holy Roman Empire near the turn of the century. Of course, she has no family, nor relatives to speak of nor name. With her name, it can be assumed that she is indeed as she claims, but anything can be fabricated. All that is known of her is that she has some form of tether to the Riga Family.

E'laura speaks none on the matter and resorts to opting out of the conversation if the subject is brought up.

Achilla has drifted from Greece all the way to Japan. None are entirely sure of how a child could travel so far and live to tell about it. Especially if they are traveling alone.

Ever since she was little, she constantly had a dream--a collection of dreams rather. She recalls getting up and putting on sandals. Over the years and over time of seeing this dream time and time again, she can literally feel her own interactions within the dreams she has. From every step, to every breath, to every savory piece of meat she has ever eaten.

She even remembers seeing her least, she thinks they are her parents. As she dreams, they speak to her in an odd language and even stranger is that she understands it and also communicates with her parents in this same language. It does not cease here either; she speaks with others in what appears to be a foreign land. Others were wearing the same kind of sandals that she wore and some wore odd-looking...sandals? They sure made the wearer taller and they were made of wood to.

The food was different, styles of dress and even the food was different. Even though she spoke oft of food, some never knew why she would repeat food and food in the same breath whilst directing it towards nothing specific.

However, laughter aside, it seems that every time she dreams, she seems to take on another life. Or...a former life? She has never been able to find an answer, thus, she traveled about. Achilla wanted to learn the meanings behind her dreams and more so was that she wanted to discover if these dreams would lead to her family.

Truth told, she does not know who her mother and father are but relays that she knows them well due to her dreams--but she does not tell anyone that she is referring to her dreams whatsoever.

For now, she continues to drift. She is incredibly fleet upon the foot and is capable of outrunning horses as well as wild dogs and wolves that want to make a meal out of her. That is also something which she cannot explain...but she loves running just to run as time permits and of course, if it does not draw too much attention.

As she wandered, she came across a border which was quite impressive and somewhat different from everywhere else she has been before. The lea was vast and it seemed that the two countries which shared the land were at peace. Without hesitation, Achilla hopped in a wagon and hid amongst the hay.

A short while later, she hopped out and entered an alley. Dusting off the hay, she then proceeded to wander about the city. Passing the stalls, she took a gander at the food and was somewhat disappointed at the selection. All that was for sale was fish and grains. No other kind of meat or even fruit.

Continuing on, she stumbled across a woman. She wore a deep and pale purple hood and the rest of her attire seemed to match that as well. Naturally, Achilla followed her pass the crowds, pass the children, pass the women swooning over tales about things which did not interest her and finally into a tent.

"You shouldn't follow someone you don't know." The young woman warned her.

" can only make friends by meeting strangers."

With a wide smile upon Achilla's face, the woman slowly sat herself down and proceeded to lace her fingers. With her elbows placed upon the table she sat at, she then gently rested her chin upon her now laced fingers.

"What is it that you want? Your fortune? If that be the case, do choose 'tween The Cards or The Crystal Ball."


Loves anything and everything that is outside of the conventional daily routine.

Prefers to eat than argue.

Prefers to sleep than fight.

Prefers free food opposed to paying for it.

Loves cats.

Loves to meet new people.

Is terrified of Raisa.

Thinks Raiko is fun, but is oft steered away from what Raiko has in mind.

Speaks fluent Japanese yet, at times, she gets it crossed with Chinese and then crosses that train-wreck with the Greek language. This oft confuses whoever she is speaking with.

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