Aliyah of Halteese
Full Name Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Birthplace Epistema, The Republic of Halteese
Birthdate 1589 June, ?
Age as of Act: I 17 years of Age
Age as of Act: II 19 years of Age
Age as of Act: III 20 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Three inches (5' 3")
Weight 97 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Sword and Shield
Weapon's Name Gelida (sword) Crista (crest) (Frozen Crest)
Sub Weapons Daggers (at her right thigh and at her waist)
Living Family Members During Act: I's Sub Chapter, she is introduced to her mother, whom was a Latin slave which served Halphas.
Deceased Royal Family During Act: I, she has no idea who her father is, however; it is Halphas Halteese. He is wounded by Raiko only to be killed by Mooncalf

Her uncle, Demuth, was killed by Priya Delgado.
Her first uncle, Kureha, was killed by Malettan forces after being wounded by Riese.
Her grandfather, the current King of Epistema, was killed by Mooncalf.
Her grandmother, the queen, had died of illness.

Alignment as of Act: I Halteesean until she is taken in by Priya. She now is of Grandallian's Forces.
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian. She changes her allegiance after she was abducted by Cassius and Alastor. Upon being saved by Surina Delgado, she now fights for Arthias.
Alignment as of Act: III Arthian
Act: I Theme Theme of Aliyah
Subchapter Theme Lavanya (3:56)
Act: II Theme The Good Shall Rise Again (4:07)

Biography of Aliyah Ruel Halteese

Aliyah Ruel Halteese (Ruel being the combination of the word “Rue” and the name “Noel”—meaning to fear or regret her birth) was born into servitude. Her routine was to rise from her bed before the sun, tend to her cleaning and then prepare breakfast for Halphas Halteese; one of the three brothers whom were royalty and also attempting to become the king of the land that the Halteese Republic controlled. As a young servant, she followed every order issued to her by Halphas Halteese and she was his favored servant of the lot. She never knew why nor did she question. The other servants speculated that Aliyah and Halphas were intimate but that was not the case. She did whatever he ordered and she made sure not to make any mistakes unlike the other servants of the Royal Halteese Family. Her clothing was of a fine appearance; pleasing to many eyes while the other servants wore either rags or common attire such as a faded brown skirt or a less than appealing dress.

A few of the other servants grew jealous of Aliyah and had even made attemps on her life, however; she was no ordinary servant. Aliyah had spent most of her time beside Halphas Halteese as he taught soldiers of the Republic basic and advanced combat techniques—especially guerrilla combat which she favored most. As she observed, Halphas even took his own personal time to teach Aliyah a plethora of skills which he himself had used on the field of battle. Through him, she learned that a mere Rod can bear the same cutting power as a sword and that an arming axe were as light as a feather. All she needed to do was control her breathing, how she distributed her body weight, and lastly, her posture with the weapon. The other servants dared not touch her after she had nearly beaten her offender to death and it took two strong men to ensure Aliyah would not break free and finish what she had started. Halphas himself, did not scold her as the other members of the Halteese Royal Family wished for him to do. Instead, he congratulated her. Aliyah was expecting to be lashed upon her back by a whip or even worse—branded for her incompetent recklessness and disregard for the Code of the Halteese Republic.

To her surprise, Halphas presented her with a sword and shield—forged by an elusive bladesmith of Japan. He told her that it was one of the last works in which the bladesmith performed before she had been killed and what makes the set such a rarity was that the bladesmith rarely crafted sword and shields—she mainly focused on ranged weapons such as rifles and cannons.

Despite that history, she was amazed that a woman was capable of such a thing as metalwork. Reason be was that aside from servitude, a housewife, or being wealthy, she knew not much else of what women could/were doing outside of her country.

He had told Aliyah that the sword and shield set were exceptionally powerful and durable and it was something which caught his eye years ago due to its water-esque pattern about the shield and sword both. These weapons are the very same weapons she uses against the Grandallian forces which infiltrated the Eastern Defensive Wall of Halteese.

The day that Halteese’s Great Wall was breeched, Aliyah knew it was a matter of time before they had reached the capital of her country, Epistema; her home, the very placed which she learned the ways of the common servant and the ways of the sword. She had nightmares of Halphas being skewered by the Monstrous of a Man which was none other than General Girardot; Bringing of Death as a few of the soldiers had deemed him. It was said that he often attacked by night and when he did, none of his opposition would see the end of that night. Despite his old age, he was too much for Aliyah to ever begin to hope to survive in combat against him and with the very knowledge of this, she feared for Halphas Halteese’s safety as well as her wanting him to not fight on the front lines. He denied her wishes and vowed to protect his country with his very life and with the intruding forces penetrating the Defensive Wall, the final orders he gave to Aliyah were to run, survive, and that she was free from the Halteese Servitude she knew oh so well. Despite wishing against his commands, Aliyah dutifully obeyed and left Halphas Halteese to his fate.

Of course, she knew not that it had been one whom were defying against Halteese long before Grandall who put an end to Halphas’ life. The young child, with her sword and shield in hand, ventured about her war-torn country with her mind just as devastated as the frozen land around her. Aliyah wanted to stay and fight alongside her master and even if she died, it would be out of an honor to give her life to the man who had taught her so much. Even though her mind was so full that she thought it would burst, she was aware of her current situation. Aliyah had visited the armory amongst the Eastern Defensive Wall before she had ventured into the capital of her country and retrieved armor and a helm. Aliyah wore a skirt, despite the cold weather she pressed on; her gauntlets and chest armor and helm were of the finest quality that the Halteese Military could purchase and the armor was now hers.

Along the path to the Council, where the head of the country, the king, resided, Aliyah was ambushed by those who were originally of Halteese. These soldiers in jade armor were of Maletta, a small country which Halphas Halteese’s brother, King Demuth, ruled over had invaded the capital Epistema. Using everything she knew, Aliyah fought and killed her opposition but not before gaining information from them. She had learned that Malettan forces had invaded Epistema and that the Council had already been lost and the soldiers which had been defending the Council were either separated, in small groups, or dead. Furthermore, Aliyah found several accusing objects from what appeared to be from Parousia in the soldier’s possession. This meant that Maletta had impersonated Halteese and attacked Grandallian forces. If that were the case then they had also Grandallian armor as well. Seeing things in this light, Aliyah was convinced that Maletta was behind the fact that Grandall was drawn into the conflict that her people and the people of Dalkia had been entangled in for so long. With Demuth’s thirst for power, she could not put this malicious plotting out of his reach but for him to pull an entire thing such as this off, made this entire scenario seem amiss. Aliyah needed answers and she needed them now. She made her way to the Council and scouting out the area, she saw that it had in fact been taken by Malettan soldiers. Their flags wrapped around the castle and danced within the frozen breeze that had stripped the land of its warm green grasslands. She missed the children playing in the summer and the butterflies that had flown—many which she would catch and then let go after she ogled them in their eternal beauty. Aliyah missed when things were so much simpler; yet, she cast that aside and entered the Council.

Once inside, she found herself ambushed by Malettan forces several times and after a while, she came across Grandallian forces as well. Aliyah had bested several of their numbers until she came across a commander. She was the Commander of the militarized Grandallian unit Relic and she was not as easy an opponent as the others were. In fact, her unit, Relic, was on an entirely different level of skill than the other soldiers made Aliyah uneasy. Despite this uneasiness, she battled the commander, named Annebella, to a blood curdling draw. Aliyah had acted on her guerrilla tactics and used the diversion to temporarily retreat. She evaded and successfully eluded several units from both sides and eventually made her way back out into the snow covered surroundings and after hiding herself, she began to plot as she tended to her wounds. To her misfortune, she was discovered by Mellatan forces and was forced to retreat—this time, she had ended up running into another battle. This battle consisted of two commanders of different units but of the same origin—Grandall. One had armor of purest white riddled with blood of her own as well as her enemies. The other, her armor was of the darkest of nights and appeared to be spotless. Among them had been a young man who was lightly armored—or so he appeared. Aliyah was able to tell that his clothing was constructed with armor beneath its surface—fooling those who would think he would not be prepared. Clever. Aliyah prepared herself to battle them all, yet after combat against Annebella, she knew all too well that this would be her last battle if she did not run.

Halphas Halteese’ words echoed in her mind. Run. Survive. Should she abandon the capital and hope that she can survive? No. Her master gave his life for his country and Aliyah would do the same, however; these soldiers of Grandall, instead fought side-by-side with her. The woman in white armor gladly accepted her while the one in dark armor would rather her to die. The young man, he, himself had saved her life and ensured she did not succumb to the Malettan forces fighting by her side. With their teamwork the two of them dispatched most of the opposition while the two commanders were lacking in the tally—though she had been the only one keeping score.

After introductions were made, Aliyah slowly came to respect the soldiers which she had met but mainly for the young man who introduced himself as Ky. As she explained things to the three, she was met by the rest of the units Gungnir and Exodus and with them, General Girardot. At the sight of his face, Aliyah was in fear that he would kill her on sight; yet, he seemed to be on the same page as the Commander known as Priya was. Even more so, with them had been soldiers of not only the Council but the Eastern and Western Walls of Halteese as well. Seeing them with Grandallian forces enforced that with them, she could survive a little longer. If she did survive, she would honor Halphas Halteesse for the rest of her life.


  • Spatha (Gelida)
  • Shield (Crista)

Together these armaments are known as Frozen Crest, which is the seal of the Halteese Royal Family.

Armament Discipline

Aliyah is an aggressive fighter. Anything around her she sees, she calculates and utilizes it within every attack she delivers. This is evident when she crosses paths with the specialized Infantry Unit which was sent to advance upon Halteesean land after the Republic’s attack upon Grandallian forces. Though she was able to subdue, trap and successfully kill several soldiers of the units she alone faced, alas, she was unable to best Annebella in combat. Aliyah uses her weight, weapon, and anything around her to confuse or trap her opponent. She rarely remains in the defensive position and if she does, it is not for a very long period of time.

Aliyah excels in guerrilla warfare and with brash, fast, and relentless attacks she is a talented swords-woman to oppose. She prefers to keep her enemy on the defensive so that they can do nothing—however; she runs the risk of tiring herself out and being placed in the defensive herself. Though if this does happen, she can either counter, evade and elude or parry her opponent yet, she is not proficient with countering her opponent to that degree. So she will retreat only to observe, study, plot, and attack her enemy with even greater force than she had previously.


Full Name Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Birthplace Epistema, The Republic of Halteese
Birthdate 1589 June, ?
Age as of Act: I 17 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Three inches (5' 3")
Weight 97 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Sword and Shield
Weapon's Name Gelida (sword) Crista (crest) (Frozen Crest)
Sub Weapons Daggers (at her right thigh and at her waist)
Living Family Members During Act: I's Sub Chapter, she is introduced to her mother, whom was a Latin slave which served Halphas.
Deceased Royal Family During Act: I, she has no idea who her father is, however; it is Halphas Halteese. He is wounded by Raiko only to be killed by Mooncalf

Her uncle, Demuth, was killed by Priya Delgado.
Her first uncle, Kureha, was killed by Malettan forces after being wounded by Riese.
Her grandfather, the current King of Epistema, was killed by Mooncalf.
Her grandmother, the queen, had died of illness.

Alignment as of Act: I Halteesean until she is taken in by Priya. She now is of Grandallian's Forces.

Aliyah knows little when it is outside of her realm of servitude and this shows when such simple tasks are asked of her such as: a favorite food, garment, and other things of the like.

Her favorite colors are Light Steel Blue and Light Cyan. This is the same color of her armor (the former color) as well as her weapons, Gelida Crista (the latter color).

Halphas Halteese was the one whom raised her as a servant and Aliyah was of course, his personal servant whereas other members of the Old Halteese Family had multiple servants to tend to whatever whim they sought.

She was unable to defeat Hyle in combat due to her injuries received from Commander Annebella but, she managed to inflict enough damage upon him to where he was barely a threat to the Grandallian Forces.

Aliyah is very polite and spends most of her time maintaining her area as well as her weapons and mail. A great deal of her time is spent with Raisa whom teaches her additional ways to tend to her armaments. Ky also sheds light on this area and with him, she has taken a quick and rather childish liking to him ever since they had met. Despite him being a Japanese, she believes that race matters none if people can co-exist with one another.

She has learned that it was not Halteese which had attacked Grandall but Maletta which had impersonated as Halteese soldiers. This was done with ease due to the fact that Maletta had been a smaller country which most of Halteese's own citizens had been divided between. Mail and weapons were stolen and the stage had been acted out perfectly. It is credited to Maletta that Grandallian forces were now present within Epistema.

Aliyah alone faced Malettan forces, Dalkian forces, and Grandallian forces within the span of an three hours. She relied heavily in guerrilla warfare in order to survive and kill her opposition. This tact worked even against Relic, though, she knows all too well, that her tact was barely enough to face every member of Relic in a single fight--especially against Annebella and Arrai.

Act: I Relationships

Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)

Commander Priya Delgado was the woman whom had taken Aliyah in. It was a hard choice seeing that the evidence which she had presented to not only her, but Surina, and General Girardot, was shaky. Priya took the chance of fostering an enemy and risking her rank as well as her life. The Malettan Forces were adamant in their attempts at Aliyah's life, yet, she knew not why. Neither did Priya or any other. However, Aliyah enjoys Priya's company as well as her insight as it allows Aliyah to know what it is like to have a mother-esque figure in her life

Commander Surina Delgado is far more..."rough" than her younger sister, yet Aliyah can understand why. As the elder sibling, Surina has to remain strong no matter what she faces--for Priya's sake. Aliyah holds immense respect for Surina despite the fact that the Commander mistrusts her. Though, this is taken in stride. Of all things, she knows Surina to keep her word of allowing one to live and if crossed, like as not Priya could not stop her. Alas, Surina is one which Aliyah secretly idolizes. Reason why: She acts in every aspect as a mother as well as a father and sister to Priya and she gives her blunt opinion--save it be to Priya. Even more so, all things are done in order to protect Priya - her family - at all costs.

Surina (Act- I) thumbnail
Nicholas Fazello

Humorous and well thought. Despite his crudeness, Aliyah finds his jests rather fruitful though she fears the worst of his scenario simply because it rivals her own. He had little to no choice and between life and death, he chose to fight with Grandall in order to survive just a bit longer--just as she had chosen. Between him, Ky and Raisa, she felt as if they were all victims of circumstance, just by differing degrees. 

Never was tall a man which could drink even old men under the table. This man, born of the Ire yet living amongst the Europeans has been a vagabond most his life and he tells none why. To Aliyah, he briefed that some nightmares never die and for that cause is why he chooses to defend those who cannot defend themselves. This personality extends to women as well for Gallagher has respect for women unlike most men. He stood his ground against a lieutenant and two commanders who attempted to take Aliyah by force.

Going by the chain of command, Girardot was brought to the front of it but not by Gallagher, it was by Surina. With Gallagher's aid, Aliyah was spared punishment and was also protected. At this point, she had been firmly placed in Priya's care.

If anyone wanted to question that choice, they would have to go through Surina first. This, Gallagher approved of.

Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)
Raisa (Act I)

Raisa is silent yet deadly. This is what Aliyah likes about her. She is to the point and wants to get things done. She admires her determination and her drive. Aliyah also loves to spar with her when she has the time to spare which is not at all often. Aliyah respects Raisa and Raisa respects Aliyah. Throughout the war, the two grow to know one an other and neither bears ill-will towards the other. Raisa teaches Aliyah differing methods of maintaining her beloved sword and shield while Aliyah, (under no obligation) prepares the finer foods which she is capable while the Parousian Occupation of Maletta and Dalkia is in effect. To her, Raisa is a teacher and she wants her teacher to feel comfortable and to know that she is grateful for learning what they have to teach. Aliyah is also envious of the fact that Raisa lives with Ky. 

Raiko is a disgusting woman whom Aliyah detests. Aliyah, just as many others has run across Raiko in the middle of sexual intercourse and despite what has been said and complained about, there is not much Girardot can do. He can restrict someone from being around her yet, with the fact that they are literally within the field, there's not much a choice but to deal with her antics. Not only that, Girardot would need to find her in the act himself since such allegations are rather damning. In Aliyah's case, it is hearsay. In addition to this, she is an outsider and such nonsense is easily written off. From commanders to lieutenants, Raiko leaves a trail of rot within her wake. When the harlot latches herself onto Ky, Aliyah nearly brings herself to kill Raiko, yet, killing one of the Grandallian soldiers would mean that she would be executed and Priya would suffer for Aliyah's rage. Sadly, all Aliyah can do is watch practically helpless as he is led on as well as taken advantage of.

Raiko (thumbnail)
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)

Kusanagi Ky is not the first Japanese she has met, but he is thus far the only one whom has saved her life. In all honesty, if he had not found he, she may have died within the cold of her own homeland. He tended to most of her wounds as well as dressed them. The ones which needed to be cartorized were also of his work--despite him not wanting to use that method--from that point, he saw to most of her needs during the remainder of the War against Dalkia and Maletta. Aliyah believes that Ky has taken to her so warmly simply because Parousia is neither of their homes--not their place of origin at least--yet, here they both are, fighting for a country which they hold no true love of...

Aeneas is a bastard. Not much else to say than this. He tried to force himself onto Aliyah, being that she is Halteesean, he likely thought he could get away from it or that others would turn a blind eye. Not Ky. He got between them and broke things up. 

At this point they fought. Things were going well for Ky, however, he was not as strong as Aeneas and was overpowered. Raisa, who heard the commotion, challenged Aeneas who accepted, only to be bested.

It's because of this that she trusts Ky and Raisa more than anyone else.

Aeneas (Act I)
Act I - Kanon

Kanon met Aliyah during her earlier years in training. Initially, she was injured and Aliyah was the one to treat her wounds. Kanon was enthralled to see that Aliyah knew her way with a blade but seeing that Halphas was "fond" of her (as she had heard), she did not question why.

However, she did wonder why she bore a resemblance to the man. For her to be his servant and bear a resemblance would be asinine. Still, the two got along well-enough to where Halphas permitted Aliyah to spar with Kanon. She thought it unfair until she recalled them speaking of swordplay.

As they sparred, Kanon quickly realized that she was outmatched. Aliyah's tactics were mostly hit and run up until Kanon left herself open. With a few simple strikes of Aliyah's shield, Kanon's light armor was sundered. From then on, Kanon and Aliyah continued up until Dalkia attacked them once more.

Halphas Halteese was a man who knew of war as well as he knew the back of his hand. To be in his service was a blessing when compared to other members of his family. His father, the late king, was a fair man, yet his mother outright despised Aliyah; she never knew why, but simply chalked it up to the fact that she was treated differently - better - than the other servants.

His elder brother paid her little mind, yet the other, Demuth, continued to harass her and the other servants of the castle. As far as Aliyah knows, he had his way with three of them and apparently she was to be next.

Halphas would not allow it. No matter how drunk Demuth was, to Halphas, it was inexcusable and one of many reasons why Demuth lost favor to gain the throne. Despite the resolved fight which ensued 'tween them, Halphas was not angered. Instead, he chose to teach Aliyah the same manner in which the Halteesean Scouts, Infantry, and Fighters fought.

It took years to learn, but eventually Aliyah took what she learned from all three sources and melded the styles together in order to create her own unique form of fighting. This style was not only ambidextrous, but it used the shield just as much a weapon as the blade was used to defend.

An example of this is when Kanon sparred with Aliyah - one of the few times she was allowed to be outside of her Servant's Garb - and blocked Kanon's blade with her blade and struck Kanon with her shield.

Even as to changing blade hands from left to right had become as easy as tending to her master in the early morn. Despite all she knew, the knowledge of his death was devastating to her.

He had taught her so much in such a short years that she had trained under his watchful eye that she had even hoped that she could be a master digress, that was not to be.


Trivia as of the Rebellion

Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Full Name Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Birthplace Epistema, The Republic of Halteese
Birthdate 1589 June, ?
Age as of Act: II 19 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Three inches (5' 3")
Weight 104 lbs (47 kg) (she has gained weight)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Sword and Shield
Weapon's Name Gelida (sword) Crista (crest) (Frozen Crest)
Sub Weapons Daggers (at her at her waist)
Living Family Members During Act: I's Sub Chapter, she is introduced to her mother, whom was a Latin slave which served Halphas.
Deceased Family Members During Act: I, she has no idea who her father is, however; it is Halphas Halteese. He was killed by Mooncalf.
Deceased Relatives Uncle: Demuth Halteese, was killed by Priya Delgado.

Grandfather: Killed by Mooncalf.

Aliyah admits to Riese that she is infatuated with Ky for he protected her when others stood to oppose her. In addition to this is how he treats Aliyah and how he has always treated her. Ky fought by Aliyah's side and nearly died keeping her alive.

During the Girardot's Rebellion, Aliyah worries of Ky's safety as he has been transferred to an entirely different unit. As she had heard, it was some kind of Specialized Unit. This was all she knew yet at the same time, she wondered if he had truly been ready for it. During the time of peace which was had, he had grown distant and practically anti-social. It was That Whore's fault that he had withdrawn in the way that he did. Yet, there was nothing she could do but hope for the best.

As the Rebellion progressed Aliyah, (re-assigned to Priya's unit) fought valiantly as she had during the Dalkian War. She along with the rest of Gungnir had temporarily merged with other Grandallian Units in order to move as a Platoon which was led by Commander Annebella. Through her leadership, only a single death was faced and much like Commander Priya she allowed a time to grieve. Yet during this grievance gunfire was heard. Raisa and Aliyah both knew the sound well.

Kusanagi had emerged with his new Commanding Officer. Her name was Dawn. After they were secure, Aliyah did her best to connect with Kusanagi, yet he paid her little to no attention. Minor conversation pertaining to her weapons, mail, and if she were feeling the effects of injury or fatigue. Other than that, he was distant towards her.

He had changed. His long flowing hair was cut short and his eyes, once as warm as the sun stared back at her the very same as an archer of Maletta bearing the intent to kill within his eyes. Dawn had attempted to explain his current state yet, Aliyah had refused to listen. She wanted her friend back. She wanted the one whom had saved her life back. Ultimately, she wanted the one she loved back.

If it were not for Raiko, Ky would not have changed whatsoever. Yet, Dawn had explained that if he were not as he was now, he would have died. It was his raw drive and hatred for her which allowed him to survive. He had grown from a struggling child into a more mature individual. Sadly, this individual saw Aliyah not as the friend she once was...but just another face among the lot of them.

Aliyah still uses the armaments she received from her father, Halphas Halteese.

Was reunited with her mother thanks to Raisa and through her mother she has learned that Halphas was her father. Aliyah now knows that she is royalty. Aliyah also keeps her bloodline a secret for she fears if Strife were to catch wind to her lineage, he would use it to his advantage if not outright kill her.

Has a deep hatred towards Raiko for destroying the kind hearted individual that Ky once was. She also holds a black hatred for Aeneas due to the fact that he willingly gave himself to Raiko even while she "latched" herself onto her newest victim.

Has taught Kusangi few strategies of the Halteesean Swordplay which she utilizes in combat as well as tactics revolving around Guerrilla Warfare.

Often bites her tongue while in Priya's prescence.

Sub Chapter: II

As a knight of a slowly reconstructing Grandall, Aliyah, serving alongside the rest of the reformed Gungnir, she carries out her role of protecting her new home, her country, all while slowly getting a personal bearing so that Aliyah can have her own domain. As she is the last of the Royal Family, she seeks to rebuild the capital and eventually, all of Halteese itself while keeping Grandall as an all time ally. Though before any of her hopes can take shape, Aliyah is vexxed by current standings:

The remains of a company of soldiers had returned from seeking aid in reconstruction, but were ambushed by some Militia. They were abducted, tortured, and most of them were killed. Priya, demanded to know who was behind it, however, she was told that she was a target. Her shock was met by the silence of all else whom had been listening.

Annebella Williams, Priya Delgado, E'laura Riga, Gallagher, Kusanagi, Raisa, and several others whom were of noble blood detailed as "targets". But who led this Militia? The man died before he could speak of their names.

"Well, I surely did not see that death coming..."

Annebella eyed Pfieffer.


"It doesn't matter, we need to find out what they are after aside of just us!"

It was not hard to guess. However, as Strife had fallen, likely, those who supported him wanted those who posed a threat to be killed. An example that even sucess has its reprecussions.

"Ky's already left and Raisa went with him. How do we warn them? Let alone Gallagher or anyone else?" Priya asked. 

"I'll find Ky." Priya and Annebella both looked at Aliyah as she said this.


"He made way for Spain. That's the best bet."

"Aliyah, are you even sure they are still there?" Annebella began. "On top of that, there's a price on us all no doubt. You think it's wise to head out with that knowledge?"

"If they want me they'll have to kill me right?" After a few seconds of silence, Annebella chuckled.

"...of all people..."

"Aliyah, it's not a straight shot, but we can at least send you off with a few of our own. Still, the choice is yours to make if you choose to go or stay."

"i'm going whether any lot approve or not." Annebella raised her hands.

"My, my...pardon me."

"At least take someone you can trust with so that you can have someone to rely on." Priya beseeched. "None of us are safe now, and once Gallagher returns, he'll be up in arms when he finds out you left."

"Can we have a minute Annebella, if you don't mind?" Backing away, she then left the room with nary a sound.

Aliyah approached her and then pulled her to the side.

"Priya," She whispered. "He has eyes for you and had eyes for you since Dalkia." With this said, she froze. Aliyah knew what to say in order to make her forget about trying to talk her down from her choice and she would now act on it. "He just doesn't know how to tell you.'s like that with me and Ky. Just..."

Aliyah looked down before saying anything else.

"I know." Priya began. "From all that you've told me about him, I can't say I'm not surprised of your choice to seek your heart amongst the wild of the world."

She drew pause.

"Does...he really think that of me?"

Aliyah nodded. Most times we talk and you come by we go silent, remember?" Priya blinked at this revelation. This was something which she and Surina spoke of and initially thought that Aliyah and Gallagher were smitten.

"No Priya, he fancies the Spanish pie, not lil' ol' me." A small smirk was on her face that Priya could not even get mad at. She blushed, but she was not mad.

"Just try not to get yourself killed or worse."

"...and you, should try not to be with child when he comes back."

Her face reddened even more with Aliyah saying that.

However, she sought help for her travels but received none. That is until Pfieffer was appinted to go. This she disliked but did not argue with.

Weeks drift by as their search turns fruitless. By his description, Ky was practically identical to the armor he wore during the Second Rebellion. Settling in a small town, the two females wasted little time and gathered their information. After this was done, the two compared what they had learned.

Ky is in possession of two pistols, carries one sword, and two daggers. Aliyah remembered his arsenal from the latter of this past year and the only thing that changed was the fact that he had an extra dagger. After they compared notes, the two of them paid their bill to the inn keeper and were on their way. Three days later, as night had begun to fall, the two females were in the middle of a forest. They had set a small fire and agreed to take shifts with watch and sleep. As Aliyah slept she was awoken by clashing metal. Alerted and immediately transfixed in a accelerated bloodlust, she rushed over to the commotion only for her initial anger to be swept away. There he was. Standing there tatted with blood. Pfieffer was downed on a knee drawing in haggard breathes all why coughing up blood. Slowly coming to her aid, she took her eye not off of Ky for a second. Priya's implore was much more real than Aliyah had anticipated yet with that known, Pfieffer stood and was prepared to continue combat. Alongside Aliyah, Pfieffer did her best yet, Ky parried her blade, dislocated her shoulder (her sword arm) and delivered excessive blows to her face via knee strikes, punches, and elbow strikes.

As she fell, Aliyah heard her mutter "Dammit" before she fell into the small stream. Her body was partially submerged and she was in no danger of drowning. Getting to her feet and doing her best to rid her fear, Aliyah prepared to fight the one person who she would never wish death let alone harm to. As it all came down to it, she and Ky were ill fated.

Trivia of Sub Chapter II~Act: III

Aliyah Ruel
Aliyah Ruel Halteese (Act III)
Full Name Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Birthplace Rome
Birthdate 1589 June,
Age as of Act: III 20 years of Age
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Three inches (5' 3")
Weight 106 lbs (48 kg) (she has gained weight)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons Sword and Shield
Weapon's Name Gelida (sword) Crista (crest) (Frozen Crest)
Sub Weapons Vaga (attached to her thigh) and a Dagger (at her at her waist)

Still loathes Raiko for being the cheap whore that she is.

Travels with Pfieffer until they reach the port city in Indonesia. It is here that Pfieffer is on watch while Aliyah rests where she runs into Kusanagi. Pfieffer engages Kusanagi yet in mere moments, he breaks her sheild and as she was defenseless, he slashed her thigh and then delivered a string of vicious hand-to-hand combat combinations which led to this final attack: a headbutt. This resulted in Pfieffer being knocked out for days. After rushing to the scene, Alyah finds Kusanagi and taunts him with what Raiko has done to him in order for him to acknowledge her as a a threat. Alas, due to her emotions, she did not fight effectively as he did not either. Aliyah is ultimately defeated without being killed or incapacitated. After she was knocked down, Kusanagi aimed a revolver at her which truth be told, if he wanted to fire and if he did, she would have died.

Expresses her innate emotion to Kusanagi and even kisses him, yet, he cannot return her care and emotion due to what he has experienced with Raiko. From that point onward, he vanishes and she knows not of his location.

After Ky leaves Aliyah and a wounded Pfieffer behind, the two set forth in order to return to Grandall only to be ambushed by thieves. Pfieffer is nearly killed and Aliyah nearly abducted. If it were not for Raine Zhirova's interference, Aliyah would not want to think about what would have happened to Pfieffer and surely not what would have befallen her.

Allies herself with Raine in order to track down an infected Kusanagi and immediately sets out in order to find him after Pfieffer has been delivered to Parousia. Her hopes are proven proudly when Raine quickly picks up on his trail.

Aliyah admits that her emotion sways very little despite the fact that at this point, Raine tells her that he may no longer be human, let alone himself. Despite disbelief, Aliyah and Raine are ambushed by a pair of Lycanthropes which now convinces the child (Aliyah) that Kusanagi is in grave danger and for him to immediately set off, she knows that he intentionally left her behind for her own safety.

Is given Vaga: Kusanagi's weapon before the two of them grew as far apart as they have. His explanation for such a gift is so that: "You'll always remember me before I...I've become this. Not the beast, but as distant, distraught, and outright deformed from when we sat watching the stars the first night you stayed there..." It is after she knows that he has departed that she breaks down and cries. What he does not know is that Aliyah has made up her mind that even if he is no longer human, she would still be willing to sacrifice herself in order to be with him--though what she does not know is that he realizes this and values her life above his, thus, his actions are now to ensure that she is protected opposed to being placed in harms way due to her involvement with him.

Sub Chapter: II~Act: III Relationships

Priya (Act II)

From Baby Bird to Commander to a Goddess of War, Aliyah serves as Priya's defense in the Arthian Guard. Yet, as word of Ky's disappearance reaches her, Priya urges Aliyah (and Pfieffer) to search for him. As such, Aliyah embraces Priya and thanks her for the opportunity while Priya tells her to: "Never give up on your heart." Priya knew that Aliyah cared deeply for Ky and over the years, they've grown close. Close enough for Priya to know that Aliyah may have fallen for Ky while Ky was likely oblivious to the fact.

Priya urged her to seek her heart and make it known. Not to stop until she has found her answer; whether it be for the best or your wishes or against them, you can't rest until you know.

Commander Surina had been ill of late. Aliyah has tried to give her medicine but urina refuses. Her pale skin showing her illness has left her an outcast. Afore long, Surina took her leave of Grandall only to return months later. 


Surina had malfested into a being of anger and rage. Her voice, distorted, her eyes, blackened with hate and bloodied with pride. She now stands against those whom she wishes to protect and has also bested Aliyah.

She is no longer herself, and with Priya her target, Aliyah will do what she can to protect Priya from this Monster.

Surina (Malfestation)
Raine Zhirova 
Raine (Act II thumbnail)

Aliyah was astounded when she met Raine. Her features matched Raisa and Raiko which told her that they were triplets, however, both Raisa and Raiko have Russian accents. Raine holds a heavy English accent. Upon gleaning knowledge of her, she had learned that they both have had their shares of proper etiquette, however, Raine is a deadly fighter.

Her speed is bewildering and she also is in possession of several hidden weapons. Much like Raisa, Raine holds a certain degree of honour to her and is also respectable--unlike her youngest sibling Raiko. Raine temporarily aids Aliyah in her search for Kusanagi, however at this point, Raine warns her that the reunion will not be pleasant.

She returns to aid Aliyah, Pfieffer, and Fazello back to Grandall as conflict has broken out again. She speaks of a Militia gaining strength within Grandall's walls and that several figures are targeted.

Priya being one of them.

Aliyah tells Raine to go off ahead and help Priya however she can.

Noelle is an Aristocrat whom has been around and about since before the war had even began with Dalkia. Making small appearances here and there, she has recently given her information of Kusanagi's whereabouts. What Aliyah doesn't trust is how sweetly Noelle speaks of him. Raine reminds Aliyah that she needs to retain her composure if she wants to learn of his latests sightings. After Noelle gives her the information she needs, Aliyah points a dagger at the woman and warns her:

"He is mine and mine alone..."

Noelle (Subchapter II)
Samara (Grin)

Aliyah and Pfieffer met Samara as they were crossing through Klausenberg. Samara gave Aliyah a very detailed tip of Kusanagi and even allowed them to stay with her for a few days. Samara also details Ren's death and the fact that Kusanagi IS in over his head and will likely be killed himself before he can do anything to Ouroboros. Samara also pins that Aliyah bears affection for him. Her words are:

"Find him before he gets himself killed, for the dead know no love nor can they hear a soul."

Gallagher serves as her superior in the Arthian Guard. He gives orders and is oft comical if there is nothing to worry of. However, he has been at odds as of late. Speaking with him, he has confessed that he has fallen for Priya, yet, with her as a target now, his chances are likely dashed due to circumstance.

In light of his confession, Aliyah tells her pain of love which shocks Gallagher. They speak in hushed whispers when they can and build upon each other to steel themselves for confronting those whom they wish to spend their lives with.

It is through him which she gains the courage to strike out and search for Ky. This courage is tempered by Priya and kicked off when Pfieffer speaks ill of Kusanagi.

In turn, she stokes his flames and speaks of how Priya respects him and trusts that any woman with him will be lucky indeed. Even noting when Priya has oft cursed her luck with men. She tells him that he has a better chance than anyone in Grandall and that he should tell her this before he loses the chance.

Gallagher of the Arthian Guard
Raisa Zhirova
Raisa Zhirova (Act III)

Traveled with Ky until his disappearance. Raisa crossed paths with Aliyah and Pfieffer in their search. From her, they learned that he has ties to the Canary Islands and that he has family there. Also, they heard from her that his brother was killed and that he seeks vengeance. Raisa was searching for him on her own (as she claims), and she wanted to help him exact that vengeance.

However, Aliyah noticed that Raisa seemed different. She was not as rough or blunt. Aliyah chocked it up to worry opposed to anything else.

Then again...

Aliyah bid Raisa well and continued on with Pfieffer to search.

The Ryukyuan (or so she has been told) is a good friend and oft spars with Aliyah. She has also gifted Aliyah with various pieces of armor which hail from her homeland, Ky's homeland of Japan. Aliyah is ever grateful to understand as well as know of Japanese cultures and rituals so that she can better understand Ky and be even more fitting for him when she finds him.

Kami has also taught a fair amount of Japanese to Aliyah as well. Which Kami thinks will prove useful if her ventures (or marriage: Kami said this just to see if Aliyah would blush--which she did) take her to Japan.

Kami (Spirit) (Subchapter II)
Sergeant Kusanagi
Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)

During their search, Aliyah and Pfieffer not only located Kusanagi, but had also crossed swords with him. Pfieffer was utterly defeated and as a proof of his victory, he cleft a portion of her mail from her and even spat upon her unconscious body.

Aliyah taunted him into combat and once that had occured, they fought. She however was bested when he held her at gunpoint. He did not fire, but he made it clear that he easily could have.

After being escorted to the nearest inn, the two spoke while Pfieffer rested in a nearby bed. It is at this point where Aliyah returns the favor and holds him at gunpoint...but here, her anger falters and instead of striking him, she kisses him. It was in that moment that she had finally overcome her faults and her fears in order to show him, not tell him, how she had always felt ever since he fought alongside her and even fought for her to be accepted by his allies.

Alas, he cannot return that emotion. Raiko has sullied the tender individual she once was and sadly turns her away for fault of his own--not Aliyah's.

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