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"I require naught of you but to kneel, or I will force you to submit. I will naturally enjoy both before I enjoy you naturally. Whether you enjoy it or not, is not my concern."
— Aneko
Aneko (thumbnail II)
Name Aneko
Birthplace An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Birthdate Unknown, a day in what is now known as the month of November.
Age Aneko is over 1,700 years old
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 109 lbs (48.5 kg)
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Pallor Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Her Body
Deceased Family Members Her father was slain by the Werewolves in combat.

Her mother protected her and her siblings from Hunters and gave her life for their safety.

Living Relatives Sworn Sister: Arsenic
Alignment as of Sub Chapter: II Neutral (Unless any of her kin are harmed. Worse if killed.)
Resides In The Silk Road Ruins
Character Theme Anima Doloris

(The Life of Pain) 7:24 (extended)

Biography of Aneko

Long ago, there had been a group of beings which held the talent of shape-shifting. This power was granted to them after a powerful mage released his magic to aid a ruler of his people in creating a weapon to counteract the effects of a sword with sentience. The devastation this brought was what had given birth to these individuals while most others had died from the rapidly infesting trait. Although the individuals of this group were divided into two separate classes based off how their respective shifting, both were considered a threat to not only their remaining people, whom were unaffected by this mage’s work and for whom they had originally been among but also humanity and the other forms of life within the world. The two classes were forced into combat against the people they had known for so long and ultimately, the humans had lost. No burials were performed and the corpses were left to rot where they were. The two classes set off in order to seal themselves away from humanity and live their lives in relative peace.

This was not meant to be…

The years had gone by and the two classes who now went as separate races, argued and these arguments were hastened to physical altercations which reduced the numbers of each side severely. The race that she belongs to was left with mostly males while the other had mainly females remaining. She was no more than a child at that time and a pair of new fangs to her race, the Lycanthropes. A beautiful child she was, taking the looks of her mother, whom had birthed several kin to Aneko. No matter how many brethren she held there was not the peace that her mother had desired. Time and time again, the Lycanthropes were discovered and were forced to combat humanity. Aneko herself was nearly killed on several occasions even though she refrained from combat. Her brothers had always defended her and they had even given their lives in order to protect her and the females of their race. After continuous struggles and conflict, the race had fled. Their numbers were once again dwindling and now there had been a low number of males and an over populace of females. This race, prideful and strengthened through this pride for survival, had regrouped with the other race, the Werewolves, but only temporarily. Despite it being many natural lifetimes of mortals whom have been born and have met their natural end it mattered none; there had still been an uneasy tension.

It was during this temporary regrouping that Aneko met the cubs Isai and Lotus. They were younger than her by years a many, though they each looked to be within their mid-twenties. Aneko, voluptuous in shape, out classed them both as they each could not compare to Aneko’s physique. This was even obvious amongst other Werewolves whom had taken Aneko to bed. Several times a day and many more a night. Aneko’s race frowned not upon this as they were in a desperate position to not face the world while Isai’s race, the Werewolves, were none too pleased with the intermingling of the two races themselves. It was not long before Aneko had begun to truly relish within the sexual deviances she oft partook in and over time, one Wolf, became two and two became three. Slowly but surely, the Lycanthropes had begun to improve their numbers and not just through Aneko alone either. After many years of seclusion with the Werewolves, the Lycanthropes parted ways from them though vowing to keep their promise of a truce due to the years spent and the children and parents which were responsible from both races. As they parted, they were informed by a Sentry of the Werewolves that Hunters were closing on their camp location.

This is how the Werewolves evaded most human conflicts. They sent a single individual or a group of individuals to local towns, taverns, and Guilds to listen and search for anything that could link to a search for them. Seeing that the Lycanthropes held a truce with their brethren race, they were capable of receiving such a grateful warning. Heeding the young Wolf’s advice, the Lycanthropes left the war-torn ghost town they had inhabited for weeks and set forth north-east. According to Isai, an expert tracker, Sentry, and spell-caster, which is also the daughter to the head of the Werewolf race has stated and pointed out:

“Towards the east within the realm of the Rising Sun should ruins lie for you to take though do be wary…occasional humans as well as other beasts much different from us both do roam about the Desert Sands of Silk.”

This was her implore to Aneko, as she had been the only surviving Lycanthrope of her mother and as this was a fact, Aneko, when she had become of age, would rule over the Lycanthropes as a Queen.

After she was informed of this, she and her race were escorted to the said location—this was to rendezvous with Isai and her personal guardians. Aneko recognized one of the Wolves being Kissa; a witch of some sort of the Werewolves while the other was more alluring to the eye if not haunting. Her name was Tala. She had hair of the untimely death and her garments were of the same while Kissa wore the purest of ardent silk. No time was taken to doddle as Lycanthropes and Werewolves both proceeded to the destination and after a month of travelling, they had reached it. The Ruins of the Silk Roads. Isai informed them that there had been an underground chamber which had been very large and which was adorned with gold and that the area appeared to be human-made. As they explored, the saw several mummified corpses and had also found several serrated weapons and even torture devices. As the packs pressed on, they were confronted by the very same creatures Isai warned them about; humanoid reptilian creatures. Their skin was thick around its skull and it was also muscular. As the two discovered them, being the intruders, one gave out an immense battle cry which was quickly silenced by Aneko—via slitting the creature’s throat. Her agility was the key in this quick and deadly maneuver as the creature had no time to counter. Despite this skillful and hastened tactic, it was too late. Several more of these reptilian creatures crawled from the ceiling, the surface, and leapt from the running water within the depth, and even descended from small passages.

The two races for the first time, fought not each other, but with one another in order to preserve their survival. The beasts were not much a match for the two forces, especially Isai’s dark magic. Aneko, herself had only a sword; a fancy weapon which was taken from a human which had made an attempt at her life. This sword was of steel and gold and held a long strip of a deep red down its center. With it, Aneko was fast on her feet and beautifully nimble. Several of the creatures had grabbed her yet, due to her being bent in practically every position she could ever imagine, she was exceedingly flexible. It was not long until their combined efforts won them victory. The creatures were defeated and there were few losses on both sides yet they continued to explore. Eventually, Isai and Aneko were placed together to search the area which would be considered Aneko’s chamber.

Aneko, being as she was, followed Isai as she knew the whereabouts of this area while Aneko knew not of it. As she followed the Werewolf, she watched her walk. Isai stepped with her toes and not much else with her feet. Little did Aneko know, this was key to Isai’s physical speed as well as how to tread silently. Soon after that, her pale green eyes were to her hips. Though, lacking when compared to her own, they were still impressive for the swarthy Werewolf. The two had reached a closed off area where it appeared it served as a royal chamber. It was decorated in gold and also had fine jewelry about and even some weaponry. As Isai held and examined a gorgeous red stone, Aneko slowly wrapped her arms around her waist and then pressed herself against Isai’s buttocks. Startled, the young Werewolf growled as she demanded that she be released yet, Aneko did no such thing, instead, she ran her tongue over Isai’s neck and gently bit down onto her—being careful not to break the skin. Her hands found their way down to her vagina and without hesitation; she began to tease the Werewolf. Aneko would not be capable of enjoying her though. A being which Isai controlled, a manifestation of dark magic had appeared from practically thin air and separated them by force. The being was of a ghostly pallor image and was that of a beast. Looking at it she could see that it meant her no harm though she must cease her actions. Getting to her feet slowly, Aneko lovingly licked her ring, middle, and index of her right hand all while watching the Werewolf. As the beast vanished just as quickly as it had manifested, Aneko could tell by Isai's face that she had enjoyed it yet at the same time her taste told Aneko that she was a virgin. The Werewolf was distraught and confused with what she wanted to do though, there was no time to wonder about it now.

A fellow Werewolf had checked in on them due to the commotion which he had heard and after a few seconds of silence, Isai claimed that there was nothing to worry of. It was also said that a decision had been made and she was needed in attendance. After hearing this, Isai followed her brethren but only after having a long and confused gaze placed upon Aneko as she still sucked her fingers dry. Smiling sweetly, she rose to her bare feet and surveyed her surroundings.

“Soon…soon things will be as they need be….”

In the years which had passed, reconstruction had been done, modifications to weaponry and traps had been set, secretive tunnels and passageways were dug, and they had even set up barriers about and only the Werewolves were allowed to get pass these barriers and if they did, there would have to be an escort. Aneko took several precautions about defending her brethren and also keeping the peace between the Werewolves. Although Arsenic, Malice, Heresy, Crucifix, and Ouroboros were among her numbers, Isai’s dark magic was something that neither of them could touch. So in order to strengthen their force, Aneko learned from Ouroboros and Crucifix. It was in the middle of these teaching that news reached Aneko of invaders. A silent storm had begun to brew from within her and Aneko went to deal with the invaders herself. To her shock, these men in armor radiated a dark energy that was familiar to her. She and a few of her trusted brethren fought but were ultimately defeated.

As she came to, Heresy—a Lycanthrope who is young in years yet powerful as if she were an elder as well as a seasoned Sentry—Tyranny—one of the youngest of her race and partakes in not group affairs. She also is sent as a Sentry—along with a few others were captive within the dungeons of Parousia. The Emperor, Strife Astlar, had oft visited them and had stated that they were his “prized possessions”. He had also fancied Aneko for her voluptuous appearance though she was not aroused whatsoever. Aneko’s heart was set on killing this man for disgracing her kind as well as believing she would willing allow this to go on. Though, she would wait. It is far better to allow time to slowly creep by and then strike when the defenses are at their most vulnerable.

Days had passed since their capture and the same dark energy she had felt before had begun to make itself known yet again and before long, the horns had been sounded. Aneko knew why humans had done this. There was a war raging above them. As explosions now raged on and the screaming rang out, Aneko reassured a panicking Tyranny that they would get out of this situation all while waiting for the opportune moment. As the day went on, Aneko paid attention to the patrols which had been watching them. She had been doing this for days and it had now paid off. They seethed with this dark energy and were also among the originals which had imprisoned them after subduing her and her brethren. As her shadow neared its full height against the wall, a soldier, as she had observed days before, in perfect routine, wandered into the prison chamber. This was a different knight and was far less in strength than the rest yet, what made his visit all the more damning was that he had begun to fondle Tyranny and when she refused, the knight struck her across the face. With the anger of a Goddess, Aneko broke her bonds in an instant. As he called for reinforcements the Emperor’s Dogs were quickly within the chamber and prepared to kill Aneko if need be, however they had never witnessed the power of the Queen. Limbs, flame, blood, dark magic, and screams of utter pain and agony filled the lower dungeons as she tore her opponents apart one by one. After freeing her brethren, she inquired of those who were missing. Heresy, Tyranny, and the others that had survived said not a word while Tyranny was the one to hang her head in sadness.

Aneko was enraged. Her brethren had been slain for the purpose that she cared none for. Before she could utter a command of death to this emperor Heresy brought it to her attention that this very castle was under attack by rebelling forces of its own people. Heresy was a seasoned Sentry and did investigations on the kingdoms about the land. From her, Aneko learned that Dalkia and Halteese had fallen due to the Empire which they were once prisoners of and that she would not be surprised if the Rebellious Forces were once again, attacking their own country. Heresy proposed the possibilities to escape in the confusion, also brought to Aneko’s view was the fact that this dark energy was of the same which had created the two races themselves. In amazement, Aneko told Heresy that after they were within known territory that she would need to give her full knowledge of what she had learned since she had been captured along with Aneko as she had returned from months of being away from her kind. Proceeding with Heresy’s plan, the Lycanthropes set their sights on escape.

Little was found which could be of use while other prisoners pleaded to be released. The Lycanthropes continued on without stopping for them. It was not long before they reached one of the checkpoints to exit the dungeons and it took not long for her to become distracted either. Aneko had caught a familiar scent. She recalled this scent from years ago and it had belonged to one of her many mates although, it had been different. As intoxicating as it was, she retained her composure even though it was proving to be far more difficult than it had originally been thought. Moving on, Aneko slowed her pace and used a wall to support her herself. The sensation of this scent was alluring and nearly overpowering. She knew this had to be an offspring of the mate which she had long since bed yet, she recalls not which mate it was. Heresy lent her aid and helped Aneko continue on as she fought her urges. Pushing forth and venturing downward via staircase, they had emerged in a hall which led straight to what appeared to be the main hall. Slowly making their way towards the exit they were stopped by a knight which pulsated with the same negative energy that they had encountered earlier. Prepared to combat the knight she was taken by surprise as a female warrior attacked him from his left side. Her hair, short and deep with red and her blade, as vicious as the raging black flame, tore through the knight’s armor. As he attempted to recover from the ground the female quickly beheaded him and then vivisected the head before it had touched the floor. At that point, the female then looked to Aneko and her brethren and it appeared as if she were deciding what to do next. Aneko prepared herself for combat yet again for her instincts told her that this was no mere human before her and that this female was a severe threat, however; the scent entered her nostrils yet again, only this time, it was far stronger than before.

Looking to her right, she saw a plethora of individuals coming from the same direction that the female warrior had appeared from.

“You have the chance to live if you disperse now…”

Aneko looked to the female as she sheathed her odd sword.

“We cannot protect you for any duration and you are all in grave danger if you stay, so it is best of you run now before more of Strife’s dressed dolls arrive.”

Without saying a word, Aneko signaled for her brethren to follow her and as they did, the source of the scent was growing closer. Quickly retreating out of the foyer which they were in, Aneko immediately stopped and observed her surroundings before she continued. Seeing not a threat she continued on until she reached the destroyed gate that served as a barrier to keep intruders out of the castle. Bathed within the morning’s first rays once more, she did not stop her movement. To her surroundings were bodies of the dead, craters from explosives, and mortar fire as well as cannons. The group that Heresy had spoken of had to of been the one they had come across and assessing the strength of the female warrior that she had seen that battle could have proven fatal not only for her but her brethren as well. Coming to a near slumped position behind a downed pillar, Aneko leered for any potential threat and immediately loses her senses to him.


With that muttered, she knew why the scent was so intoxicating. This male was Asa's child. She had been a past mate of Aneko’s whom had left the Lycanthrope ranks and had killed several Sentries which were sent after her. This male had even looked like her. Not only that, but this male was not the one she had met over ten years ago. The male she met was far more driven with hatred and his hair was shorter and not in a long and luscious tail as this one was. They were brothers; twins possibly. As she watched him cut through his enemies she witnessed his weapon of choice. It was of the same origin as the female’s which had killed the warped knight, yet, this weapon was much, much larger. Aneko could tell that his mother’s strength had been present within his attacks although, there was something amiss about him. His scent was that of one which she had only caught from Arsenic and although Arsenic’s scent had not been present; his scent was a strong likeness to hers. She knew that the brothers were both Hybrids but, for Asa, whom had been saved from the brink of death, was powerful—being turned by Aneko herself during the time of a massive war within her homeland of Japan—and for her power to be present within him could be a potential threat. Yet there was no time to assess this now. The cannons were still firing. Long guns were still being lit and used and the yelling and screaming of humanity dying an agonizing death still rang out.

They needed to escape.

Aneko was directed towards a wall which had been severely damaged due to the battle and heeding Heresy’s offering, Aneko gathered the lot of her still recovering strength and sprinted towards the wall to her East and with great strength she leapt as high as she could. Barely making it over the ledge of the wall, she had not landed near perfect as she now lay with her face in the hard and cold dirt. Getting to her feet as her brethren followed her actions, Heresy and Tyranny aided their Queen to her feet.

“We best move eastward.”

As they began their venture, Heresy signaled for them to proceed on while she waited for her Queen. Coming to her side, Heresy overlooked the terrace for which they had just escaped only to find one of the brothers, the one which Aneko had been watching, watching them. He obviously noticed them when they were making the leap of faith yet, he was not pursuing them. He may not know that Aneko had been the one which had killed his mother, her former mate, and his father. If it be true, then they were safe for a short time, however; in order to extend their safety they needed to retreat back to the Silk Roads. Turning her back to the Ryukyuan, Aneko and Heresy would put this land behind them in order to return to their own—yet, her quest was yet to be completed. Aneko would find them and Aneko will have them. If not both, then one of the brothers will do her off sweetly for her desire will never be sated.

Main Weapon(s)

Her Favorite Weapon: Lust –a sword rapier—

Her Taming Weapon: Discipline –a misshapen, semi-circular Khanda--


Aneko fancies the English swordplay and has spent years learning of its many techniques and evasive maneuvers, yet, Aneko rarely draws her sword. Her reason for not doing is simple: she prefers not to fight. Aneko is beyond agile and beyond nimble and can fend for herself to lethal extremes if need be. In addition to those attributes, she is capable of Crucifix’s Ars as well as Ouroboros’ dark magic as well as her own form of magic, Alchemy; and if she must call on such talents she will do so without hesitation. In the end, Aneko—while using her misshapen sword—counters her opposition with devastating force, often incapacitating her opponent, and without her beloved sword rapier, Aneko attacks quickly and relentlessly all while goading her opponent to perform better. If Aneko loses the better of her mood, she will attack by other means and if she does, she tears her opponents apart with her own animosity. Though, she does so slowly, so that she can break her opponent’s will and have them beg and submit—as if it would help them.


Full Name Aneko
Birthplace An ancient dynasty whose name has been lost to history
Birthdate Unknown, a day in what is now known as the month of November.
Age Aneko is over 1,700 years old
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Six inches (5' 6")
Weight 109 lbs (48.5 kg)
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Pallor Green
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapon Her Body
Deceased Family Members Her father was slain by the Werewolves in combat.

Her mother protected her and her siblings from Hunters and gave her life for their safety.

Living Relatives Sworn Sister: Arsenic
Alignment as of Sub Chapter: II Neutral (Unless any of her kin are harmed. Worse if killed.)
Resides In The Silk Road Ruins

Aneko is currently the eldest female of the Lycanthropes and is therefore the Matriarch of her Race.

Some have even gone out of their way to deem her a Queen. She holds an honest dislike being deemed Queen. Her reasoning for this is simple: A Queen is to serve a King. That said, a Queen holds nowhere near as much power as the King. In addition to this, she is also her mother’s child, which places her as royalty among her race.

She has held many a mate amongst many a night(and day) as well as held mostly men as her "sustenance". Sustenance is not food by any means, but her own personal sexual slave.

She loves to dominate; whether it be sexually or in combat and if it be by combat, she longs to hear her opposition submit.

Aneko enjoys to fornicate with both genders and she hails neither as a favorite but instead prefers them both.

She is responsible for the deaths of Lev Volkov and her former mate, Sasaki Asa who are both the parents of Volkov (Thanatos) and Kuro.

She had Arsenic’s family killed long ago and has manipulated Arsenic herself so that she would remain loyal to her.

Aneko drains any and all beings whom are not loyal to her of any Ars, Magic, or Spiritual capability so that she may add that to her own power.

Due to Asa's betrayal, she seeks vengeance against her children, Volkov and Kuro. She wishes to break them, rape them, and lastly, kill them--just as she has done to their mother.

Aneko despises those who resist her and is either thrown into rage or she will plot and manipulate them in order to seduce them or entrap them so that she can have her way with them. This was done to Asa, whom Aneko killed and left her exposed and ravaged body broken for the world to see.

After the death of Thanatos (Volkov), Aneko sets her sights to Kuro, however; these sights change when she learns that Kusanagi Ky is not only closely knit with Sasaki, but has also been turned in a Lycanthrope. With this knowledge, Aneko sends pack after pack in order to hunt him down and bring him, and all his purity, back to her alive.

Aneko is the most powerful of the Lycanthropes and sees no need to change that whatsoever. She also knows that with age doth come strength and experience. As she ages and retains her beauty, she knows exactly how old each and every Lycanthrope under her fangs are. She knows their birthdays, Cradle of Birth (when and where they were turned) as well as how strong they are.

After Kusanagi’s "Cradle Falls", she is thrown into a panic which she allows none to see. He was turned by one of her "children" yet, after he was given new life, it is unknown what had happened to him. Reports have stated that his strength is quickly becoming that of a threat to even Heresy.

What is more disturbing is that his eyes are just as pallor as Aneko’s. This means that Kusanagi’s innate strength is a rival to Aneko's and that her death was now a possibility if this Newborn was left unchecked.

Aneko sends Malice and Tyranny to search an area and then Venom and (to accompany her is Aneko’s most trusted "sister",) Arsenic. Aneko believes that with Arsenic in tow, she will find the truth before the truth leaves Aneko within her grave.


A Hierarchy is a tier, also known as a class seating two or more individuals. In this case a Hierarchy System is set which governs them. There are seven tiers and in each tier lay specialists of that tier. Naturally, Aneko heads this list as the most powerful...or so she believes. Unknown to her, revolt and dissatisfaction have grown within few of her "children"--yet, she is unknown as to whom doth wish her a bitter end, alas all she can do is wait.

Lycanthropes of Significance
First Hierarchy Crucifix and Ouroboros First Hierarchy

Cruxific is an elderly male and a First Hierarchical Lycanthrope. This is a rare sight indeed.

He is the eldest male of the Lycanthropes and an elder to Aneko, however; he finds his role to serve his master's final wish: to look after her daughter and to protect her from danger, as his true purpose and for over one thousand years, he has done just that. He is polite yet, sardonic.

His true motives are to kill those whom deem themselves a master. He thrives on knowledge and is always with a book or apocrypha in his possession.

Crucifix is the equivalent to Tempest in terms of knowledge and knowledge alone. The two meet only once and upon this meeting they battle amongst themselves only for Crucifix to be killed.

Tempest left with severe injuries only to slay more of the Lycanthropes and in a kamikaze attempt to save Ryunoske and Ryia, Tempest sacrificed his life in order to do so--thus, nearly killing Ouroboros. 

Ouroboros is one of the eldest of the Lycanthropes and if of the First Hierarchy. She is a Necromancer and one whom practicitions within the Dark Arts.

Among her brethren, she is feared as well as respected. Ouroboros was found after she had been kidnapped, beaten, tortured, whipped, prodded with ungodly utensils and also raped repeatedly.

To Ouroboros, Aneko is her savior for if it were not for her, Ouroboros and hundreds of other females would have died in that dungeon so long ago. It is this fact which ties Ouroboros to Aneko so strongly and why her loyalty is nothing less than absolute.

Ouroboros (thumbnail)

The Abomination: Ouroboros

First Hierarchy Arsenic and Malice First Hierarchy
Arsenic (thumbnail)


Not much younger than Aneko herself. Arsenic was a stray cub which Aneko took in and raised her as her own, however, truth be told, Aneko slew her former pack (her family) in order to strengthen her own forces. Arsenic was gifted with the sensual abilities of understanding Ars (a superior and the precursor to Alchemy) and other complex and exotic magics. Seeing this as an advantage, Aneko ordered a pack of Lycanthropes to slay Arsenic's pack (her biological relatives) and with no one to protect her and with grief overtaking her mind, Arsenic was nothing but churned butter with Aneko's sun-kissed hands. Arsenic bears markings upon her stomach, torsi, breasts, and four upon her back which all bear the markings of her former pack.

Malice is younger than Arsenic yet, is also one of the elder female Lycanthropes which still draw breath. Joining and engaging rarely in sexual release, Malice bears powerful Ars which have left thousands dead. She fought the "Original Nightmare" and retreated as Wolfkrone (the kingdom which she was charged with investigating) was destroyed. Arsenic and Malice are both First Hierarchical Lycanthropes within their colony and with Arsenic as a Sentry and Malice a Wayward, together they can level cities if all falls into place correctly, yet Malice has noticed that Arsenic has gone astray and takes it upon herself to investigate her own kin (Malice knows not the fact of Aneko having Arsenic's family murdered).

Malice (thumbnail)

The Enchantress: Malice

Second Hierarchy Heresy and Venom Third Hierarchy
شيطان (Heresy)

The Flame Dancer: Heresy

Heresy is another cub whom is young in years when compared to her brethren. Heresy is a Sentry and scouts the surrounding land for information (a skill learned from the Werewolves). She is combat capable and far more mature than most of her age. However, this is due to her background. Aneko personally turned Heresy as she was dying. Despite her long 1,000 year slumber, Heresy holds her memory, skill, and functionality in tact.

Her skill in combat and her art in stealth come from her earlier life. She was a Thief turned Assassin and only met what would have been death during Pompiie's Fall (79 BCE).

Heresy is of the Second Hierarchy. She holds military knowledge, combat strategies, and is a War Mind. She has studied the battle tactics of several armies and knows the ways of combat which have been lost to time. She has trained other Lycanthropes in their ways of self defense as well as war.

Armed with an analytical mind and a sharp photographic memory, she poses a threat in any arguement and in any combat situation. She is also an Alchemist bearing the trait of Flame as well as Earth; While also taking notes from Malice in the traits of Darkness.

Her markings run from the back of her neck to her shoulder blades and down over her buttocks to her thighs. She also is marked upon her breasts, chest and her belly.

Despite her indifference, she cares for those whom are of good will and a good heart. She dislikes killing others and would rather live in harmony with all things--alas, she knows that would never happen even in her extended lifetime.

Venom is a Third Hierarchical Lycanthrope. She hails from Egypt and was born a Lycanthrope. Her arrogance leaves most unimpressed and this arrogance has also alienated her from most of the males of her race.

Agony recieves more sexual attention than she does (and that is saying something), yet she claims that she is simply more than they could handle while Malice and Heresy quickly exchange snarky remarks against her claims.

Venom is hot-headed and short-tempered. She loathes failure and despises humans. This is proven when she kills every man, woman, and child after she was "abused" by a human and once more when she supposedly kills the human which the 'Cur Hybrid Ryia' cared so much for.

In short, Venom is a loose-cannon with a dangerously short fuse.

Venom (Subchapter II)
Fourth Hierarchy Agony and Tyranny Seventh Hierarchy

Agony is a Fourth Hierarchical Lycanthrope with a sadistic and lustful mind. She enjoys concealing herself amongst humans and after seducing them and having sex with the man, she will then kill him. Not just to kill but to 'play' with him.

With her pheramones, she manipulates the victim's sense of fear as well as his equilibrium and all manner of senses so that everything feels as if he is being pleasured. 

From the ripping of his esophogus to her devouring his flesh--it will all feel as if he is being sexually stimulated and as he dies in bliss; she dines in bliss.

Her seals are located amongst her abdomen, chest, face, and hips. She oft bathes in her victims blood in order to 'maintain her youth' although, this is simply done out of her own sadistic pleasure.

Tyranny is a Seventh (the bottom) Hierarchical cub whom has not yet reached maturity. She despises those whom are older than her and flaunt their authority and she also dislikes women with an outstanding physique.

Suffering from her own inferiority complex, she is oft driven into tantrums due to her own short-comings as well as her own insecurities. Tyranny lashes at those whom she believes 'deserves it' and claims she was right when in fact, she rarely ever has a point.

Despite her surprisingly intellectual feats, she is no more than a child in both body and mind. Tyranny bears her markings of Ars upon her forhead and chest; she is capable of manupulating earthly elements but to a very limited degree.

Despite how limited her power is, she bears immense raw and uncontrolled power. This power is heavily augmented by her own uncontrollable emotions.

The Lycanthrope Tyranny

Sasaki Asa

Asa (thumbnail)

Sasaki Asa was a woman whom Aneko had drawn into her employ nearly two hundred years ago.

Aneko approached her due to rumors of her skills with a blade. As such, she told Asa that if she sought vengeance, that she would be able to use her "connections" to locate the man whom had ordered her father's death.

The Japanese had declined her offer in the public eye, however, it was due to the fact that Asa was being watched. This was normal, Aneko would not allow herself to be unprepared, as such, she had several Lycanthropes with her whom were watching Asa's every step, breath, twitch, and observation. Sasaki offered to hear her out without so many prying eyes.

She was wary of her surroundings and those watching her. This made her value accrue. Even more so when she paid for the sake for not only herself, but also for Aneko. This drew a small amount of affection...affection of the flesh that is.

Asa's terms were to meet on "black island". Aneko followed her. This time, she was alone. When they met, they spoke on her motivations as well as what Aneko, who casually went by The Messenger, told her that she served a higher being in order to gain her trust. With more conversation, Asa agreed to draw on the pact of blood.

For fun, Aneko said the pact was to be sealed with a kiss—Asa hesitated in disgust before finally telling Aneko to get over it. She cringed as they did so, however, Asa used her tongue for a slight of a second. Aneko has yet to let her forget it either.

Over the years, Aneko strategically employed Asa and had her assigned contracts. These contracts were made for her to believe that these people were merely targeted for assassination, but in truth, Aneko wanted these people killed for they were all Hunters. Women and men who hunted Werewolves and Lycanthropes as well as other things which were deemed "non-human".

After years of getting to know Asa and several passionate kisses (which nearly led to more but was cut short "every damn time") and after many Hunters whom had met their end by her blade, Aneko revealed the man whom had ordered her father's death. Truth told, he was the man who had given that order, yet, to be blunt, her father was supposed to be scared off, not killed. 

Aneko thoughtfully spoke up on Asa asking her for her name, that way, Asa would know Aneko as Aneko opposed to The Messenger. Aneko had grown fond of her. Her heart was pure and throughout dark deeds, she still retained her purity. She thought it admirable. With their next meeting to be a milestone in Aneko's eyes, she patiently awaited Asa to complete her vengeace and return to her alive. For by no means did Aneko lie to her about her father's killer, and by this, she felt a slight kindred draw to Asa for her will...however, the truth was obvious:

She had been falling for Asa.

Aneko had admitted this to herself for years already and now, she planned to be vocal of her desires.

Unfortunately, in July of 1467, the Ōnin War had begun, resulting in Asa failing her first mission. She had been pushed back by the outbreak of violence and that said, she fled. Yet, Asa made sure to kill Yamato before she took her leave. 

After she vanished, a small mountain village, which Asa used to "lay-low" had been effected by the violence. As such, it was laid to waste. It was from here that Aneko lost track of Asa, and as such, she personally set out to find her. With Arsenic and Crucifix watching over the Silk Roads and her "children", this left Aneko to search for Asa for which she chose to do so alone.


Lycanthropes have one main identifying trait; and that is their ominous green eyes which are a deep green and as the Lycanthropes grows in strength or from weaker to stronger, their eye color becomes all the more ardent and pallor. An unmistakable feature of a Lycanthrope is their glowing green eyes against the night sky. These creatures are also capable of shifting into a towering wolf in humanoid shape which differentiates them from the Werewolves.

Lycanthropes have access to inhuman strength, heightened speed, agility, and senses. Among those key features is also the Durability and Regeneration of a Lycanthrope. From leaps and bounds, one whom is of these numbers can survive impalement as well as severe pain, blood loss, and damage which would kill a human. The true way to ensure that a Lycanthrope has been killed is to dismember them or decapitate them.

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