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"A dead Phoenix is of no use to anyone."
— Dawn Larrieux
Dawn Larrieux
Commander Dawn Larrieux (Act- II)
Full Name Dawn Larrieux
Birthplace Refuses to give details
Birthdate Claims to be September 22nd of 1584. This would make her 22 Years Old
Age as of Act: II 22 years of Age (supposedly)
Age as of Act: III 23 years of Age (supposedly)
Gender Female
Height Five feet and Seven inches (5' 7")
Weight Refuses to tell
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Blood type Unknown
Main Weapons Sword & Shield
Blade's Name Phoenix (Sword) & Talon (Shield)
Living Family Members Unknown
Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Alignment as of Act: II Grandallian
Alignment as of Act: III Arthian
Act: II Theme Theme of Dawn

Biography of Dawn Larrieux

A life led astray, Dawn was an orphaned child whom lived within the streets of several towns and cities. Stealing in order to survive, she grew up as a thief. It was her only way to ensure she would survive for she had no one to aid her. Her parents were unknown to her and her being led to several individuals to attempt to end her life. Brown eyes hinted with an azure gleam she had. She was labeled a monster for her being. Yet she could not help it. She was born this way. Half Human, half Wolf. Dawn was stronger than most men and faster than most horses. Traits such as these made her appear to be a demon. Despite her races were out of pure fun when she came across other children, most wanted her dead.

From city to city and town to town, Dawn wandered aimlessly. It was said that everything were to happen for a reason and that a God had a plan for all yet, was his plan for her simply to exist to dwell alone and live through such heartache and pain? Or was she merely to exist to be a mere sacrifice for these humans to hunt and exploit as they saw fit?

Such thoughts filled her mind as she sat alone within an alley. Rain overhead and taking shelter within some poor means of keeping dry as well as warm.

Years had gone by. She aged far slower than most others and as she settled in one area she would eventually have to leave due to her unnatural appearance. Her undying youth is what made few suspicious of her yet when these suspicions arose she had already left the country and relocated elsewhere. There were friends which she missed and those which had died yet, she could not help what she was. She also did not want to die simply to appease whatever deity created her.

Looking to this, she deemed this a "Coward's Death" and as she feared none, she refused to give them that satisfaction.

Dawn had settled in the Old Republic of Halteese within the year 1571 and she resided there throughout much of the conflict between Dalkia. She had also fought for the Halteeseans as well.

The years crept by and as the war reached a pinnacle, she faced a man named Williams. Unbeknownst to her, this was Annebella's father. Along with him had been another man. He went by the name of Delgado. He was Spanish and as she had heard, a fine commander along with Williams. Though she had never heard much of this man until recently which made her question his origin. As she began to dig, she along with a unit infiltrated Grandall Territory in order to investigate. The year was 1592. To her discovery, the Parousian Emperor had been secretly sending select soldiers to aid Dalkia in their war against her current veil, which was Halteese.

At this time, Dawn appeared to be within her early to mid-twenties. She had led a life in Halteese within seclusion and refused to show her face. It was when her unit had attempted to leave that they were discovered. Like the Wolf she had been, she stalled the Grandall Forces so that her allies could escape. She too, escaped but with grave injuries. It had been the first time that her innards had even spilled from her body and as she lay, dying she thought, she was found by a man. His name was Trevor. This man tended to her wounds and kept her hidden from Grandall eyes. Despite her face not being known, if a woman was discovered with wounds such as her, it would not take long for things to be linked together. Not to mention why she was capable of surviving with such ghastly injuries.

As she came to, he fed her and explained her situation. Like her, Trevor had been a half breed. He had been living in Parousia itself for nearly one hundred years. His home was within one of the poorer sections of Grandall which is why he had eluded suspicions with such ease. Not many cared about the poor. As long as they paid their taxes or begged, no one cared. This was how he remained unknown to those whom lived around him. Dawn herself had also taken up residence here but only after remaining hidden for a year.

After that year had passed, she concealed herself amongst merchants which had traveled from Dalkia to sell goods. As she presented herself and her merchandise to the men at the gate, she was immediately assaulted. The men at the gates were imposters whom had killed the original guards yet amongst them was a man. His name was Girardot. The imposters had made an attempt at his life yet he along with Dawn both survived the attack.

After recovering from her injuries, Girardot interrogated her about her skill. As she told him what she knew and where, he then sent his guards out of the keep so that he could speak to her alone. As they spoke, he told her that he recalled her style of combat as it matched an Unnamed Sect which had infiltrated Grandall over a year ago. Furthermore, he fought alongside Williams and Delgado years ago and had even faced her. He knew her style of combat and recalled that they were brought to a standstill as cannons forced both sides to retreat.

As such, he knew that she had been the surviving member of that sect, though Grandall had not a hand in their deaths. Dalkia had intercepted them and slew them.

Dawn's mouth hung open at that news. She wanted to scream at him for lying yet, he looked not the type to lie. Girardot made Dawn a deal. If she would teach the soldiers of Grandall to fight in the manner she did, he would say not a word. Dawn weighed her options. She could try to run, but there is only so much damage her body could take before she would collapse. Simply because she was a half-breed, did not mean she could merely run through searing steel without feeling pain. Even more so the fact was that there had been an uncanny feel to this country. Almost as if something was lurking and silently waiting.

This too was part of the reason she stayed. It felt alluring and almost as if whatever was here, had been calling her. As she thought on, she eyed the man and asked why she needed to teach soldiers whom were already under the command and tutelage of Girardot the Great (as he had been known in Halteese). He explained that there is only so much one can teach before the lessons ring hollow - with an outside perspective, it will bring a greater pool of knowledge and combat to the soldiers of Grandall.

Dawn nodded, accepting the terms, she modified the choice to where she would train her own squadron and lead them into combat if need be. Girardot took her hand and gripped it: confirming that they in fact had a deal. With her skill, and her unnatural strength, and agility, she tore through the ranks with immense (and practically humiliating) ease. Now, she waited for the right individuals to show their talent within training before she recruited anyone to be within her squadron.

The Special Tactics Squadron

As the years slowly drifted by, Dawn had been promoted to the rank of commander. Yet, under Girardot's teachings, she had proved to be far more deserving of just being a mere commander. Dawn was given an additional boost within her rank due to her training not only with Girardot but also with members of the Ressentiment. The latter were the Emperor's personal knights yet at this time, they were not much of a force to deal with. Only being four knights at that. Yet with her new found rank, she sought out the specialists of the Grandall army. Those who were the best within their field of operations and as such she was pleasantly surprised when an old face crossed her path.

Her name was Alexandria. A heroic name for a female within the military. Alexandria and Dawn have known each for years yet, Alexandria has yet to discover Dawn's secret. Thus far, Trevor is the only one who has knowledge of Dawn's capabilities as she is the only one who knows of his.

Upon Alexandria's tests, she passed each one with soaring colors. Girardot had approved her skill and thus Dawn did as well. Alexandria would serve as Dawn's second while Trevor declined the offer. He was more satisfied with simply being a part of Dawn's squadron.

The next choice was a man named Ghaslayn. Girardot appointed him due to his ability to remain silent, and stealth-wise. Upon his tests of detection, Dawn and Trevor both knew where he was. That is simply due to their shared secrets. Girardot on the other hand had been eluded twice. With praise coming from his superiors, Ghaslayn was taken in.

The final choice thus far, was a man named Garrett. He was a Heavy Infantry Specialist and was knowledgeable of weaponry as well as how to use several siege weapons and even out-of-date war weaponry. He was sought by many for his vast knowledge yet, as Dawn met him she was disgusted. Garrett was lewd, crude, and rather obnoxious, as well as annoying. In other words, he was the typical man--which so happened to be valued as a high addition to several units. As well as squadrons. Dawn accepted him despite disliking his personality. In the end, his effectiveness is what truly matters and he was capable of besting Trevor in knowledge and also arms use. Though in out right strength, Garrett failed against Trevor--which Dawn had expected but had also purposely initiated.

With her squadron set, they were to operate as one, whether they be together or spread thin. Together, they trained rigorously. Perfecting their strategies so that they could effectively bring down nearly any opponent or force. Of course, when things truly were too difficult, they knew to back down.

"A dead Phoenix is of no use to anyone." This was their saying and what they would live by. It means to never get yourself into something that you cannot get yourself out of. There were times to act within pride and there were times to act with one's mind. Throwing one's life away is not at all wise despite the choice.

Throughout the war against Dalkia and Halteese, the squadron brought down their defenses which allowed other units, paradigms, and also the main army pass through to the next area. At times one of them could be seen but it was better for them not to be known by most of their allies. If they were discovered and in the end, truly relied on, then things could sour for her squadron as well as their allies as well. Raisa had caught sight of Dawn herself on occassion and in turn she did nothing more than watch Gungnir pass her by. Raisa knew that their were allies lurking about but she knew not who. Dawn on the other hand could tell that something was amiss when it came to Raisa and her animalistic instincts told her that. Raiko, not so much.

War Hawk had brought down the main stronghold's defenses across the Welshdat Bridge and once the main army had made their way into Revless, Gungnir, Exodus, Relic, and Valor followed. Raisa noticed her then. Months later, when Gungnir and Exodus engaged Halteese's main defensive wall, War Hawk had a hand in destroying a section of this wall via explosives yet, with their showing of might as well as skill, Raisa spotted Dawn, Alexandria, and Trevor. At this rate, Dawn had considered adopting Raisa into her squadron yet, with her loyalty remaining with Gungnir, that clearly would not happen. Alexandria was the one whom had brought that news to Dawn. She was saddened by this news yet, she worried none of it.

Throughout the Dalkian initiated war, War Hawk played their part and made it less the chore for Grandall forces to deal with their shared opposition.

Special Tactics Squadron

War Hawk

Alexandria of Prologue

Alexandria is the second in command of the STS. She is of a quick wit and an even quicker hand whence it be upon her blade. Alexandria draws out plans of attack and sees fit to follow the plan down to a 'T'. Despite being at odds when compared to Arrai, Dawn is proud to have her at her side no matter the situation.

Alexandria is a Combat Strategist.

Trevor has long known Dawn for many a year. He is just as unnatural as she for they both are descendants of Werewolves. Their blood has been sullied due to their ancestors "cross breeding". Trevor lent his aid to Dawn and protected her when she had nothing to fall back on. He has earned his place as a loyal friend as well as a trusted soldier.  

Trevor is a Light Infantry Specialist and is capable of swift and agile movement, (a great feat for one his size) and awe-inspiring combat capabilities with many forms of weaponry.

Trevor (Act II)

Ghaslayn is a cunning and sly individual. He mocks even Girardot's senses when the sun has set and for a human, he is relatively skillful. This man is able to infiltrate nearly any defensive contraption as well as capable of disarming several contraptions as well. Furthermore, he has a natural knack for demolition and impersonation.

Ghaslayn is the man whom destroyed the gate which barred access to Dalkian Territory when it came to the Welshdat Bridge, Ghaslayn was the one whom destroyed the Halteesean Keep just beyond the Eastern Defensive Wall; he was also the one who set charges in Maletta's Keep, yet, he was discovered by Kierkess right when he had finished. The battle led to the early destruction of the Keep which injured allied Grandall forces.

Garrett Mulls
Garrett A. Mulls
Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)

Kusanagi Ky was transferred from Gungnir and placed within her Squadron. She did not understand this and even brought before Girardot whom did not listen to her plea. Despite accepting him as she had no choice, she soon found out that he was much different from the stories that she has heard of him.

He was aggressive, tactful, and even cunning. Not to mention that he bested Garrett with a well-laid trap which was plotted days in advance. Seeing this, she may have made a mistake in wanting him out of her Squadron...but only time will tell.

Riese was transferred to Dawn's unit due to her high honors during the Dalkian Conflict. Dawn herself thought it a fair choice but she knew nothing of the woman and by looking at her, Dawn could tell that she felt slightly unnerved--she simply could not understand why.

Riese (Act II)

Trivia of Act: I

Retained her distance from the other military personnel which were her allies during the war.

Thought of annexing Raisa into her squadron only for Raisa to deny the offer. She was generous enough to even explain why: "I have my allegiance and I am already assigned. If you would have approached me prior to me being accepted into Gungnir, then I would have joined you...but it is simply too late."

Is close friends with Trevor and is also overly protective of him as he is also overly protective of her.

Dislikes Garrett. Despite his value and arms knowledge, Dawn would rather adopt Raisa to take place of the nuisance.

Loves to keep herself busy.

Bears a light French accents which is easily identifiable.

Trivia of Act: II

Accepted Kusanagi into her squadron only upon Girardot's request. She wish to argue and question the choice of adding Kusanagi.

Lost her friend Alexandria during the Rebels' attack upon her squadron.

Garret was killed by the Rebels.

Ghaslayn was killed by Kusanagi via a point-blank shot from his revolver.

Mentally, she understands Ghaslayn's method let alone reason for betrayal. Emotionally, she cannot even begin to attempt to comprehend why he would turn his back on those whom have risked their lives to ensure that he could continue to live his.

Dawn Larrieux's Gallery

First Link Set

Second Link Set

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