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"Believing in yourself is all you can do. Without you, then what do you have?"
— Gallagher

Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)

Gallagher (Act II)

Gallagher of the Arthian Guard

Name Gallagher
Birthplace Dublin, Ireland
Birthdate 1580, May 21st
Astrological Sign Taurus
Age as of Act: I 26 years of age
Gender Male
Height Six Feet and Six Inches (6'6")
Weight 100 kg.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Blood type A Positive
Weapon Long Sword
Sword's Name Respite
Family His mother is alive and as hail and hearty as a youthful knight.
Alignment as of Act: I Grandallian
Resides in The Walled City, Parousia
Act: I Theme New Beginnings (6:10)
Act: II Theme Hero's Theme (3:46)
Act: III Theme Heart of Courage (7:50)

Gallagher's Biography

As a child of the Ire, Gallagher hails from Isle and as such, is a born Irishman, of course, his father named him Gallagher to prove that he be proud as well as stout. A name given way to legend and strength to be carved freshly into the womb of mother earth herself. As he aged, he learned combat with a simple broadsword. It was a light weapon and soon it became too light. With the additional practice, his father made him endure. Gallagher quickly became a youth of strength. That is, until his father was put out of work. The family drifted to Europe; near the East Rhine Valley to be precise.

As the years there were slow, Gallagher's days came and gone. His strength was a thing which his family would soon show for pomp yet, that soon came to an end too. 1591 brought about what his father called The End of Days. A knight had gone berserk and his father, being a man of Will and Valor, he challenged the wicked knight yet, was not a form of challenge.

Gallagher witnessed the death of his father that day. Half of him was dead...and the other half did not take long whatsoever. Escaping the rampage, he was separated from his mother whom was able to elude the knight as well as her death.

He on the other hand was not that fortunate. Gallagher chose to stand against the knight along with a group of men whom were elder than he was. In a song of blades a battle cried as man after man had been slaughtered until there remained only four men against the lone knight.

Gallagher rushed the knight along with two others. With his Seven Branch Sword in hand, Gallagher was able to block the sudden "reflexive whiplash" of an attack yet by doing so, the the impact from the attack sent him reeling with one of the two men into a stone wall. The elder swordsman was able to shelter Gallagher from the sudden impact of the wall yet by doing so--the man lost his life while Gallagher rolled down the hill and ceased to move.

He vaguely recalled the days after his defeat but soon was able to remember what had transpired:

His mother escaped the onslaught. His father was killed in battle. Men of differing stripes were all cut down. In his confrontation with the knight, the man to his right evaded the sudden attack while Gallagher blocked it and as such, was lifted off his feet and thrown by sheer force of the colliding swords.

After that he recalls nothing. Even to this day.

Weeks later, after recovering, Gallagher was in the company of several people. Some German, some Irish, and then there were the two of Spanish decent.


Looking to the speaker, he saw it was a young girl.

"Be sure to eat and don't eat us out of everything."

Despite recovering most of his strength, he was unable to move around as he once could.

"You went through a solid stone wall...what'd you think...? That you would just up and walk like nothing happened?"

He shrugged. He was not much for talking as his father's death was still fresh on his mind. Not only that, but he knew not if his mother had survived. Despite knowing she ran in the opposing direction, he was still unsure.

All he could do was hope. hope that she survived and that they would find each other once more. As for now, he fell back upon his father's teachings. One thing was clear:

Under no circumstances, was he to give up. Even if there was no path which led hence, he was to keep fighting for what he sought.

As for what he sought, he sought to merely survive the nightmare fresh upon the land.

Act: I


Is one of the tallest men within not only the Grandallian Army, but also in the country itself.

Bears a common name within Ireland and is only known by that name.

Is able to drink even Raiko under the table, however, he is unable to drink more than Trevor.

Respects Surina even when she disrespects him outright.

Is infatuated with Priya, however; he knows Surina will not stand for such a thing if either of them ever found out.

Spars with Ky on occassion, not once has Ky yet to best the giant of a man.

A good friend of Raisa, which are few--if any. The two oft drink and speak of whatever be on either of their minds. On the other hand, he freely speaks with Raiko, yet, Raiko constantly tries to out-drink Gallagher in hopes of bedding the man. For this reason, he speaks to Raiko and keeps a close eye on the woman--not for beauty or lust, but for deception and greed. A woman like that is ill good but to a few who bask within the same form of rot. That said, he willl never allow himself to share a bed with the woman.

Takes care of Aliyah as if she were his own kin after she is rescued. He also lends his aid to Kanon, yet, she does not trust Grandall or Gallagher despite his good intentions.

Functions as Light Infantry despite his heavy armor. He is able to move as he does due to being raised and well accustomed to such attire ever since he was but a young lad.

Is fairly intelligent despite never attending the Trinity College.

Act: I Relationships

Surina (Act- I) thumbnail

Surina Delgado is elder to Priya Delgado. Two parts Fox and Lioness she is. Surina is a well-thought commander and is reasonable--at times--her harsh temperment buys her few friends yet it gains needed support. Surina hand-picked Gallagher due to his strength, his intellegence and most of all, due to his rank of Specialist. Gallagher may have experienced feign interest in Priya, yet he made it seem as if it were only combat related when it came to strategic warfare--which spared him the wrath of his Commanding Officer. As Surina had said, she picked him for his smarts.

Annebella is a wise mentor. From her, Gallagher has learned many a thing involving siege weapons as well as siege tactics. He has spared little effort in learning all he can from a great and insperational individual and with his determination, he will see to it that he learns all he possibly can from The Great Annebella. Aside from this, the two oft share a drink together and it is with her which he can discern his thoughts and even worries.

Commander Annebella Williams
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)

A young and honest one he is. Ky spars with Gallagher from time to time and normally loses against the giant of a man. Gallagher sees that with Ky's speed and erratic attack patterns, he reveals just how little he knows to his opponent. Gallagher has insisted that Ky become far more defensive in the future and as such, Ky is slowly beginning to impliment that. Yet, what Ky does not know is that Gallagher insisted that Raisa give him a small 'blade course' in order to learn him a thing or twelve.

Gallagher respects Raisa. She is honest, if not blunt as well as trustworthy. The two of them are rich in scars and rich in life only to be wealthy in terms of mind. They both know what it means to have no choice and to fight for your life else die whilsts fighting. This is one of many things which he can relate to when it comes to Raisa. He enjoys her company over Raiko's to be honest, yet he'll never tell that to Raiko--reason why, she will never shut her mouth about it. Additionally, he has also made Raisa smile as well as laugh on few occassions; however, he began to worry after he asked Raisa of her aid in sparring with Ky when she gleefully agreed as well as smiled from ear to ear.

Raisa (Act I)
Trevor (Act II)

Gallagher and Trevor are among the tallest within Grandall and are the tallest in the army itself. The two oft drink and speak of combat. When combat is not discussed the two speak of philosophy. An odd thing, but Trevor believes in thinking for oneself opposed to always blindly following the will of another. He drilled that into Gallagher's head, that he should always think independently instead of collectively--especially if the surrounding populace follows anything blindly. To be blunt, Trevor seeks to have Gallagher observe life from various different angles.

Riese and Gallagher get along just finely. A comical pair really. Her cold disposition versus his warm and calm nature. Riese is normally covered by Gallagher in combat as she can attack from afar with her longbow or close the distance and kill their foes quick. Oddly, it almost seems as if Riese aims to make killing an art.

Riese's Prelude Card
The Highwayman
Nicholas Fazello

Nicholas is a thief. Wanted posters were all about Maletta and once Gallagher had found them, he confronted the man and asked him a simple question: "Why do you steal from others versus making and honest living for yourself?" Before the man answered Annebella bade Gallagher to leave them. Follwing her order he passed by Priya, whom had been making her way to meet Annebella.

E'laura is a woman of few words yet fine tastes. She is artistic. Not only in paint, but also in combat. Her evasion and counterattacks are the stuff of legend--at least to him. She easily swayed low, under his blade and brought the spar to a quick end. It is due to their matches that Gallagher has learned to improve his own agility in attacks as well as form and function. Even more, she's been teaching swift yet buffetting attacks which would stop a faster-paced combatant cold.

E'laura (Act- I)
Aliyah Ruel 

Aliyah was wounded when Gallagher had met her. After her wounds were tended to by Ky, he amply lent her aid in getting about and procuring items which she could not attain due to her injuries. Their bond was made stronger when higher ranked brass had attempted to take and rape the Halteesean; Gallagher, without shedding (much) blood, defended Aliyah and also repelled her attackers. Afore they could speak of Gallagher's obvious assault, Surina had already reached Girardot ahead of the three whom had detailed the exact situation which she had overheard as well as eavesdropped on. The bond of friendship they share is a powerful one which will not be easily broken.

Aeneas is not on many lists when it comes to the befriending of others. Gallagher is no different. He's not a fan of a man whom would use political or underhanded leverage to gain anything. Aeneas has not only lied so that he could be placed upon the front lines, he has also stolen, pilaged, and forged documents of import in order to attain the office he currently holds. Not only that, but there are rumors floating about that he and Raiko are ever the Jack Rabbits of late...

Aeneas (Act I)
Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)

A rare one that. With a sharp mind and a beautiful voice to match, Gallagher can listen to her merely speak of the weather from first light to final candle. Despite her knowing nothing of him, his aims were to catch her eye for the longest of a time, however, he managed to have Surina's placed upon him. For this, he cursed his fortune until a new thought emerged within his mind:

If he could do well by Surina, then surely she would not be so swift to deny the idea outright.

It was a gamble, especially since Surina was fiercly protective of Priya--protective enough to break not only arm but also the nose of a soldier whom placed his hands upon Priya. Another, Emerson, was struck low and chased through the streets bare-cheeked for all to see and laugh at by none other than Surina. Of course, Gallagher has the highest respects for them both, but only an eye for one, and he believes that he will overcome the obstacles which Surina have inadvertantly placed before him.

Raiko is a woman who favors lust over love. Minus that be her immense love of lust and liquers. She is a young woman who is rather free with her charms. Disliked by many but has slept with many more. Raiko loves to drink and then have sex after, or even have sex while drinking. 

The woman has tried to bed Gallagher, however, she has been unsuccessful in her attempts. She cannot outdrink him. She cannot charm him, nor can she get a rise out of him.

He does not even let her kiss him on the cheek. Despite her being Raisa's younger sister, he honestly thinks that she is a woman of fowl taste. That and with as many as she has been with, there is likely a fowl taste upon her tongue and down her throat as well...

Raiko (thumbnail)

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