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Garrett Mulls
Garrett Mulls
Full Name Garrett Alexander Mulls
Birthplace The Walled City, Parousia
Birthdate August 23rd, 1580
Age 27 Years of Age
Gender Male
Height Six Feet (6'0)
Weight 82 kg.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Long Sword
Family He speaks not of them
Alignment Grandallian
Resides in The Walled City of Parousia
Act: II Theme Theme of Garrett

Biography of Garrett Alexander Mulls

His father was a weapons merchant. Oft dealing with sales as well as travelling vast distances in order to deliver as well as procure exquisite as well as fine weapons. As this business took place, Garrett never left his father's side, and with this choice, he soon found an immense love for weaponry but things did not cease there; he wanted to know more of the weapons which were both new and old.

Thus, he studied. Instead of attending a common study, he learned through trial and error. Reading and pouring over all texts he could find which could yield more insight to his interests. As time progressed, he would learn weapon history as well as military tactics; all in preparation for the day that he himself could open his own smithy as a craftsman. A noble pursuit it was, as well as for the pure sake of knowledge versus pride; however, Garrett was unable to readily do such.

He lacked the funds to do so--thus, he joined the military at the tender age of 17. All in purpose of supporting his dream.

Grandall Acadamy

Upon enlisting, Garrett made enemies quickly opposed to friends. With his quick wit, and sharp tongue, many held contempt for the young man but none more than another youth by the name of Gallagher. They both were well versed in weaponry and when Gallagher proves best in historical knowledge of arms, it struck a dark hatred for the man.

As such, Garrett redoubled his studies for the sole purpose of besting Gallagher--it was his motivation, his drive, as well as an obsession to best him. In light of this epiphany, Garrett increased his span of studies and began to delve into lore as well as better steel...

His studies have landed him as a proud knight of Grandall. Not only did he prove himself; was he recruited by one of the best commanders of Grandall to date. Her name was Dawn Larrieux; French as he had heard from talk on the winds (rumors). She had a greatly humbled personality as well as powerful insight, yet, he found her to be bothersome at times.

With her speeches of family, bonding, and sticking together; it slowly began to make him regret his choice--yet, with time, he grew accustomed to her rantings of such drivel. Reason be, it brought the STS together and made each of them more aware of the other. In all honesty, Garrett disliked being so attached to those of his unit, but at the same time, it brought an odd sense of comfort knowing that he could count on those around him.

War against Dalkia

Throughout the conflict wrought by Dalkian hand, he followed his orders and set forth with Dawn Larrieux, his Commanding Officer and survived the war itself. As Heavy Infantry, he made easy work out of lesser soldiers and only came to a true contest against Kierkess, whom had nearly killed Garrett.


While within Halteesean borders, he and his immediate allies took not only the Western Defensive Wall, but also the Northern Defensive Wall as well. This reduced the effort needed for additional units and also, this was an order given to his unit which hailed directly from General Girardot.  


The STS as a collective immediately left and stole armor and raiment from Dalkian soldiers yet, Garrett had to play that of a prisoner. As such, Trevor and Dawn locked him within the hold of a ship which Malettan Soldiers held for themselves. It was not long before the soldiers sent from Untide were slain and their bodies stripped of anything of import. The bodies were then dumped into the sea. The STS used the Man o' War and laid waste to the Malettan forces which were stationed in the capital, Untide.

Girardot's Rebellion

Dispatched to the east, Warhawk was given orders to surpress any Rebel activity discovered--the only issue with that is that these orders were given to the STS as a collective by none other than their Emperor. Orders as such are at least warranted with additional forces as it has always been--not just them heading into the field. Despite disliking the current task, he followed his orders nonetheless.

Upon arriving at the designated area, Kusanagi had noticed something was amiss. Kusanagi Ky had been an addition to the group and only placed there with Girardot's grace and recommendation. Garrett had a certain mistrust for the Japanese, thus, he challenged him. Kusanagi ignored him until giving in and sparring with Garrett. In the middle of the match, Ky seemingly fled--which led Garrett to give chase.

He taunted Kusanagi the entire run until Garrett's leg was caught by some contraption and with it, he was dragged and suspended upside down. Freeing himself from the trap, he gave chase once more only this time, he fell in a man-made ditch.

Dawn found it hilarious. As did Trevor, yet, Garrett was not laughing at all. 

"You're physically stronger than I am. I won't lie about it or hold pride against it. In war, there's no fairness or mercy; so if I were your opponent, you'd be dead left to rot in the ditch you're in now." He then went on to say: "...that would be after your body was stripped and left exposed for any half-starved whore or possibly a sexually deprived bastard to come along and use whatever orifice they saw fit...after all, you're dead. Some people love shit and some people love that kind of shit."

A small amount of respect was credited to the Japanese that day. For his point, no mercy in war, he was absolutely right and for Garrett to fall for not only one, but two traps made it completely embarrasing.

After scouting for two days, Garrett was ambushed by Rebel Forces. He held his own until a ballista was rolled into the fray. By this time, the rest of Warhawk was driven into a corner and with the ballista before him, he was the first it impaled.

Despite hanging on the edge of death, Garrett managed to pull the bolt from his chest and fall to his knees. The chill he felt was real and the increasing cold was even more reassuring of that fact. 

He was dying.

With his last moments, he took his blade and charged the last few enemies he could--frightening them that he still stood and even more so that he had been alive. Yet with the loss of blood, he eventually came to a halt. With this weakness, he faltered and feigned defeat which lured in the final opponent. Driving his blade into the man's chest, Garrett smiled as he released his weapon and stumbled backward.

"Bleed as I've bled..."

With his last words spoken, Garrett fell to a knee and slowly slumped down unto the ground. The sky darkened and his helm slowly began to fill with dirt, but he hadn't the strength for anything now. He brought his foes to death and with his diversion, his last sight was Kusanagi sending Riese to warn the capital of their fall.


His vision faded just as Kusanagi shot Vlad in the face and with that being the last thing he saw, Garrett died with a smile all while thinking his last thought: "Give 'em Hell kid...and don't go quietly..."

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