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Guilt -Cover-

"Without the means to defend even yourself, how can you even begin to attempt to save another; let alone protect them...?"
Real Name Maria
Birthplace Italy
Birthdate 1536, ??
Age 24 when she was killed by Cervantes
Gender Female
Height Five Feet and Eight Inches (5'8)
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color White
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Zwiehander
Weapon's Name Remorse
Family Her adoptive mother was killed after weeks of being sexually abused.
Her father was killed at sea, never to bear sight to his child.
Her biological mother died after giving birth to her.
Alignment Neutral
Resides Wanders about the World searching for leads on Soul Edge in hopes of locating Cervantes

Guilt's History

Her mind, her body, and her hatred are what fuel her existence. She lived with her parents her entire life and stayed close to them no matter what.

She was born to a mother she never knew and her father, a man who died long ago after his ship had been attacked at sea. After she was born, her mother died from being unable to have her wounds tended to after birthing her child. With this occurrence, she was left with relatives who would grow and take care of her. As the years passed, she had learned how to cook several feasts which would make any mouth water with seasoned meats dabbled in flavorful fats to the ripest of fruits which would tantalize the tongue. This woman, young in her years, was satisfied. She knew nothing more about her family than of what was told to her but oddly, she felt nothing whatsoever. She knew her father had been a Corsair—one whom was legally allowed to rob, kill, and pillage in the name of Spain—and she viewed that as the same as piracy since there was only one difference: In Spain, it had been legalized only if you were of the ranks of the Corsair. She found him to be in low standings as he brought harm to others in order to sustain a wretched master.

Her mother, she had worked at a tavern and sadly fell for the man’s charm. With that, that is how she had come about in the world yet, little did her mother know, the man she fell for had done nothing more than left her behind for his own conquest. It was obvious that he would do that and it was also obvious that he had more than one woman to please and “love” and this was also brought to light but, only after her mother had perished. Guilt has brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews which she knows nothing of nor did she care.

All she cares for is the death of the Corsair which had killed her family--as well as her. Maria was beaten until she could do nothing but close her eyes. Men had raided her port town home and several citizens were held hostage. Her mother was beaten and as she screamed and pleaded, her mother's bloody outstretched arms claws against the wooden floor in order to escape her captors, yet she lacked the strength to do so. Maria was barely conscious as her mother's skirt was ripped and her undergarments painfully ripped from her body. It was from this forceful method which her mother began to bleed from her orifice before anything had happened.

Yet, it was no surprise what was about to happen and her mother's pained scream as well as the man's hunched position told her enough of the situation. Maria's mother was raped. Not once. Not twice. But twelve consecutive times. After each man had emptied himself inside of her, they let her fall to the floor only to begin to attempt to crawl towards Maria, whose wounds were severe and her face, swollen from being beaten. Just before her mother could touch her daughter's hand, she was dragged yet again by another rapist.

They had even threatened to take their lustful torture and "teach" Maria what it was to be a woman and for this, her mother dutifully obeyed what they wanted. Whether the phallus be by mouth, or by either of her nether orifices, she obeyed. She cried. She bled. All to protect her defenseless child. With a man's feet upon her back, Maria was unable to move. Her small and frail form allowed her to do no such thing. She wanted to save her mother from what they were doing. yet, she was too weak to even get to her own feet.

This all changed, however. The clouds were dark that day and Maria was shackled by her arms and her ankles. Her body, lithe and immature was tatted with bruises and burns. Lashes and cuts. Blood and peeling flesh. For each man that waited for her mother, they took their sadistic pleasure out on her. Whether it be beatings by hand, which often left her dizzy enough to pass out, or some other object. One man had a fetish with driftwood. Her thighs were what he aimed for and with each strike Maria screamed louder and louder. They laughed. Cused. Drank. And of course, forced her mother to "relieve them of their stress".

It was shortly after the seventh man emptied himself into her mother's mouth that the true torment began. It was a carrot which they had used on her. Maria struggled and sudden;y had the strength to attempt to break her bonds yet, it was not enough. Maria was sodomized with the very vegetables she helped her mother grow. With the stem of the carrots protruding from her anus, she was unable to control her tears and unable to keep her voice to herself. They did nothing more than laugh and when her mother came to her daughter's side, she was snatched by her hair and struck within the face.

Her mother collapse only to be pinned and she too suffered the same fate yet, it be not by an object of food. It was by a man himself. Thrust after thrust, she clawed and cried. They were simply too strong. Maria's face was held by another man and she was forced to watch her mother as she shook and clawed against the floor as she undergone her own orgasm.

"Hehehe, you be next wench..."

As this was told to her, her mother reached for her. One hand was all she could use yet as she tried to reach for her, her arm was pinned and her mother then released and ear-piercing moan. The man had ejaculated inside of her and with his final thrust he struck deep. Deep enough to draw blood from her. Maria turned her head as he removed himself from her. The sight of blood mingled with vaginal fluids along with feces was not a pleasant sight. Not to mention the pain she was fighting by trying to force out her vegetables which had slowly begun to slip from her anus.

It only needed another long push and it would be out of her. Though she caught eye to the man whom had shove it there in the first place. He was watching her as she struggled to remove it. A tear rolled down her face as he smiled and as she saw that smile she halted her progression. It had then hit her that if she forced it out now, he would sure rape her in the same fashion that her mother had just been taken in. Fearful of this, Maria drew in her buttocks and was able to slowly and painfully pull the carrot back into where it should not be. She would feint weakness when she had in fact truly succeeded but now, succeeding is not what is on her side. So she must act on her own to ensure that she could reduce her torment as much as possible.

As that very same man stood, screams rang out from outside. Most of them had rushed to the window while one had wandered off downstairs and another had been on top of her mother. The men spoke within their language and then they all with the exception of one ran downstairs. It had been a few moments before the last man finished and when he did, he pulled her mother's face towards him and shoved his member within her mother. Seeing her face shrivel in disgust meant that he had ejaculated in her mouth and what made Maria turn away had been the bulge within her cheek and her pulsating throat which showed how deep the man was within her mouth and throat.

After he left her mother crawled to her daughter and wept. She apologized for ever bringing her into such harm and she continued to apologize for not doing her best yet Maria cried just as much as she did.

It was a few minutes before Maria was unshackled and "un-clogged" and after dressing herself, they both agreed to leave the town. as they left from their home they were met by strewn bodies and a bloody street beneath their feet. Trekking slowly and stepping over bifurcated corpses, the two made their way towards the docks only to see a new ship bearing a skull and bones. As they stared at the vessel neither of them paid attention to what was behind them. They both were impaled through the chest. Her mother lifted off the ground and tossed into a building. Shattering the glass which she had passed through. Maria was simply left to stand after the blade was extracted from her chest.

She fell to her knees. She thought of it to be one of the men yet, as she looked to her killer's face as he walked pass her she saw a pale faced man with graying hair. He carried two swords which were both covered in blood and as she looked to his attire she knew he was a pirate. Not a menial Corsair but a true pirate. Slumping forward onto her stomach, Maria lay in a pool of her own blood. As she slowly lost each grain of life from her body, she could see her mother struggling to move only to cease all movement in the middle of the street.

Her mother died reaching for her and as she reached out her own arm, Maria's strength gave its last as she too died.

Years had passed and as the bodies were buried or tossed in the ocean, a dark night had fallen upon her place of rest. A torrent of beautiful light had engulfed the world in wonder and amazement only for madness to rise within its wake. Light pierced anything and everything. Men lost their wills and became rampaging Berserkers; killing each other and their wives, and their children. Dining on the deceased infants and eviscerating their elders. A single shard of light pierced Maria's grave and a few seconds later, she had arisen. Flesh, beautifully restored. Her face, as delicate and attractive as a rose. Her strength, as deadly as a wild animal's. As she wandered the streets in bloody garments, the people paid her little to no mind. they were too busy killing each other as well as eating each other. Men whom were making love to their wives via kissing their so delicate intimate of intimates now feasted upon that very same area while restraining their wives so that they could sate their hellish hunger.

Maria stole clothing, gold, mail, and more importantly, a blade. She took this weapon, a buster it was called, and she then took it to a smith. After having her weapon modified how she wanted she then set out on her journey. She recalled everything that had happened to her the last two days she had been alive. The Corsairs, her mother's continuous rape, and more importantly, their shared deaths. She took pause for a second as she recalled the bastard whom had killed them. It was then that she began to ask questions. As she asked more and more people, they began to steer clear of her. They were afraid of what they did not understand. Typical and common.

Though as she trekked on, Maria began to feel a surge of pain from within her chest. The shard was reacting to something and as she drew closer to the sensation, a man soon appeared before her and he appeared to be by himself. He was the cause of her pain and as she drew near, he attacked her. Maria, in self defense, killed the man. Though not before he could strike her upon the left breast and considerately damaged her. That night she was resting in a nearby hut which was more than likely his home. She observed her chest only to find that their were a series of reddening veins spanning her body. Yet, from where the man had struck, they had begun to return to normal.

Whatever the sensation was which had been aiding her had now vanished though, she could still feel its power. She would now conduct research. After months of searching she found useful information. The rays of light were called The Evil Seed. This rain cause chaos and madness to spread across the world and people of all ages and genders were driven to madness. Some claimed that corpses had begun to stalk the night and as this was said, Maria thought of her own situation. She then asked what year it had been and she was told...Maria had been dead for over thirty years.

As this knowledge sank in, she slowly deteriorated from her calm and timid nature to a more violent and aggressive being. She had lost everything. Her mother, her family, her goals, hopes, dreams, and ambitions. She now sought the man responsible for her life's end and as she learned his name, she claimed that she would be the very death of The Dread Pirate; for she was reborn. Powerful enough to wield her zweihander with one hand and stronger than five strong men. Maria had what she needed and more importantly, she was stronger anything. Now there was only one thing stopping her from exacting her revenge, and that was finding The Dread Pirate himself.

Act: II

Taking on the assignment given to her, Guilt entered Parousia via foot. She travelled about the main attractions of the cities and even the slum-like areas as well. She had been looking for any traces of The Composite. With her pure shard, she would be able to find it yet she also would have to be careful for if she found it, that would mean that it too would sense her. If it had not already that is. As she explored, she came across a few things of interest. Werewolves, full pure bred and half lived amongst this city. Some kept to themselves and paid her no mind while others were attuned to her aura and could sense her shard. None of them confronted her, they mainly stared. It appeared that they knew the difference between the cursed power and the pure one.

It took twelve hours of wandering before she came across the Svipul and when she did, she found quite a surprise there. Guilt had come across Kissa and Ryia. As she spoke with Kissa she indeed had concrete proof that the weapon was within Parousia. With this knowledge she waited patiently for Cervantes to reveal himself. She knew full well that he was alive yet, she knew not where. If he had been seeking Soul Edge as he had been years ago, then this would be an opportune moment to meet him after so many years.

Despite this dream, she did not achieve it. Maria instead was thrown into an all out conflict within Parousia and chose to side with her few allies. In doing such, she bested all of her opposition. Though she managed to also get into an altercation with Surina. Surina had mistaken Maria for one of the Ressentiment and despite this mistake, Surina suffered a humiliating defeat. With her physical strength augmented by the False Soul Edge's presence, she was nearly as powerful as Thanatos and Kuro. Yet even without this augmented boost from the sword, she still would have bested Surina due to her own strength.

In the end, Maria left Parousia empty handed.


Was forced to watch her (adoptive) mother be passed about from man to man while she, herself, was shackled to a wall.

Died at the age of 24 with her bloody hands outstretched, reaching for her (adoptive) mother.

Was resurrected by the Evil Seed and unaffected by its Pure Light.

Her combat style of loosely based on that of The Azure Knight during the latter 16th century. Shira has told her that a shard of the blade rests within her body, granting her strength, inhuman power, and lastly, life itself. This shard has slowly twisted a small portion of her being--her mind--and as such, the most recent forms of battle and combat have been written into her as if she knew them of her own skill.

The shard which was within her chest has been purified by Shira, the Ikiryo. As such, her body is partially unstable.


Thanatos' Thumbnail

Has befriended Sieg Volkov (Thanatos) only after crossing swords with him. Ultimately, she was defeated by only by a thin margin. She was powerful enough to combat the Hybrid but not powerful enough to defeat him. He tended to her wounds and from that point, the two began to converse. Trading stories of their (his and his younger brother, Kuro) earlier lives as well as what they had hoped to accomplish. As Maria told him about her mother, he informed her that her target, The Dread Pirate, was long since deceased last he heard. This brought a mix of emotions for she wanted to kill him yet, he told her that it was his own daughter which had done so; even after confirming sources and information herself--the information was the same. Thus now, she bears no sense of anger towards the matter. Through their understanding, she respects Thanatos as well as listens to him if she 'goes too far' in certain actions. 

Shira gives Maria a certain unrest which she cannot place. When they first met, she was driven into an insane frenzy to kill the Ikiryo, yet with her ungodly tricks, she survived and successfully repelled Maria without a means of ease. After she had calmed down, Shira did what she could to treat her condition. Maria's body had begun to react to the loss of Soul Edge's essence after years of going on without it. It took months to correct the issue yet Shira was able to "cure" Maria of relying on Soul Edge's influence. In turn, her body now possess an uncontrolled purified form of Soul Edge's essence.

Shira's Prologue Card
Sasaki Kuro (Act II thumbnail)

 Kuro is the younger brother of Sieg 'Thanatos' Volkov and is a much rougher individual around the edges. Just like his elder brother, he is a Hybrid (the product of a Lycanthrope and Werewolf). Kuro speaks very little to her and she minds this none yet, after the incident involving his brother, he slowly warms to her. Kuro tells her of how their (Kuro and Sieg's) mother and father died. This was something which Sieg had not gone into detail about and he danced around a few key points.

All Maria knew was that a Lycanthrope had killed their mother; but as Kuro tells it, Aneko, the current Queen of the race, was the one who slew not only their mother but also their father--Kuro was also the one to witness his mother's broken and mauled corpse while his father fought Aneko--thus being killed in the process.

Aneko has caused psycological pain as well as torment to Kuro and this is why he acts the way he does. Despite his brother sacrificing himself, he falters very little though he becomes even more distant from everyone. His only true friend after Thanatos is killed is Mi~Na, a Kaminchu of the Ryukyus whom knew the brothers since they were young. Maria sees that the two of them have much in common yet, she keeps her distance as he is prone to random bursts of anguish (which is rather odd as she suffers the same at times).

Bested Surina in combat. There is no excuse in this. Surina had mistaken Maria for one of the Grandallian Knights. Guilt laughed at this initially and ignored Surina's suspicions; however, when Surina challenged her to combat, Maria did not refuse. She had no intention of killing Surina, however; she did desire to humiliate the woman before returning to the Walled City of Parousia simply for the comical purpose of it all. It was after she bested Surina that she asked her a question:

"Just what are you fighting for child? You know not what you face and you are inept at battle; believing you can protect whom you wish, what say you if your best is not enough?!"

Surina (thumbnail)

The Kunoichi whom taught Raine was a powerful and agile ally. Despite the two of them having a more...violent relationship, they are able to work as one and when they do, they are just as powerful as Sieg and Kuro. On the other hand, Shuu-Rai has attempted to kill her on several occassion prior to and after meeting Sieg (Thanatos).

It was by his relatioship with them both which gained them the small amount of an alliance they share. Yet as a Demon Huntress, Maria is a natural foe due to her being afflicted with Soul Edge's vile energy. Despite it being purified, she knows Shuu-Rai awaits the very moment when she is given the chance to strangle Maria with her very blade.

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